Is the same as reincarnation except in his eyes, the ideal is to stop reincarnating because in his eyes life = suffering. Guatama was from a Hindu culture so his idea of Karma was built off of the Vedas though his religion does not require belief in gods, only the belief in Karma as an unprovable universal law (which is in the same territory as the concept of god).

>why do you think coming to an intuitive understanding of reality has no value

I value utility and understanding can be utilized.

Without the ego, neither understanding or utility matter.

Just how stupid are you?

Awe, did somebody miss the memo?
Did somebody also run out of hemorrhoid cream?

lol no karma is not some unprovable universal law
karma literally means actions
if you have problems with your back I say that's your Karma
it's your doing
you did it to yourself by being unconscious of your posture
social anxiety is karma
the prejudices is your karma
the life situation you find yourself in is your karma
your suffering is your karma



Okie doke