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gundam char

Whats it based on? star winning?

Jesus, NAOKI is just Katoki but with all his bad aspects turned up to 11.

Gundam Schwarz Ritter. The base suit is Denial, but it's got these kind of neat wings that turn into swords.

That's a terrible shade of yellow for that shade of black

Isn't this for that manga prequel though? I see Amazing on the side.

At least it's not the marbled piss color Bandai always uses for "gold".

Beyond edge.

Manga sequel, building up for GBF3 with Tatsuya as the MC.

Looks like something from Code Geass.

How old is Tatsuya anyway? Shouldn't he stop playing model kit?

Its hes job, he promotes gunpla

Is that an Embody System helmet?

It is from Amazing Ready, which acts as the seuqel of Amazing and began with Tatsuya participating the 6th GBWC. However since no one ever bothered to scanlate the rest of Amazing and Amazing Ready, we have no idea on what time frame the Schwarz Ritter belongs to

No kidding. Every time I see one of his designs it just looks like pic except completely unironic.

>Veeky Forums Gundam

looked like a tactical arms from one of the astrays at first glance.

So, it's a black and gold Cathedral, but instead of the backpack turning into a giant beam bow it becomes a sword?


That's no char boy, no char.
That spiffy scarf though.


What a second, there is manga sequel of GBF !?

>Master Phoenix has wings that turn into swords
>Make another Denial rehash instead
Fuck you Bandai. Just fuck you.

It's a shame Age flopped, I'd totally buy a kit of this and the Space Lemon


I wish the Cathedral wasn't P-Bandai. I prefer it over this.

Gundam Kamen Rider

Is this what they said Mr. Ral did to Denial Gundam?

The fact that nobody has gotten Amazing or AR scanned in at least is a crime. I would struggle bus and use google translate and pure determination to get through it if need be.

I'm guessing there are Jap scans laying around but no one wants to hunt them down or translate them.

Bael custom incoming.

theyre really going all in with reusing that model


show when?

Might look good by painting the "gold" parts with Gundam Marker. I might get it.

2nd Meijin?

Mask-ed Second G


show when?

Macky custom when?


That'd actually be pretty cool

Is that like mecha LGBT?

He's only in his mid 20s in Try, and being that Gunpla is basically professional e-sports lots of grown men participate. In fact so many adults play they had to create a junior league to give the kids a chance for glory.

Felini, Greco and other guys from the first season are mentioned to still play despite being their 30s.

Not to mention the entire bar of Zeon dudes that Reiji trains with when Ral (also 35) takes him there.

So does Japan fucking love the Denial or something? Or is Bandai just shitting out remold after remold because they can?

This only the second version. The first one the carhedral was p bandai. Not like they got any great sale results out if that.

>implying there's ever an appropriate age to stop gunpla
>not sharing gunpla with your grandkids



i think they pretty much slapped an embody on the currently dying 2nd meijin's body. could be cool. I mean the Amazing SF looks better without the gold joints.

>any bad aspects

posting a image of her back.

Denial's a sexy suit, better than Try Burning by a longshot.

But >expecting Bandai not to remold something at least twice

What part of "Gunpla is Freedom" dont you understand?

I'm still waiting for an R-jarja kit since they made R-gyagya though.

Why do people love these dumb edgelord melee suits?

Why can't we get more suits with good old fashioned guns and missiles?

Is this confirmed or are just speculating?


Comes with clear black beam sabers. Interesting.


They mentioned that before Island Wars was on air.

Looks really dumb.

Why do they let him design HGUC kits? His proportions are God awful.

>clear black beam sabers
They're just physical batons


Are those Baels wings?

>black beam saber

Because everyone loved when Star Wars did it.

isn't this just using the denial Gundam's base frame?

The Denial Gundam's base frame would be the Cathedral Gundam.

So everything related to Build Fighters nowadays is Try. Did Japan really like it more than original build fighters?

Fumina BEWBS

I'm not digging that thin torso. It looks like it has some kind of separation gimmick or something.

Are the best.

Yes. More original frames means more customization.

No? Not even close.


I mean it's the sequel and they're only pushing out Post/inbetween content, so yes.

Nigga it's the Denial Gundam. It's always had a thin ass torso.