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What coin shall double our money, today, Veeky Forums?

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pivx, it'll do another 100% before the end of the week, not even kidding

Volume on BAY has increased 10 fold over the past few days.

I would expect the 100% in 2-3 days though, so if you were looking for something quicker, that might not be it.


Dopecoin quite obvious really

What about Ark coin?

TX seems too high atm. I might go with europe coin, energy coin and feather coin.


It's a rocket right now and it's taking off. I got in a few hours ago and I'm already soaring.

stratis seems to go up again, was shilled the other day too

That chart can also say that it's about to dump, slowly.

You only say that TX is high because of the percentage increased it has attained. I don't know if you realized it but this coin came from a 200+ position on coinmarketcap. Only looking at the Satoshi level it is at now, it has the potential to easily double.

With that said compare it to Crown. Crown is at 20.000 satoshis and that's due to that great specs it has. Crown has hired TX creator/dev to work on its coin.

Basically TX has a lower amount of coins than Crown. Which in theory makes it more valuable since there is less of it.

Veeky Forums it's your move. You can stand on the sidelines or partake in coins that with utterly destroy the shitcoins that occupy spots on coinmarketcap that they do not deserve.

PIVX is easily your safest option right now and will continue to grow. Bitbay is unsable at the moment but i think it will make gains from here.



I made a thread about coin gambling and mentioned stratis, but soon found out that it's too stable because it has billiions of coins.

Meanwhile I decided against dealing with shitcoins but after reading some threads here again I became very angry how stupid and naive Americans are.

I will never shill á la 'look at the awesome specs of this coin', they're all shit and useless. But since Americans seem to buy everything I also want some of them dollarinos. I'll silently join the pyramid schemes.


What the fuck is that bear?

I'm fully loaded on ARK.
Once it breaks 1500 sat the ride will start. It has te potential for a pump to 10k I would say.
But what do I know? I'm only a shill...
I also went balls deep on NXT because it's undervalued at the moment

It's 3200
And I've been thinking about getting in ARK as well

To say they are all shit is useless is an understatement. Looking back to a year and a half ago would you had called these coins you see on here shit. Look at where they stand now. It's obvious that some coins will eventually copy other but will include things that their predecesors can't incorporate for risk of a hard forking, etc. It's hard to do when there so much money involved. Eth is a special case.

Damn my first trips ever and I got 2 kinds. Praise Kek!


> Look at where they stand now.

They all went to shit, except for monero for some reason.

Pump and dump is the way.

You're right, I was looking at my NXT chart.
ARK is 3200 :)

Ark looks quite good. How to get shills on board for it?

Shill yourself with a dedicated ARK thread then start shitflinging with other shills and it will attract more and more. But I don't think it's uselful

I'll go with europoor coin.

Shill it on reddit, facebook, youtube, social media. But please quit thinking Veeky Forums has any richfags or enough suckers with bitcoins to fall for it.

Pivx or Lisk

Not sure if i like this bear or not

Ark started out with a lot of capitalisation, hence not fit for my purposes. But there are coins which will give a 25% profit with only 5btc of investment. That's possible.

Why do you think pivx is still pumping after 4+ days? I just see people buying now as future bagholders...

Opinions on feathercoin?

Why should pivx be worth less than dash?

because dash has a whole ecosystem behind it.

pivx is pure speculation

>Dash has a whole ecosystem
Nice PR speak for nothing.

As far as I've heard you can use dash to pay for things. pivx is useless

dash has like actuaql physical shops which accept dash. i'm by no means a fan of dash, i think it's a scam but you have to hand it to them they have been working hard on real world adoption.

pivx exists only in the fevered dreams of bitcointalk posters

~buy dopecoin

relatively unburnt, 8btc to reach 50% profit if you invest now. look good innit?


Alright, I'm going NAV. Looks quite good!



>mfw I'm the one who suggested ARK, but I didn't get in on it.
The hell is wrong with me.

BCN Bytecoin is only 5 satoshis, the coin with the lowest price on poloniex

we are not buying your bags bro, thanks

In case you’re not paying attention, ARK is starting to blast off now.

YOu still have a few minutes to get in

Draco coin has given me some decent gains this morning. Looks good in the short term.

DT Token

Im with you. Look at the volume increase in the last hour.