Wife Thread

Wife Thread.
I just leased this car for my wife. I only buy used for myself, but kid on the way changed my normal SOP. How did I do?

you fucked up

why couldn't she lease it on her own?
either your a cuck or a man that can provides for his family. judging from your car choice in going to assume your a cuck

This is Veeky Forums where the women are made up and the men are cucks

fuckin cuck

My wife bought one of these 2 years ago

Wanted a wrangler didn't like the handling, has been rock solid though. Fun as fuck to lock the 4WD and turn off the traction control in the snow

She did. I work for a dealer & they offered the last day of the month / day of the physical year deal of a lifetime. Didn't want my wife & kid stuck on the side of the road in her current shit box until I could get there.

kill yourself.

You're a good husband.

God damned phone..,

Is it a CVT?

Hell no. 7-speed 325hp

Good, ya didn't fuck up completely.

why an infiniti and not a lexus

I work at an Infiniti dealership, but I drive a Toyota myself.

>paying all cash up front on a rapidly depreciating asset

I bought my wife a CPO RX350.

It is better than nissan trash. Anyone working for nissan would realize this.

She wanted a benz but I told her get fucked. No eurotrash

>paying more than it's worth in the long run, on as you said, a rapidly depreciating asset

Nice Murano

But you're not paying more than it's worth, because 1. time value of money and 2. if you can invest the money and earn higher return than the interest rate on whatever you financed, you're actually paying less

Inflation is not faster than interest, especially over only 3-5 years.

Cars are not investments. Unless it's something super desirable and collectible like a Mclaren F1, it's going to depreciate and you're going to lose money.

Benz actually makes one of our cars. The QX30 is GLA; re-body & badged. I'm probably paying less for anything with a Lexus badge & it's fully loaded. I drive a 2012 Avalon which is just an ES350 with a rounder body & no ugly L on the grille.

>Inflation is not faster than interest, especially over only 3-5 years.
no, of course not, but actual investments are

>Cars are not investments.
No shit. The point was that financing is usually a better option than wiping out your bank account because you can use that money to work for you in the meantime instead of blowing it all at once. The car in question, and its value, are irrelevant

Try a G-37 / Q-40 with a faux SUV body.

>hurr durr you CAN invest to beat the interest rate.
Sure you can, but no one does. Bread on your portfolio mr. madoff.

Leasing only makes sense if you can write off the whole thing on your taxes. Otherwise you should buy used.

>Sure you can, but I don't

>keeping it in the long run

when my kid was new i got my wife a new suv as well, looking back there could have been other choices. Now that its time for a newer car looking at used mdx and lx470s

>fwd cuckbox
>better than anything
Na mane

I bought an Audi Q3 for my wife so she and her friend Chad can go to their pottery class together before heading to his house to do yoga. It means that I get to spend more time with her kids.

Leasing only sucks because you can't do any modifications to the car

because OP is a MGTOW who wants to self-confirm his fantasies about women spelling financial ruin because they're obviously all children who move on from "daddy buy me a..." to "honey buy a me a....".

however, that does not happen. most women aren't selfish brats that only think about all the cool shit their husbands can buy them.

in reality, the husband buys a used car on credit, and then the wife buys used on credit too because if you can, you don't want to go eurocuckmode and all share one multi-purpose wagon abomination in any circumstance. if the family can't afford two cars they get a wagon abomination, usually disguised with words like "SUV" and "Crossover". also used, also on credit.

Or buy used for the same amount of money, lose almost no money to depreciation, and come out ahead in every aspect of life except for penis measuring.

>but muh old car problems
Nothing quite beats new car problems.
>the warranty doesn't exactly cover that, also ALL repairs must be performed for safety reasons, also we already did them, gib moneys :^)

Once you get past your early twenties you realize that "modifying" cars is just a waste of time and money, especially on transportation appliances which is what 99% of cars on the road today are. It's better just to save your money and buy something that was built to be fun in the first place. Even if it means buying a used performance car it's better than putting "sick mawds bro" on your CVT Corolla. You can't even change out the head unit now because they're so integrated into the car.

Once you get past your early twenties you realize that everything is a waste of time and money. Life is a waste of time and money. Reproduction is a waste of time and money. There's no reason to do anything, it's all just for "feelings" and those aren't valid reasons so you might as well lay down and die.

>why would anyone ever want to make something their own when you can buy a shitty dedicated "sports" car with two rock hard seats and no trunk space
>what purpose does a relatively simple high performance commuter sedan serve lol
>isn't that what high end luxury tourers are for?

Yes, auto companies know best. Fit yourself into the profitable markets that are worth their investment or suffer. Having the car you actually want is a waste of time.

>get wife
>she gets pregnant
why the fuck does this happen? what is it about impending parenthood that makes parents think they need cuckovers? I get by just fine with my nice saloon car.

The TV told them to do it.


>DD a sports car
>already have a 4-door in case I have a kid

Jokes on you faggots for not planning ahead.

>high performance commuter sedan
>CVT Corolla/Civic/Subaru/whatever

K bro, enjoy getting dusted by minivans. The point I was trying to make is that modifying shitboxes is a waste of time and money when you could save up for a car that was actually built to be fun, THEN you could if you want modify THAT car. At least then you aren't throwing money at some slow boring shitbox like a Corolla.

>tfw Legacy GT Wagon

>implying Europe isn't exactly the same
Unless you live in some backwards shithole SUV cancer is to be found everywhere around you.

It's a slightly better looking wagon with slightly worse utility. Plus it allows more comfortable boarding/loading/unloading, upright sitting position and better traffic overview. Crossovers are fine really.

I run a rental car company in the UK. Virtually all of my fleet is crossover and SUV and economy cars because that's what people want, so I have to give it to them. It sucks, but it's the way things are. Markememeing is cancer.