i exist

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anyone else staying home on a friday night....watching iem or something

word we stay home we also exist. lot of dep involved too

i want fuck gook

brb cereal

cap crunch

hello ms wang you dont know me, but i know you... s-seen you around the gym and asked around and uh... d-do you want to maybe grab some dim sum sometime? or whatever...


ms wang plz say yes...

miss wang is a sweetheart

word we like ms wang alot here

I hope you trip and die painfully and slowly

tired tiday

still sick good deal

lotta porn could go on that

$160 seems excessive for a hard drive. you can nearly get a good cpu or gpu for a bit more

i want to kill every gook in the world


nani = what in japan
original content straight outta reddit


heh. i learned a little japanese today

zerg btfo by pure gooks


Hey I'm here today, too.

hey everyone lol i like meemees hahaha meemees are so cool

how do you feel about sc2

i like the terrans because they are strong and kill the emenies all dead with the shoot bangs (pow pow powe bang bang!!)

plants came in the mail... some old black nigger delivered them... didn't answer the door even though he looked at me

hate blacks

anyone here?


kiss me (on the lips)