Make robin hood account

>make robin hood account
>suddenly get non stop telemarketing calls

>make robinhood account
>they don't list my bank and I can't deposit money

How do make such exquiste pepes?

I can't believe I gave them my SSN, can't wait to get identity thieved.


>make Robin Hood account
>browser suddenly has 4 new toolbars and a bonzi buddy


why do you lie.

You have to buy them. Please don't copy!

>doesn't know how to press "other"
>probably legally retarded
>probably shouldn't be investing mom's money

kys fag

talking to you btw

I wish I was.

These are very common pepes user you have the downs

>make Robin Hood account
>wtf is this gay shit it doesn't have x or y labels. Can't do stop loss on %. missing lots of companies.
>close it

>make robinhood account
>i have norton i cant be hacked
>use dud phone

i know but how do i make them is the question i mean

i want to learn to make my own pepes

Idk learn to draw and gimp

>Using Linux in front of class mates
>Teacher says "Okay students, now open Photoshop"
>Start furiously typing away at terminal to install WINE
>Errors out the ass
>Everyone else has already started their classwork
>I start to sweat
>Install GIMP
>"Umm... what the fuck is THAT user?" a girl next to me asks
>I tell her it's GIMP and it can do everything that Photoshop does and IT'S FREE!
>"Okay class, now draw use the shape tool to draw a circle!" the teacher says
>I fucking break down and cry and run out of the class
>I get beat up in the parking lot after school

Sounds like one of those dreams you get when you're stressed and feeling inadequate

They're supposed to be dreams?

I guess my dreams are extremely realistic.

They already got you m8.


One of the greatest pastas of all time