Neighbor offered me this for a grand before going off to college. 105k miles, drivetrain looks to be in good condition...

Neighbor offered me this for a grand before going off to college. 105k miles, drivetrain looks to be in good condition, this is after taking it for a test drive.

I don't have wheels otherwise, think it will last me 3 years without too much fuss?

Multiple pics inbound


no. it's a piece of shit. shitboxes are only good if they're mint.


its better than being busrider scum


not even worth a grand.

Think if I can talk him down to 750 it would be worth it? I can't afford a real car.

As long as the engine and frame are good, I don't see a problem with a little front end damage.
If you care so much about how it looks, you can pay a few hundred for a new bumper, or even less if you find one in a junkyard, same thing with the hood.

What a fucking hooptie. If the drivetrain is as good as you say it is it might make for a nice Mad Max-esque shitmobile, but I'd offer 750 max.

No. To you it's a piece of shit not worth any amount of money. To someone with enough money to restore it, it's a decent buy for 750. Save your money for something actually good. Borrow money from your parents or family or borrow one of their cars until you have at least 2k for something else.

amazing what a gallon can of bondo, zip ties, a hammer, and a few cans of walmart colorplace paint can do

hey faggot, why you taking pictures of my car at the desert breeze dog park on Durango and twain in Las Vegas Nevada at 335 pm on Friday October 13 2017, and then making up stories on Veeky Forums for seemingly no reason?
genuinely curious as to what you're trying to accomplish here.



just got interesting


and just so you know, if you approach my car, me, or anyone/anything related to me you're going to get a lead transfusion buddy.

Itt shit that didn't happen

Why the fuck do people waste threads making up this shit? Genuinely curious.

what a bizarrely mundane thing to lie about

Christ... Kys dude, nobody buys this bullshit.
>thread got deleted for this
Sage all fields

>before going off to college

no, really, it did. though that's obviously not enough to convince you. the fact though that he said 105k when it's actually 130k (which would be clearly visible if he actually test drove it) should be a tip off

itt: op on damage control

>OP makes up a story with his own car

OP needs attention THIS much

i meant that post re: op


>24 posts with 14 posters
You're not fooling anyone lol

Nobody cares about your shitbox user. Just delete the thread already.

On another note, I'm liking the new google verifications where you type the object. Anyone else getting these?

lol going so hard on the damage control

If this were true you wouldn't have blocked out your own license plate faggot. If it were STILL true, you should be flattered someone gave enough of a shit about your tin can to not only take pictures, but to get a thinly veiled estimate on its value by posting on 4chins.

But it isn't true, because you're full of shit, wildly specific about location/time (despite being able to pull all that off the image info you clearly own the car) as well as wildly sperging out and crying about someone taking redacted images of your bondo'd tin can that you claimed you'd shoot them if you ever catch them.


oooh now he's angry :^)

>op is trying this hard
Probably the neighbor trolling op if anything. Got dad's car right next to it in the driveway.

I'd pass. Not really a car worth dumping money into regardless of the "deal".

Will you have a place to work on it while you're in college. Keep in mind that if you're living in a dorm on campus you won't be able to do work there and if you live in an apartment you probably won't be able to do a whole lot there either.

I drove a shitbox in college and I had to make an entire days trip to drive back to my parents, wait for my engine to cool and then do the work I needed to do before driving it back.


Someone took pictures of your car, blocked out the plate, and posted pictures on an anonymous Vietnamese meme knitting board? OH SHIT user FILE A POLICE REPORT THIS MAN OBVIOUSLY DESERVES TO BE IN PRISON.
Also, samefag kys.

I guess this explains all the 300zx threads lately...

lol y u mad tho

>don't talk to me or my car ever again

>Las Vegas Nevada

he likes to go around and take pictures of men and their cars

Ur car is a fukkin bucket m8