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page 9 with no posts after a dead general overnight huh

we just had back to back threads that hit cap within 3 days too dunno what the deal is


nothing to say about cyborg i guess


Stop playing this dead game. Play the superior and more skillful Overwatch.

When are we getting a new cute girl to fawn over?

our one hope is pubg sues fortnight, ending fortnight forever, and some of their team starts working on paragon, making paragon update faster.

i dont think we're getting any new qts for awhile, they're focused on "updating" older heroes. we already have eternal best girl anyway

>Can't complain about cyborg if you are crashing constantly with massive fps issues everywhere in between
I'm glad it died.

how do we fix this game?

do we have to remove cam ourselves?

i would imagine we would need to buy out tencent and then somehow attract talent to an epic games that is 40% owned by Veeky Forums anons.
le hacker Veeky Forums could make a private server and just go from there

>fire cam
>remove tencent
>lewd skins
if at least 2 of these happen the game will be on solid footing

First we save Superville, last I heard he was hiding in Serbia.

>Steve could save us all but he could never save himself.


the fey is still fun to play with a decent team

>ded thread
>game has massive performance issues
>meta is perhaps the most cancerous its ever been
theres only one thing that can save us /parag/ so lets get going
>what color is each girls bush, do they all match up with down?
>did the recent makeovers affect belica or sparrows bush?

>We're forced to return to our second darkest hour
Bella is probably much more overgrown now, she looks tired and sleepy as hell, probably doesn't really have time for shaving

phase: blonde (dyes her hairr)
serath: red or black

sparrow at most has a trimmed bush now
fucking disgusting

the darkness of the bush forest shown great light on our future

boy what a fun patch

Saw a stream where 4/5 of the enemy team were all Growth/Unstable/Unbroken & 3/5 of the other were as well.


look at all that build diversity im glad the team sent the game back to an alpha state a third time for this.

>private server with pre-42 Monolith and Legacy modes
If only

Probably for the best that they killed my interest in the game so I can actually do the whole education thing without any distractions.

>not making a good game that becomes a big esport
>not dropping out of school to go pro
its like you don't even know how to dream

dont die on me like this game did!

if they would just ever have even a slightly balanced game it would make up for so much of the other bullshit. but they never fucking will because the devs are idiots and even worse than that the playerbase enables them.
i check the reddit once a day to see if ebin announced anything and one of the posts on the front page right now is asking for epic to make some detailed balance videos so cam can go really go into detail about the game. as if him saying "like" and "investement" 40 times will magically make people build anything but the cyborg meme build for the next month until they finally "fix" it by nerfing all the cards involved to the point of uselessness and then proclaim a whole new meta needs to be discovered so they wont be able to patch anything for 2 months without confusing bronze shitters.

Thanks for the perfect build.
It is making losing my way to bronze hard as hell though. I don't even push lanes or group, I just farm and catch people by themselves.
I want to go back to Zinx to keep my losing going but I want to keep having fun until the inevitable nerf.

wat do?

For those not in the know MMR cap was/is cancer and stressful. I just want to have fun. I have lost ~300 elo but have been in a win-streak using Kwang. I only have him to level 2, too.

I honestly would have loved to try with a /parag/ team before the New Dawn destroyed everything. I intend to come back if they ever fix things, but I'm glad I got out before they turned my main into an ez-mode shitter magnet.

Their patch cadence is absolutely ridiculous: they kept going on about how this new system would somehow allow them to make faster changes, but that's looking more and more like bullshit every time they let another round of busted shit continue for weeks at a time. It's also kind of at odds with Cam constantly talking about how they don't like to make changes without enough data, so I have to wonder what the whole point was in the first place.

>go against a master crunch
>lose because he destroys our team
>play with him next game
>he doesnt ever gank
>he never hits a turret
>1.4k damage to minions

Bedtime bump. Don't let the Normalfag hours of the weekend claim two threads in a row.

Why does power totem not have a stack cap but apex predator and tyrant both do?

because epic is shit at doing anything

man randy pitchford must have a hard life
> autistic child that sleep in a castle bed
> Fat wife
> being randy pitchford
> being friend with anthony burch
he and his company deserve to burn, battleborn and bordermeme are insults to videogame

I'm just gonna take a break until the next patch. This is awful.

>Every game is 40 to 50 min long because everyone play as a tanky totem, unstable and thermobond
wow gold sure is amazing

Really want to be good at Serath but no matter how hard I try I fail. Any tips? I normally focus upgrades on the slow and dive. The minion AoE is low priority

Paragon is just a worse version of Battleborn right now. Their characters have some really good abilities and they're less stilted and awkward to play because it was an action/shooter first, moba second. Paragon is great but it really, really suffers from having only the most generic skills in the entire world.

Her AoE should be high priority because it makes you totally invincible every 4 seconds.

run memeborg. for advice after they nerf that, max heavens fury and slow, build full AGI and black for vamp blade along with sacred alchemy. spam heavens fury to constantly keep your shields and LS up. she's the best 1v1 in the entire game and can take anyone late game in one so dont ever be scared to fight. (this doesn't apply currently because memeborg kwangs and fengs buttfuck her)

>still 2+ weeks away from the next update
there's a chance they might just temporarily disable growth totem and cyborg, like they did with thorned yomi and gates of salvation r-right?

nope. They only did that cause those cards were bugged. As far as Cam's internal chinese testing group is concerned, unstable cyborg is completely fine and balanced.

>the 'bug' with thorned yomi was that an iggy that had ulted someone using it killed himself and that was toxic because a low-skill iggy shouldn't be able to kill himself by holding ult

I have yet to see anyone else do this.
I'm down to 1400, too.

Is that really what happened, damage gets reflected to the turrets since they're the ones dealing damage?

Maybe it's an EU thing.

actually the bug was that the card didn't work once you activated it. they fixed it in 43 because now its bugged to where you can't even activate the card :^)

Why not just make a new account???

This is the funny/sad part about the whole thing. It's not even fixed.

I've had this PSN for as long as there has been a PSN.
Also, it's more fun pissing scrubs off. It's like repayment, ya know?

>Nerf Cyborg range
>Its main use was on melee fighters who are right up on you anyway

Kwang/Mao 2017 boys.

>When the enemy team won a crucial teamfight and wiped all 3 of your inhibitors
>One or more of them jump up and down mockingly as their minions wreck your core

>main Feng since Legacy days of 'hit group of bots with lifesteal to go from 1% to 100% in one hit'
It's my time to shine again

Never any need for that: always be dignified, win or lose.

Be real bros, is there any hope for the future of Paragon?

If Epic keep dumbing shit down (eg jungle camp damage/ hp, Sev breakpoints, Kwang tether, insane attack speed, 1.0 basic scaling, retarded economy), then no, absolutely not.

define future.
will this game revolutionize MOBA's and become a giant overwatch level hit? no chance.
Will it become a deep hardcore game that has a thriving competitive scene? even less of a chance.
will it be a fun to play HOTS like action style MOBA that survives as a semi popular game for a few years because of Epic money, nice graphics with pretty waifus? sure i fully expect it to carve out a pretty solid fanbase once epic "launches" it and pumps some money into advertising.

Depth and design? Dead

Casual catering of those that call out each other for 'toxicity' while being 'toxic' themselves? Check

>will this game revolutionize MOBA's and become a giant overwatch level hit? no chance.
Don't give a shit about that.
>will it be a fun to play HOTS like action style MOBA that survives as a semi popular game for a few years
If we're going to be compared with the likes of HOTS we're in some trouble.
>Will it become a deep hardcore game that has a thriving competitive scene?
Guess this is what I was hoping for. I always felt the game has so much potential but increasingly going in the wrong direction.
But what the fuck do I know. I'm just some dude behind a computer. The developers of a multi-million dollar company surely know better, right?

Depends entirely on what happens tomorrow. If Epic announces they will patch in a hotfix and nerf some cards it will prove they're not entirely competent and are willing to make quick changes after patches to offenders like LoL does.

If not, it means they're willing to let this game sit in its current state for another 3 weeks while Cam collects more internal data so he can buff Feng. At which point I have no hope.

Is there any way to increase my chances of getting Aurora’s skin from the vault?

Meant incompetent*

Don't sell yourself short. You're the guy they are going after. I'm not saying a random joe blow can balance a moba but you can like or not like the direction it's going in.

If you start whiteknighting for cam on reddit I heard you'll 100% get it.

hots was shit at launch because it tried to be the next "le breakthrough esport" despite being a casual babby moba but has recovered nicely and is enjoying its niche. honestly its what paragon should strive to be, especially since paragon can throw on GRAPHIX on top of that

>If not, it means they're willing to let this game sit in its current state for another 3 weeks while Cam collects more internal data so he can buff Feng
I laughed, then I shuddered

Where's the new hero reveal?

"internal data" is such a shit meme response to everything. until they upload a days worth of their internal games to their youtube channel so we can see all the amazing plays and new metas they supposedly make its just a shitty way to retain false superiority on the playerbase and continue to call us retarded as a defense for their own fuckups

likely not for a while because they're going to focus on existing heroes for the foreseeable future.

It's completely airtight, too, which is frustrating. I mean, we can obviously tell that it's bullshit, but there's no way to actually prove it, and they're well aware of that fact.

3 Fucking item slots AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, What the fuck, what a fucking waste.

"often three weeks"

they havent used #every3weeks on the hero releases for a few months now they're trying to phase it out

>slowly clawing my way back to platinum

>no dude plague lord is fine it needs to have a radius of 1200 and slows dude plus giving power and health like cmon dude thats super balanced
>no dude unbroken spirit is fine dude it only gives you 300 hp and ability armor and a bunch of power but dude its fine trust me
>btw they need to slightly nerf unstable cyborg, just a little bit, like 2 armor reduced then it will be fine dude

I can't tell if people are actually retarded or if they just enjoy abusing blatantly broken shit. I'm trying to think of such absurd examples in other mobas, but I can't. Maybe sunfire stacking in LoL, but that was more like a bug.
This brings up the question, who exactly is behind Paragon's balance team? Is it just Cam and a bunch of chinese programmers? How could they release cards that give so much defense and utility, and then give them high amounts of power on top of that? Did nobody see the problem?
What the fuck do the do in 'internal testing', stare at the scenery?

They need a pool for a pick and ban phase before 2018. But this is probably the last game that can pump out shit quick.

Well, they're doing a good(?) job I suppose, because I hadn't noticed.

>wanting to be plat or higher

plats the best place to be as long as you stay in the 1500s. anything lower is full retard, and anything higher leaves you in danger of hitting elo cap if you get on a hot streak and then having to [-1Elo] your way back out for the next month

Can someone give me a quick rundown on how to build serath and what a typical match runs like for her pace/investment wise? What's an ideal match and what will trainwreck mem


sundown is a legit top 100 player and i know they hired some smite reject. past that no idea


Gld might be the best tier. I sometimes play together with my friend who is around 1200 elo. The shit I witness there.


Seraph isn't quite as beefy as Feng or Kwang but it's basically the same kind of gameplay. Mash your wings whenever its off cooldown and run face first into somebody you think can't make it under their tower in the next 8 seconds. If someone is going to cast a big spell hit your Q to avoid it, the more minions you hit the longer you're invincible for. The jump has some grace period that you can decide where to go but if you don't choose by the apex of your jump the skill gets canceled.

>nothing except the back of her dress covering that magnificent fat white ass
even more lewd than the default version

a fucking smash player

are you implying having autism is not an advantage in MOBAs

>it's another episode where jungler is an autistic sperg
>they're playing khaimera

Why would anyone jungle Khai these days?

bros. this meta. have we reached peak cancer? our boy has become the villain.

I was there and past it I can't get much lower than 1400, but I want retards on both teams. Some of the most fun I had was playing with friends who weren't that good and were silver while I was plat and drunk.
They've all quit though. I have nothing else.

I tried him offlane with the current meme meta and he doesn't have the damage late-game. I don't know why he's played at all though tbqh.

i still think cam was looking over the shoulder of the intern who posts here one day and got buttflustered at the cam memes and decided to make ourboy ez mode shitter bait as retaliation.

For real though, do you think anyone at Epic ever visits /parag/?

ebin has invited people who post only on goddamn instagram about this game down to HQ so i think they at least browse here in passing to check general feelings about the game. not trying to be us vs them or anything but they have to know deep down they'll get more honest reaction here than reddit. no chance of them ever acknowledging us though.

How would YOU fix Unbroken Cyborg and all this other bullshit that's currently plaguing the game?