Tfw no 1650HP carbon fiber Dodge Charger with a 9L twin-turbo V8 from a boat

>tfw no 1650HP carbon fiber Dodge Charger with a 9L twin-turbo V8 from a boat

>and it still can't turn


>tfw no barn find Model A to put around town in

>they knew it was a barge so they put a boat engine in it


a lot of money to make an ugly car

>chrome nigger wheels and no sidewall
every time. muscle car faggots are the worst

>Engine Specs:
>All this power doesn’t come cheap however, as
>the 90-degree 9.0L DOHC V-8 aluminum block
>(with dual-overhead cam heads
>Designed/Developed/Produced by Mercury
>Racing) is estimated to cost $65,000.
65k I assume for the lower output motor, that motor is the top of the line one.
Though I'm not to impressed that a company bought a crate motor and slapped it into a car.

>tfw can't turn

at least post a decent resolution

*Foose muscle car faggots are the worst

Yet another charger ruined by that retarded pro touring styling

I hate those LED lights.
The hood and wheels are repulsive too.

Shouldn't those puzzle pieces be weird shaped and unable to fit together?
Or is that the family crest of the typical Taiwanese paper mache fetishist?

It can't put that power down, it's just dick waving


345 tires at the rear which is worth something

needs to be fully tubbed with an ocean of rubber to be able to put 1650 down on the ground

This, protouring fags are the worst.
People were able to daily these things with 14 inch wheels and 4 wheel drums.

kek no

there are 2000+hp cars that can hook up on 275s

its all about compound and setup

and drive like complete shit
and handle like complete shit
and stop like complete shit

>and drive like complete shit
>and handle like complete shit
>and stop like complete shit
I'll take that over some nigger rims and ebay disc brakes.
Muscle cars are ugly as shit with modern looks, i dunno why.

Exactly, Jay Leno drove it and said anything past half throttle and you loose the back end. The dumb niggers who built this should have put that engine in something aerodynamic and nice enough to actually put that power on the ground.

I dont like the look either but I realize that sticking with 14s and 15s are shit compared to larger wheels in this day and age and some people want well performing muscle cars

I also dislike modern engine swaps and any kind of restomodding but whatevs

1600hp is unstreetable

This car is engineered to do 220 mph easily and then not just losing control but flying 20 feet in the air and then disintegrating upon impact.

It's the car Paul Walker should have died in.

A proper 10.5 slick would put down more power than any low profile garbage

How come NASCAR can run 200mph on 15s?

It is a fucking boat.

>tfw the OYW surplus market has dried up.

All I wanted was just a stock GM that hasn't been riced to shit and back. Is that so much to ask?