>K04, 3" downpipe, injectors, plugs and fuel pump
>Forge Twintake

Trying to add more power via support mods now that the K04's in. Am I better off running meth injection or getting a better intercooler? What about both? I'm in Florida and it's hot as fuck year round.

Any other modifications I should be considering? Not very caught up on the current aftermarket for the MK6's.

why bother spending all that money when youll be lucky to even run 12's?

>modding a shitbox
You know a Mustang gt would be faster and handle better right?

Get the IC if in Florida

Nice car sweety. Post tits pls?

Any particular IC I should be considering?

Looking at the Forge Twintercooler and the obligatory APR. Would it be worth it to run an IC with meth?

seems like an IC would be the next logical step

The advantages of an intercooler are that charge temp can be maintained at near ambient for longer. With just meth you would still be battling higher charge temps which would eventually pull power. Especially in warmer climates this could even be seen in a 3rd-5th gear run, with timing being pulled at the end of the 4th gear.

So, go with both.

So my issue with the APR is that, granted it's fucking massive it's sandwiched between the radiator and the AC condenser. Would that reduce airflow to a point that a smaller one mounted below the radiator would be better?

What about these intercooler sprayers? They sound ricer as fuck but the idea seems functional.

IC Sprayers on Lesbaru's are just dumb and smash bugs into it.



You should build the motor before you bend a rod. Or better yet sell it and get a good car instead of dumping money into a vag shitbox.

What's your tire, suspension, sway bar, brake pad set up like?

Looking at APR's own charts it seems their intercooler still sees a raise in charge air temps. A lot of the front mount seem to be more consistently near ambient.

Intercooler sprayers are useless, especially if you are spraying meth and have a good enough intercooler to stay near ambient.

Pirelli P zero 225/40/18
KW V2 coilovers
No sway bar
18z six pistons in front

CCZA's don't bend rods until 600+hp

Mirin your ride homie

Why didn't you just buy an R32?

>handling better than literally fucking anything

Honestly dude IC then nos

It begins

It's such poor bait.

People will take it though. It's poor bait but we have some stupid fish

run an IC and meth. if you're on APR software you can run the 100 octane file on the meth and get a bit more power on top of the cooler IATs. not sure of the direct-fit models for your car, but I run a universal Treadstone TR8 and it's great for K04s and up. this is a log from my car with an F23L (slightly larger than K04) and no meth. it's even better on the juice.

Yeah, not to hurt OP's feelings but you're gonna look back and see how much money you put into a chassis that first of all isn't that great to begin with, second, putting tons of power down on a FWD isn't that rewarding at the end of the day. Why don't you sell the car and move to the Golf R?

Start with some tires that fit your wheels.

I wouldn't push too far past 300 whp as you are just going to spin your tires through second gear.

Source: had a 356whp SI with lower boost in first and second to help with traction.

If you get an intercooler, just upgrade to the S3 one. It swaps right in as far as I know, and isn't overkill expensive.

Otherwise it seems like you're more focused on appearances of the car. Don't try to make the GTI something it's not. You can dial it up to 11, sure, but it's not the kind of car that should be some high hp monster.

Make sure it's handling is competent and the power is just there to supplement it but not overload it. That's what's important, especially if you're not going to take it to the track or strip. And considering this is your daily and a hatchback, you should focus on it being drive-able.