Where would American initial d take place?

where would American initial d take place?
what would be the cars?
what would American dagumi drive?

would he drive a mustang or a thunderbird?

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>would he drive a mustang or a thunderbird?
Better, a Turbo Coupe

>would he drive a mustang or a thunderbird?

the fucking public bus
dogumi would lose his license with American bolice

>Implying the answer to this isn't a Buick GN.

Do you even freedom?

not agile enough to tackle those Appalachian back roads

American Takeshi Nakazato will drive a C4 Callaway Turbo.

Other good options (depending on when/where it's set):
Taurus SHO
Neon SRT4
Cobalt SS
XR4Ti (cheating slightly as it's not that American)

I think the American version probably would look a bit more like Wangan Midnight though.

with a loosely fitted body kit and a flat black rattlecan paintjob, also straight piped to where the exhaust claps like a bitch

no doubt

burger dagumis dad is a drunk but also use to be a race car driver

what mods would he have done to the car?


100 shot of nitrous, also reinforced the floors so they don't fall out

>what mods would he have done to the car?
Here are a few simple mods:

- 10 point cage with Parachute
- 3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
- spec-R full drag suspension
- Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
- 1 044 bosch pump
- 1200 rc injectors
- golden eagle sleeved block
- cp 10:1 pistons
- Eagle rods
- arp headstuds
- oem h22 headgasket
- Balance shaft delete
- competition clutch twin disc
- Port and polished head
- skunk2 valve springs and retainers
- Str cam gears
- crower stage 1 cams
- aluminium radiator with slim fan
- gsr transmission with itr lsd.
- qsd h2k intake manifold adapter
- k20 rbc manifold
- qsd throttle body spacer
- blox 70mm throttle body
- 4bar omni map sensor
- 6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control
- hks bov
- Garret 102mm turbocharger.
- Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange
- 44mm tial wastegate
- Custom water to air intercooler set up
- aem eugo wideband w/ gauge
- tuned on chipped p28
- 13 inch volks drag rims
- 2 15 inch volks rear rims
- arp extended wheel studs
- si cluster
- 150 shots of nitrous
im making 348 horsepower to the FRONT WHEELS because thats the only place the power should ever be

lowering springs
sway bars
saleen sc wheels

*dixie land on the banjo at full volume*

American Shingo?

>where would American initial d take place?
Northern Georgia/Appalachia
>what would be the cars?
Shitbox American cars from the pre-bailout days
>what would American dagumi drive?
Foxbody, probably with a 4.6 Mod in it, that later gets upgraded to a Coyote or something. His buddy Ike gets a foxbody, but his has the 4 cylinder, which he later supercharges.

>would he drive a mustang or a thunderbird?
I feel like I just answered this.

his job is to deliver moonshine up and down the mountain

I imagine American Shingo (Shane?) to have a 3.8l SC of some sort or maybe an Eagle Talon.

There's been a jillion threads about this, I'm sure someone can find one in the archive.

add some more like the grand national, camaro, probe, cyclone, reatta and alero

maybe some jap cars thrown in there

3 major cars dagumi has to go up against

Bunta later on buys a Taurus SHO, or a Cummins Rams. But he's definitely an alcoholic. His drift scene has his cigarette replaced with a bottle of whiskey.

a fox with a 4.6 mod wouldnt make sense i could see him having a 302 then swapping in a 351

Maybe like a Roadmaster or Country Squire body swapped onto a some 80s NASCAR frame. But definitely gotta have room in the back for all the bugershine.

>Dagumi: Foxbody Mustang 5.0 Hatchback (aero nose)
>Itsuki: Foxbody Mustang V6 Hatchback (four-eye nose)
>Turbo AE86 guy: Mercury Capri 2.3 Turbo
>Shinji: Foxbody Mustang 5.0 Notchback (aero nose)

>Iketani: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 IROC-Z
>Kenji: Pontiac Firebird Formula 350
>Kenta (S14 kid): Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (fourth gen, pre-facelift)
>Two Guys from Tokyo: Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (fourth gen, catfish)
>Mako and Sayuki: Transmaro/Camarobird (front end of a third gen Camaro attached to a third gen Firebird)

>Nakazato: Buick Grand National
>Shingo: Dodge Omni GLH

>Keisuke: Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06
>Ryosuke: Corvette C4 ZR1

>SW20 MR2 guy: Pontiac Fiero GT V6


you mean bucky right.

Bonus points: Mogi is Takumi's second cousin and works as a trailer park whore. "Papa" is a pimp that drives a Town Car.

>Faded paint.
>3" hater pipe coming out the side
>intake head-light delete kit. Other headlight stuck in up position.

im ok with this

>no thunderbird
someone has to be the one who brags about engineering and modern design

The with the NSX: Vector W8

that list was meant to be direct counterparts, and the mustang fit the trueno types great, with the capri taking the spot of the Levin

I like it. So what do we rename the rest?

Takeshi (Theodore?) should have an AWD vehicle of some sort. I feel this is necessary.

Other Ken (maybe Kenneth)
>Mako and Sayuki
Mary Kate and Suzie

I kinda think Dagumi should stay Dagumi.

At some point it's gonna feel like we're just writing a prequel to Tokyo Drift.

>maybe Kenneth
or just kenny



>tfw nighttime contemplative driving montage set to this or similar

iketani and nakazato are their last names if you didn't know. it's koichiro iketani and takeshi nakazo. i don't think iketani's given name comes up much but shingo calls him takeshi all the time (which makes the 'we're not friends' thing funnier in japanese)

bro for someone who has seen every episode of Initial D I know surprisingly little about what actually fucking goes on, I still can't tell why the dude with the FC looks completely different every season (or maybe it's the other one, who knows)

In america our "intial d" is 15 year olds destroying s chassis all for fun and they can't even drift.

that's just the magic of inconsistent art direction

This has been discussed before.

Some user mentioned the Oldsmobile 442 from the '90's.

Feel like that should be Shingo instead because FWD.

>Nakazato: Buick Grand National

>"These hicks and their tail-happy V8s and lumpy powerbands. When will they learn the power of neutral handling and turbocharging?"
>"The red and orange 6 on my fender... it symbolizes victory."
>[youtube.com/watch?v=zIawk-9PApw begins playing in the background]

Grew up with my parents ow ing a 4 door Calais. Makes me want one of these 442s

>Shingo shows up to race Dagumi and friends
>they'd heard he had an Oldsmobile and were expecting a fire-belching 455-powered A-body monster or even a G-body with the by-then-uncommon Rocket 350
>their faces when he drives up in a Quad 442

If Takumi has a Fox Body Itsuki should have an I4 Mustang II.

But Itsuki had the same platform car as Takumi with a worse engine.

kek, perfect

>much like top gear US version will be much worse
>Takumi drives a Chevy Nova TwinCam
>fwd 4age
>works for father's local burger shop delivering patties to theme park
>dad puts big gulp of mt.dew in cup holder and tells him not to spill, adds a little more as time passes
>chadgumi becomes a master of his local drive-thruge, Mt.Sonica
>one night a bright yellow mazda MX-6 is harassing him on the thruge
>he blows him away not knowing it was the Redsuns Kyle Thompson-Sully from Mt. Arbarby's

Perfect choice for soundtrack.

It was the first thing that sprang to mind to make a pun with the Grand National's color scheme and that smooth as fuck opening makes for a great replacement for the Bach bit that shows up every time the R32 does.

Anyone ever owned one of these? I want one so bad

Fiero gt and he will deliver pizza's

I think there's an important question you left out

If Japanese Initial D had European Techno from the 90s, what music would American Initial D use?

Japanese techno? wait, maybe Japanese punk rock?

>americans doing anything but Drag racing in the 1990s

>said cars found in 90s illicit american drag racing

cobra foxbody with 466 crammed in there
foxbody with a 427
bunch of 302/5.0 fox bodies
Buick GNX an modded T-types
riced Honda civic
riced mitsubishi eclipse
mexican with a stolen Honda CRX
1980s Monte carlo SS with a blower and dumb hump hood
acura integras all over
blown Irocs and transams all over
1969-1972 GM B-body big block coupes (Chevelle Cutlass)
cudas and challengers that ruin everyone
the Buick GSX that kicks the Hemis asses
Toyota Supra some spoiled college kid had (only people with those until Y2ks)
SN-95 with a blower one of those fuck huge camel hump hoods
blown or turbo cat deleted C4 Corvettes
a Yellow e36 M3 out of nowhere

The first few minutes of Tokyo drift

90s dark techno/ NYC House



It would be a shit box with a truck engine and the show would just be about drag racing with spics and dindus
Don't kid yourselves


there would be an episode about significant car weight reduction through running a lot and eating less

also, no touge. drag races instead, and show would be all about mechanics/tuning. now when i think about it, i'll gladly watch this kind of show

Kekd hard m8.

>my car
>no mods

>intake,exhaust, sc swap, injectors
>600rwhp plus

..but its not fwd master race? Guess it isnt gud enuf 4 Veeky Forums

where would Russian initial d take place?
what would be the cars?
what would Russian dagumi drive?

would he drive a lada or a volga?

He would use lada niva and entire racing would be done offroad, since offroad is smoother ride than russian streets.


>takumovich winning through his secret move, pothole driving
>he enters 180 corner way too fast and falls into pothole with one of front wheels to turn immediately

This image makes me extremely uneasy.

We don't need to watch the race from here.
I got us the best seats.
>drives his buddy home
>goes on youtube
>dashcam video of the last fatal drunken street race brawl

>Takumoff, a talented young driver, works with his alcoholic dad and delivers pierogi to the customers on his lada oka

>not 2106

I'd like to see a British one; I'd set it around Gloucestershire; you've got a ton of towns full of bored youth, plenty of quiet wide ranging roads, plus Wales is just an hours drive or so away for real crazy nonsense.


I love this one.

I remember it all over the news. Guy almost got away. Almost got away...