Was it the most aesthetical Ferrari ever?

was it the most aesthetical Ferrari ever?

This one was.


yaeh 288GTO is quite a looker but the new 488GTB(the hardtop) is just the beautiful Ferrari ever. Then let's talk about the ~660 horses connected to the accelerator- not to mention Ferrari tuner Novitec can tune them to well over ~700-roll on acceleration must be like warp factor 10

488 GTB is worse looking than the 458 in every way except looking square on from the front. That's what happens when you ditch Pininfarina to go with in house design, which consists of adding vents and fins to a Pininfarina design they know they can't improve.

>Novitec tune
Incredibly stupid and needless thing to do, some shitty aftermarket company that makes ricing components does not know better than a company that's been on top of building the best high strung street car engines for 6 decades

I'd the say early 308 GTBs were even more aesthetic.

this, closely followed by the GTO, are my top 2 on a very long list.

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This is the most iconic Ferrari for any fanboy

you already posted it

Those side views look so out of place

Pictures don't do Testarossas justice, same with Enzos. The proportions don't translate like they do when you actually see the car.

ITT: people with no taste in cars

Ooo real close, but the F50 is better pal.

say that to my face, fucker, not online and see what happens.

This is the most aesthetic Ferrari, period.

some back end sauce, the lines are amazing.

It's up there, plus that F1 V8 sound is awesome, too bad it's a rolling tin can destined to be a in a scrap pile some day.

The 348 before it was still to boxy from the 80s and then the 360 after it was too curvaceous and t he back end got to big the C pillars in particular.



I found what might be the most boring Ferrari
looks sort of like a 750 Monza
how does one even afford that in nz




Ferrari mondial 3.2 cab ?




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How has no one posted this Ferrari yet? Shit taste in this thread

>not posting the best Ferrari

ferrari driven by some shithead but still a ferrari hey

you call THAT a Ferrari

That's a Honda.

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this one



No, THIS is the most aesthetic Ferrari

>Walking around town yesterday
>Someone driving one of these around
>mfw they've either only just got it and were showing off, or have had it for ages and have only just chosen to show it off

Best year ever in F1.
Simple and awesome designs, fucking powerful turbo enegines, the best drivers generation.

It looks autistic

i wonder what it feels like to have such shit taste you make something like this

>Autistic cars

Come on, you KNOW this is the most aesthetic Ferrari

You are all wrong. Once again G Gundam provides the most sensible answer.


doesn't get any better than this.

Literally called Formula 90 Gundam


Since the best has already been posted I'll post another I really like

this is my dream thread!!! I have loved the ferrari ever since i first saw one in Outrun!