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first for kit kat a filtered

what's this spinny thing on the left side of the webm?

>try to fix link by adding the third arrow
>accidentally delete a slash in the process
Killing myself right now

stop encouraging homosexual euro slang


spinny thing is the supercharger


>[swooning intensifies]

Oh those.
We just put them on closeout :^)
I'll be ordering some tcx drifters soon

>he actually believes cars are more of a threat to new riders than themselves

>this thing cuts you off
What do?

Getting pretty comfy with accelerating on my 600. Hate to say it but these bikes really aren't that fast. I think 1st gear is the most exciting and that ends at about 70mph but gettig up to the end of third gear at 120 is pretty boring

ghost ride your bike into it at the highest velocity possible

This is why I installed a switch on my bike for a ratcheting throttle mechanism

I don't get it, are you wanting more power or shorter gears?


>im getting bored of accelerating in a straight line
wow it's almost like accelerating in a straight line isn't the fun part

git gud and learn to actually ride

>inb4 squid buys busa


dry clutch
interestingly you can see it rotating the "wrong" way since motoGP engines work opposite to road ones


It's the turbo-encabulator using engine braking pressure to spool up the boost system

Inb4 gs500 Bros claim they have God tier middleweight

ducati engines spin backwards also

theyd go faster if the chain were on the right also

science yo

Yeeee hondurr shitbike bro

Does /dbt/ think the BMW G310R would be a good daily commuter? I usually rack up about 8k miles a year; live in Florida so I can ride year round.

I've heard some horror stories about reliability on BMW bikes. I want to decide between this one or the Honda CB300F

Forgot Pic

why do cafe racers always make their handlebars like that, if was any higher than they would look less autistic

Get a 500f if anything
Bimmer reliability would be trash, and the 300f has literally 2 horsepower

Nice tracker seat bruh, matches the bike really well

Pic is my affordable dream bike once I make all the monies

Thanks, made by saddleman
Needed some custom welding to get a subframe in but after that it bolted well into the bike.
Got a little inspired watching all the flat trackers at daytona

Anyone here pitbike?
Worth $500? Or just get a small japbike?

Same height as clip ons for a sport bike, this model uses a riser and single bar setup rather then clip ons. Also, depends on rider height/ reach, these fit me fine, any lower and I'd be in Ducati "just break my wrists now" position

I was softly trolling. See thread yesterday, some autist complains about squeaky boots and how he bought those for $400 but they squeak so he can't wear them to work or to visit his friends. It was pointed out they were bike boots not fashion wear and he went level 10 autistic.

If you have ridden on dirt as many have before progressing to street, you will have sufficient bike handling skills to (relatively) safely control the machine. The external factor of some stupid slut being on her phone is more of an unknown factor.

someone is about to get triggered

Too late someone spoiled it

For engine spinning backwards see below:

For why dry clutch - reduces drag and weight but you probably know that

dry clutch is for weight and modularity (also hardly ever used since quickshifting)
as for the reverse spin, that's to attempt to reduce gyroscopic momentum
basically it makes it easier to lean

Oh lmao
Whenever I sell a customer track boots or a one piece I almost always get asked why they aren't comfortable
It's a track suit, not a snuggie
Anyways, boutta watch chips - gotta do something motorcycle related other than working at cycle gear

>After sunshine, rain and fresh air, my favourite natural phenomenon is gyroscopic effect. This is because we wouldn’t be able to ride motorcycles without it.
Dropped right there. Most of the stabilization from a bike is from the geometry which forces the wheel straight as you roll forward, not the gyroscopic effect.

Still considering a flat bar if I take it touring and the same style in pic would look better, but otherwise it's the same as clipons

Shiny new slip on

> if was any higher than they would look less autistic

Lol speaking of autistic you should learn some grammar before complaining about looks.

Huge reduction in drag not having it spinning in oil

I am lost please explain

K serious GSXR?


They follow hipster trends since their cookie cutter snowflakes. You could piss in a bottle, cap it, put a craft beer label on it and they'd still drink it. They'd post about it on Instagram later saying how natural hops are delightful

>I am lost please explain
pic related

(though gyroscopic forces become larger as bikes go faster--not so with their ski-mounted counterparts)

2017 750. Good spotting though

>TFW still a little chicken strip

What's a good modern cruiser that is comfy, good power, and has decent handling?

>bonus points: doesn't cost a gorillian dollars

Why a cruiser? There are plenty of comfortable bikes that don't weigh as much as your mother and aren't as slow as your brother

deflate your tires to 20-25 psi for dem leanz and dat traction

i use to have a K9 600 and my friend had a K2 750

25psi? But that's cheating

Victory Octane.

And with Victory out of business they are pretty much giving them away brand new. Just don't expect amazing resale until they possibly have some sort of collector value (if ever).

If not comfortable with a manufacturer that was cancelled. Get a scout. Same bike, shittier suspension and a bit less power.

Nice. What you ride now?

Why can Suzuki never get headlights right? I always try and hide my headlight when parking

Yeah, I was almost red pilled on a gs500 until I checked specs and aftermarket mods showing they barely make more power/ performance then a ninja 250.

I wish they stopped making the Indians instead of victory. I was planning on buying a new one next year when they were on special. I don't know about USA but where I am victory only just started promoting and building hype, as soon as people started buying them they announced the closure

Not cheating. Anyone that rides hard drops pressure to appropriate canyon carving pressure.

Maybe not 25psi. that's pretty low. ~28-30psi for a street tire is typically appropriate for the twisties/track. air up to ~36/40 for regular riding.

plus they somehow managed to be even more boring

>that tire wear
you already have your tire pressures WAY off, don't listen to this tard:

lol... just no. even 25 is probably lower than any street tire will ever need to be

They had to do it, the only way to compete with Harley and the "muh heritage" cult is to bring back a company with as much history as Harley.

>Pressure way off
It's gripping perfect, leaning perfect, and I set it at 38
Recommends 42 on the rear, I had it and 38. I'll give it a go at 30. If I don't post tomorrow it's your fault

Hello Suzuki/Yoshifag

That's a better explanation than I've understood it thanks

Aww yiss

You mean the appearance or the brightness? Finally took a pic of mine after all the haters last night, Fitted uprated lights and blew my electrics lol

lean harder

I guess the majority of their clients are old men who like overpriced shiny heritage bikes. Indians are far to overpriced and I personally think they look revolting. I just purchased a brand new gsxr, and was going to purchase a new Victory next year. Their loss, I won't buy a cruiser now. No chance in hell I'd support Harley.

It's their loss when all the old men their cashing in on die off in the next 10 years and Indian sales plummet. Victory really had a chance and building a following and they cut their losses way to soon

supermotos are easy mode for scrubbing off chicken strips.

I mean the appearance. I don't know why but they remind me of old ladies

lower pressures mean more tire on the ground, which meass more grip... to a point.

Too low of pressure result in reduced stability at speed and slower turn in. Lower still and you start having the carcas buckle which is real bad. Don't expect that unless you're below like 20psi and cornering hard though.

Higher pressures and the tire doesn't conform to the surface and you get less rubber on the road and less grip. But at the same time faster turn in and less rolling resistance.

29/30 is a good starting point for tire pressure on a modern street bike with sport tires.

I wish someone would put a >=103ci cruiser twin in a sportster/scout/octane size frame.

>or have Erik Buell build a sportbike around it hehe

>I just purchased a brand new gsxr,

Please tell me it was pic related?

I'll give it a go tonight. Out if curiosity, why does Suzuki recommend such high pressure if it has lower grip?

for tire life.

Only the 750 :(

Genuine question, Why is the block still attached to the head?

Anyone watch Harley and the Davidsons?

Thought it was a good miniseries, production values were spot on with the classic bikes, got a little preachy at the end but otherwise made a great story of when Harleys were for actual badasses.

Cameraman was in a rush to get home

it's not. the head is upside down. The block would be on top if it was still attached

Always get jap, dont fuck around with chinese shit. Get like a 85cc 2stroke for max fun.

I didnt scrub my tendies. I melted them off.

Edge of my DS tire has almost no tread left. Middle is brand new

All manufacturers recommend higher pressure for regular street riding. better for highways cruising, gas mileage, stability, etc.

It's the same story on my R6. Like 38/42 recommended.

Are there any bikes that come with actually good headlights?

Ok then where the fuck is the block?

that is just the head.

head is literally taller than the cylinders.

>narrow angled valves

I think Indian has some potential, literally everything they make outperforms the equivalent Harley and the company is less than five years old. I don't like then either but there was no chance Victory could survive as anything but Harley clones, Indian could bring real bikes back to the states.

Brought a Chinese pitbike that was spluttering for $30. Got it home, took the carb off and lold. Usually there would be rubber sealing it. This had a sort of cardboard like seal that had mushed all through the carbs. If they try and save 1cent using cardboard instead of a proper gasket it says it all doesn't it

not pictured. Blocks are pretty simple and there's not a whole lot of fancy technology to show off there. Like 2/3 of the bike is missing in that picture btw. When a bike is fully disassembled it will take up way more than that much space. They just took apart some of the "hot" parts to try to show off and shit.

>spark plugs
>steering head nut

>"""hot parts""""

Old r6/r1. New gsxr1000
I don't know what the prices are like in the states, but for the price of a Indian in NZ you could buy a new gsxr600, a new grom , a new drz and still have cash left over to buy all new gear.
Is it really worth so much just because "lol murican cruiser, much fat very loud"

To be honest when you ride a Suzuki you have that many people questioning your sexuality that the headlight isn't really an issue.

The face you can see is the bit where the pistons meet the valves. The cylinder head is upside down and the block isn't in the photo. Nor are any of the electrical components.

I love my thou, but sometimes think the 750cc would be the better option.
>"2017 GSXR best ever gixxer"
>£2500 extra for all the extras like quickshift, launch control, stability control etc

The R1 is £500 cheaper with all that shit as standard.

it's an attempt to make it look complete at a glance but not have to deal with actually spreading out a whole bike.

>TFW can't fit a quick shifter to my 750 without voiding my warranty

The 1000 was a bit behind the times, charging extra to catch up doesn't seem right.

The Indian Scout and the Victory Octane, probably their best bikes are/were less than $10,000 US each.

About the same cost as an FZ09 or a little more.

The headlights on my Daytona are pretty fucking bright.

They literally just came out with a new hot shit 1000 Gixxer this year that is up for GOAT territory once the magazines get ahold of it.

Preliminary dynos on the bikes are very impressive.

First superbike with variable valve timing tech and has beefy low-mid range along with 200+hp top end.

>The cylinder head is upside down and the block isn't in the photo. Nor are any of the electrical components.

>or the engine cases
>or crank
>or gear selector mechanism
>or cables
>or brake calipers
>for some reason there's an extra brake rotor even though the wheels already have them attached
>no fuel hoses
>no cables
>no lower triple clamp with steering stem
>no midpipe
>no bearings
>no headlight lenses or bulbs
>no con rods
the list goes on and on

pic related.

In NZ the scout costs 15,000 USD, I was thinking of the cheif or whatever the dark horse. That was nearly twice that

>autism: the post

Why is their a breif case attached to the back? Ooooh that's the muffler. Thanks Europe

I just really dislike how they look tbqh.

Does the new suzuk have slide control? Or is Yamaha still winning in that regard?

And the frame. You spergers can't think if the largest part?