W30 Mr2 Vs NB miata

looking into cheap relatively modern sports coupes.

which is the better buy?

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W30 will be cheaper to buy, relative to condition
Miata will be easier to work on, and will have better aftermarket

Miata allows you to fit more stuff in it.
ZZW30 handles better.
miata has more aftermarket
ZZW30 has only-the-stuff-you-need aftermarket.

I went and chose zzw30 because mr2 owners are top tier bros and because its a goddamn midship.

>soft top convertibles
i dont think you know what that word means.

storage space isnt really a huge concern seeing as I'm just looking for a fun run around car.

love the idea of mid-engine though, unfortunate the aw11 is the definitively better looking mr2

fuck you nigger, you know what i mean.

^happy now?

the term coupe has been entirely butchered thanks to mercedes anyway

it's also the most pure, and the most thrashed, and the oldest, and the most likely to be rusted out

mixed bag

pretty much my exact experience looking at them on craigslist. hard to find a sorted one

same can be said for the w30 desu

eh I was like you got into mr2 series because of aw11, realized they're rusted out and trashed and only use they have is a base for race car, then fell in love with sw20 after I drove one but now I'm getting zzw30 because i intend to get into legal racing and all the tracks here are tight and twisty as fuck.

ZZW30 is the lightest, most focused and best handling of all MR2's. You do need some chassis reinforcement. Hard top helps

If you wanna turn it into a performance machine, they really have almost no weight you can remove without compromizing its ability to daily.

Sure zzw30 is worst looking of the series but it is miata NA tier and girls fucking love it.

I'd say go for mr2 if you like mid egnine because there is no competitor for mr2 that does the same but better.

i made a huge mistake when i bought my SW20 by buying sight unseen, so don't be a retard like me. due diligence is absolutely required before you get into a niche car like this. be patient and don't fall in love with an idea. gl user

I bought an zzw30 completely blind
dealer said it worked so we.

>which is the better buy?

daily reminder fiero was kill sicne GM is a shit company

>what is "i have literally been set ablaze for my poor choices"

heres another (You)

Fiero was killed to protect the Corvette
Fires only affected early build 1984 4 cylinders and was fixed in a recall.

Yeh the lightness is really the big draw for me. Its gonna be my second car after the volvo i owned in highschool so i want something small and light to get a better understanding of performance driving. hopefully get into track driving at some point to with it

for cars under $5000 zzw30 seems like a good bet

W30fag here. It's a pain in the ass for anything practical. Would never have gotten it to be my only car as you can't even get a case of beer in the storage compartment. Handles okay, but it's definitely a toy sports car. I didn't feel that way until I got an AP2. The W30 needs significant chassis bracing before it's in the same area code as something like an S2000 when it comes to handling. Cockpit is surprisingly roomy. Feels bigger inside than my AP2. The aftermarket is surprisingly good and still pretty active. We're quickly approaching the day when a K20 is drop in. Monkeywrench racing is a godsend.

People call it ugly on Veeky Forums all the time, but I'm actually surprised by the number of people that compliment it or ask what it is irl. They weren't very popular to begin with so there really aren't that many still driving around anymore.

in regards to the structural rigidity, how bad we talkin' here?

what level of bracing is necessary to make it handle?

the Z3 BMW.

Neither of those is a coupe. Go to sleep and try again after you get out of freshmen english tomorrow.

based fiero god

you know, you're right...

gotta be well rested for the catcher in the rye quiz

>tfw a bunch of seemingly decent fieros popped up on craigslist but I already spent my money on a foxbody mustang


Spyderchat is a good resource. First recommendation would be what they call a Midship Member Brace. Honestly the S2000 was probably a pretty shitty basis for comparison because the chassis is so good in that car, but that and an Elise are my only real sports car comparisons. It's not bad by any means, but to me it doesn't feel as hooked up as an S2000. Guys are out there running these cars competitively in national AutoX events against Miatas and S2000s without bracing so it's a good car v. good driver deal. It feels like a lesser car, but I think that's more a product of me being a lesser driver.

ill get my zzw30 in the next few days.
Anything i should know? Other than precat del

At least you can actually make power easily

I'm always on the fence between the w30 and an NB. Nice thread. I'll post some thoughts.

The part of me that's learning towards the w30 likes it for how unique it is. I've seen two in the flesh over the course of my whole life. Miatas are fucking everywhere. I do with the w30 had as much storage space though. I think I'd definitely be sold on it then. The mid engine is so interesting, probably even more so for normies. I enjoy the styling of the w30 a lot.

Does anyone know the door sill height compared to an NA/NB Miata's? Also the stock ride height? I owned an NA Miata and I loved being able to hang my arm comfortable outside of the door. I also enjoyed how low to the ground I was. Is the w30 similar in that way? And are parts more expensive for the w30?

Thanks lads.

>tfw nobody i know owns a w30
>tfw have to figure all this shit out myself

Bump for zzw30

get a hard top
get a nice wing
then it no longer looks ghey

just buy it.


wide wheels senpai

Once it no longer looks gay girls wont like it as much.

who gives a flying fuck what girls think of your car.

fucking losers care thats who.

You can make power with the V6 FIeros easily too with a trip to the junkyards.
>Ok, let me grab the cylinder heads and intake manifolds from this 3100 Chevy Lumina...
>Bam! Instant extra 40-50 HP and weight savings!

MR-S was the first car to beat DK's 86

My opinion is not incorrect.

zzw30 is one of the few cars that girls actually like.
Its nice to btfo beemer fags truck manlets and muscle car boy toys

Zz stock height is actually pretty high, and because of the seating position it isn't comfy to stick your arm out the window.

A lot of parts are shared with the same year Corolla/Celica so it's cheap as shit to maintain and repair.