Was just made aware that my car is a total loss

Was just made aware that my car is a total loss.

Dunno how to feel.

My next car will be a cheap grocery getter though. I'm just happy that I won't be paying $200 oil changes anymore.

Sad as fuck

Now you must tell us the story.

I gotta call out of work tomorrow. The emotional distress tonight is going to fuck me all up

Woman pulled out in front of me from a side parking lot while I was going around a curvy street and I slowed down and my car lost control due to it being slightly wet.

This happened a few days ago but just heard that it is a total loss tonight. I'm gonna be crying to sleep tonight man I fucking loved that car

It's not OP pic obv

Probably for the best. They didn't wind up totaling my car when I got sandwiched between a SUV and a teenagers shitbox a few years back and its just never quite been the same and has had things go wrong all the time.

>not understeering and hitting the gas, busting that sick fucking drift in the rain.
her panties would have exploded. instead you're here.

The car had $2,000 worth of repairs needed to be had within the next couple months anyway.

It's probably going to be considered my fault because of speed during wet conditions but if she had never cut me off so short I would've never had to press the brakes and therefore slide into her car.

My next car is going to be a cheap grocery getter that is paid off though. Fuck car payments and expensive repairs and maintenance on top of it. At least I had the chance to experience an ultimate driving machine (TM)

What kind of car was it then?

Really wanna kill myself. It's like the night of the wreck all over again.

2008 BMW 328i

I probably seem like an edgy faggot though but I put a lot of money into that car. Didn't have a single scratch or dent until then

My next car will be a cheap grocery mobile though fully paid off and well maintained. Fuck premium gasoline and $200 oil changes anymore too

>200 dollar oil changes
I have a gtr and the engine oil change is no where near that. If I take it to the dealer I pay 120 max and of I do it myself it's about 40 bucks. Using what the manufacturer recommends.

You were getting ripped off.


Oh never mind I see your problem

My brother-in-law's Accord almost got totaled when he got t-boned by some old bitch. He fought the insurance company to save it, but probably shoulda just left it alone because it doesn't run the same anymore even after being repaired. Just dies randomly and they're having trouble diagnosing the problem.

Why you fear to post real pic?

I got you OP, give me an offer

>OP says he wants grocery getter
>post barely street legal race car that would probably snap your neck if you gave it 40% throttle and the boost kicked in accelerating the car at 4gs

I feel like it would be way easier to change the oil on a BMW. Every BMW inline i've seen has the filter right on the top. I have to reach around my fucking exhaust manifold to get the filter

My bad I thought he wanted fast food

How are you doing after that heartbreakerbait thread the other day?

MFW before reading the thread I was all like
ls1 or ls2? If ls1 just delete your post, nothing of value was lost.

>its almost like you don't want a Kensington laptop lock as security on your car


Emotionally in ruins

I feel your pain men

>those tires

boi what the fuck

Jesus for a second I thought you fucked up an srt4, still though bad feels man

>bright yellow FRS
>shit tires
>rear ends someone
Let me guess, it wasn't your fault and you weren't fucking with your phone and/or vape

pretty sure that's a scion TC

> $200 oil changes
This has to be b8, right? I worked at a dealership and the only oil changes close to that expensive were the e60 m5 because muh v10.

Are you parting out?

No, Red Corolla pulled out in front of me. I tried to avoid him by going into oncoming traffic but he didn't bother to stop.

>My next car will be a cheap grocery mobile

sorry but your 328 already was a cheap grocery mobile lol

Ahh, of course it isn't your fault, should have known, millennials never do anything wrong. I'm sure you were driving appropriately for the conditions and paying 100% attention to your surroundings, someone else MADE you crash into them square on to the front of your shitbox.



Maybe you shoulda bought some good tires along with those $200 oil changes.

>putting money into a 328

Top lel

I wonder how many scions a day this cop has to deal with

Unless youre a paranoid fuck about safety and driving in general, youre never paying 100% attention to everything on the road at all times. Bug in the car? Looking left/right at a stop sign?

But youre always 100% focused on the road arent you?

Focused enough to not stuff a shitty Scion TC into the back of another car, just like the other 80% of road users that don't seem to share your attention span problem.
>fucking around with your phone
>crash your car
>it's not my fault, you can never be 100% attentive!
Yes user, the world is out to get you, you did nothing wrong of course. Did I mention you are special and gifted?

Please let this be b8

If someone pulls out in front of you, you can hit them right? Will you be at fault?