Tai Lopez

ITT: We discuss anything related to Tai Lopez' economic status. Anything related to the 67 steps, how he got rich etc.

I'll start by asking a simple question: Why should I/Should I not buy into the 67 steps program?

Is he, dare I say it, our guy?

you should NOT buy in to it BECAUSE that's how he got rich.... whats easier than making money off of people who have low self esteem by telling them how to better themselves?
answer: nothing. nothing is easier than that

So you are basicly saying that I should not buy in to it because he made money from people like me buying into it and not from doing what he tells people like me to do.

Basicly implying that he is knowingly avoiding to tell people who take his program how he got rich because that makes him richer and instead tell them something else?

Does this mean I should consider doing the same?

does anyone else watch his whole ad because you're shocked by how idiotic it is? Is that how his business works, ad revenue from people being mesmerized by how much of a fraud he has to be?

I also assume his 67 steps are basic self help shit collected together into such an absurd number that only intensely driven people could actually accomplish all 67 of them and are probably successful in some way or other regardless. I don't know what they are though

What about it do you consider idiotic?
I agree, but I'd like to hear your opinion about it in more detail.

Also, a friend of me is taking the 67 steps and it seems to be basic enough, however he is still in the early steps so I do not know.

What do you mean?

you americucks are so fucking retarded.the first moment I saw that shit face I knew it was bullshit. also he's not that smart and says nothing actually.op stop being an idiot by considering such nonsense and go buy an economics book and a stock market one. wanna be successful ? learn how your socio economic system works

it's appealing to idiots that are impressed with sport cars, they're so gaudy that I assume there must be some irony behind his videos. His a book a day thing is stupid, while he has a surprisingly well rounded reading list, it encourages bad reading techniques. I really don't know/remember much more than that

>however he is still in the early steps so I do not know.

My suspicion is that he uses "67" steps which is a lot compared to any other program, to drag people in who can only fail to achieve some or most of them consistently, and attribute their failure to their own personal weakness as opposed to the absurdity of the level of steps. Basically, people looking into this self-help stuff almost surely lack consistency and discipline in the first place; setting them up into a cycle of failure that they can get hooked into and you (somehow) can continue to make money off them is almost like those browser based city games that require preteens to come back every day or few hours to collect or build something after a period of time

Why do you think he is not as smart as he says? Please, I'd like to hear your opinion in details.

He's a con man who offers vague advice you can find in any self-help book. He's "successful" for convincing people he's successful and people are giving him money for that. There's a video where he shows off his mansion, well through some light googling you can find out that the same house is just rented for parties.

If you fall for this shit then I've got some beach front property in Arizona to sell you.

>67 steps

nothing should require 67 steps to describe.

So you belive that he is making people who lack self-esteem think they need him so that they give him money.

That makes sense, I've seen a couple of his YouTube videos and they are full of attempts to manipulate you.

And maybe a part of his plan is to make people like you and me write about him on the internet so that more gullible people hears about him, however this talk is nearing conspiracy theory so I'll get back to point.

What do we really know about him? I've heard that he used to be poor and now is rich, but is there any proof of this?

I can understand why he would rent a house thought.

I would rent a house if I was decently rich too, and I would say that it was mine because it would basicly be(atleast for the period I rented it for).

Have you taken the 67 steps yourself by the way?
Could you give a short review for me please?

>What do we really know about him? I've heard that he used to be poor and now is rich, but is there any proof of this?

I do know that this isn't true, he's been a CFP since like '98 or something, with no break in his working history. So that couch and x amount of cash in his pocket is a lie and really shows a lot about what how he's trying to scam people. I suspect due to the level of absurd gaudiness and acting like a scam artist that something along the lines of
>And maybe a part of his plan is to make people like you and me write about him on the internet so that more gullible people hears about him, however this talk is nearing conspiracy theory so I'll get back to point.

maybe true. but maybe it's just similar to those nigerian prince stories that are so absurd that some people are predisposed to falling for them. I don't get why you're so interested in him though, his surely full of shit regardless

The guy said he owned the house, no matter how you spin it he is lying. He tells people to have books read to them, so he hasn't read any of the books he has claimed. There's a video where he is riding around with a "friend" talking about some bullshit and you can obviously tell the "friend" isn't interested in Tai's bullshit. He even puts headphones on in the middle of Tai's talk.

The guy is fake dude. If you give him a single sent you're a big fucking cuck.

If this is you Tai please kill yourself my man.

Welp it's slander time.

I'm not really interested in joining the program, I find it absolutely idiotic. However, my friend is.

Before newyear he wanted to make a website where he bought wares and sent them directly from the purchase site to the buyer on his site, basicly just being the middleman who doesn't do anything else than take some money while watching. I told him that he could earn alot more money if he did some actual work and shipped the wares himself from a fabric, but he refused this.

Later he came with this plan to drop out of school to work fulltime as an entrepreneur using Tai Lopez' 67 steps to grow into success. I told him that dropping out of school could make life hard if he ever was unlucky enough to fail, but he said that he didn't need luck.

Now he has purchased the 67 steps program and is happy about it, but I don't think it's anything but a waste of money.

I wan't to belive that it is doing something good for him, which is why I asked about your opinion here. Anyways, Tl;Dr: My friend is cocky and I'd like to know if he is right about it or not.

The only books you need to read are how to win friends and influence people, and think and grow rich.
At age 17 I thought I was in a dead end job. I was working at a fast food place. My parents raised me well and taught me responsibilities so I worked fine, never late, never absent and got along fine with everyone. Anyway around age 21 I read the two books. Slowly I started applying the strategies into my job. I got to know the owner very well. Learned the trade of the store. Fast forward a few long good years, I was presented with the opportunity to open my very own branch. I make 200-250k a year now. And the amount of work I have to do for that single branch is ridiculous. I almost feel bad. While there are 40 year olds mopping my store I'm at my house relaxing smoking weed. I plan on opening more and more.

Have you never assembled something from Ikea, bro?

>fulltime as an entrepreneur

most of these people end up as complete failures and the implication of someone themselves falling for such an obvious scam does not bode well for them. An entrepreneur has to be cunning and understand when and how to get people to pay them money, and when people are just trying to get money from them; he's failed in the second.

Lying isn't necessarely bad, and I think most people would call a rented house their home. Why do you think he hasn't read any of the books he has claimed to have read?

And about the riding around with his "friend", fake or not it's usual to rent actors for your ads.

Why the fuck would I be here if I was Tai Lopez? That's rediculous.

That sounds great, could you be so kind and send links to the books about it that you recommend?
Thanks in advance :)

>Why the fuck would I be here if I was Tai Lopez? That's rediculous

Get physical copies. You'll cherish them soon enough.

What is ridiculous is you keep entertaining this notion that he has some sort of special knowledge that is the key to success.

He doesn't dipshit. There are plenty of books out there about business and finance that are worth reading. There are plenty of legitimate entrepreneurs to look up to that actually offer products and services outside of "hey I know the secrets gib me ur money I mean look at this Ferrari bro but I don't care about pointless things like that, but have you seen my Ferrari?"

I don't care anymore man, go give him your money and find out for yourself it's all a load of rubbish. If you did thirty minutes of googling you would have already figured this out but apparently you need your money wasted to figure it out.

I think so too, but I wan't to help him so that he doesn't fall for the same trick again in the future, which is why I need rational arguments.

He is all about being "logical and smart", I remember that I used to think like that when I was an edgy 14 year old.

Maybe it's just a phase he is going through?
Anyways, summarized, do you know any rational arguments to counter such statements as:

> [Rich guy] dropped out of college, so I can do that too.
> [Rich guy] used to be poor, so I shouldn't be afraid.
>Many peope says that [Rich guy] is telling the truth.

I've tried, but really, what am I supposed to say when he comes with these statements?

You don't need to say anything man, just tell him to research the guy. There are plenty of articles and videos debunking this man.

The fact of the matter is being successful requires hard work, some smarts, and a bit of luck. Tai isn't selling you that, he's selling you half baked vague "KNAWLEDGE" that is free to find elsewhere.

You can't reason your friend out of a position he didn't reason himself into.

have you thought about selling your lucrative property?

Anyways I get what you are saying, and the swearwords doesn't add anything to your argument which seems to be that he is:
- Just lying about having the key to success.
Ofcourse it's unlikely, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have it and if he has it my friend would most likely risk almost anything for it. Which is why I would like someone to prove or give good arguments for this being untrue.
- not special, and not legitimate.
Same deal here, he has brainwashed my friend to belive that he is special which is why I'd like good arguments or citations showing that he is lying.
- Showing off.
Yup, even my friend sees that. However, my friend says that he has "good reason to", so it doesn't really matter.

I won't give him money, and I came here so that people who has experience in this kind of stuff could give me some hints on whether or not it's rubbish.

I see, thanks for the discussion, it was a pleasure.