Park near the front so little Jimmy can do a hit and run trying to park

>park near the front so little Jimmy can do a hit and run trying to park
>park near the back so Tyrone can jack your wheels
How does Veeky Forums survive parking lots?

I take the bus

I don't go to malls, supermarkets or practically any other place than home where my car is left unattended for more than 5 minutes.

I ride my motorcycle and park in a corner somewhere or in the dedicated MC parking.

Not living in America also helps.

I bought shitty Sparco wheels for my DD. Nobody is going to steal a $500 set of wheels from an Integra. They'll just steal the whole car instead.

employee parking

I live in a nice neighborhood without Tyrones.

I don't live in america

Avoid minivans
Avoid crossovers
Avoid women
Avoid parking next to fat people

I like to use BMW's and Audi's as cover. I'll park one space away from them and usually nobody will park in between as they dont want to scratch a "yuropeeeon luxry" car

>he thinks people give a fuck about BMWs in America

>see 2011 civic SI in back of parking lot
>know he parked there to avoid dents
>actually cares about a civic
>park directly next to him
>laugh at giant mugen spoiler as i walk away, know he will be mad

Double park in the handicap zone

>some legless faggot keys your car
Nice job, idiot.

I drive a Saturn ion, no one wants to steal anything from it and I never deal with dents

i park in the "customer with child" spaces beside the handicap ones

>walking to my 2011 civic si
>some neckbeard parked directly next to me even though I purposefully parked in the middle of nowhere
>rub my nutsack on his drivers door handle

park in the only spot available

>Park with no one around me
>Come back and there's bird shit on my car

I just use all these "with kids" and "for women" parking places ain't no way these people gonna assume my gender and in my heart I always carry my inner child.
But don't use the spaces reserved for handicapped that's just rude.

Don't drive anywhere

Those are soccer mum spots, the are the worst time of people to park near
>massive SUV
>minimal driving skill
>dumbass kids
You'll be lucky do get only a door-ding
I make sure I say away from there and park in corner spots

They are the worst type***

>park way away from shop entrance, only car in whole line of parking spots is mine
>come out of shop 10 min later

These people ought to be shot. Sometimes when the driver is present I just stand there and stare them down like the retards they are.