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My Big Fat Fab Life

Mama June: Not to Hot (Uploading the most current episode)

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mirin that mass desu

this episode brought 600lb life into a new level of kino

thank you based user coming through with the mega links

He's cultivating mass

>being so fat you have an elbow ass

eat 6 large pizzas a day and you can bulk like him

>being an opiate/food addict

and i thought no one could top james

>Chad eats pizza

Your welcome I deliver the finest of trash

>4 minutes in


I feel bad for the dad, he was born in an unjust world where it is not legal to kill your retarded spawn at will

Free market eugenics would do us some good

is this part 1 or 2? has part 2 aired yet ?

Next week

did he lose weight in the slightest?

Link for the new episode of my 600 lb life?

Its op's first link

his parents are pieces of shit that should never make children, wish it was legal to stop some ppl from reproducing really, is not an evil thing

He gained 80lbs

He dropped to around 630 I think but gained back another 80 or so

These fat animals are providing amazing entertainment, the last two episodes have been pure fatkino

His father enabled him to get where he's at now. I'll tell you right now my kid is never getting to that point or anywhere near it.


Fuck me I linked the James K
THIS is the Assanti

How badly do ultrafats get injured by minor falls like that? Boogie's lighter and got massive bruising from falling off his chair.

Oh I remember that guy.
Is he even alive anymore?

did she just unironically call herself ugly?

that sign is impossible to decipher god damn

it's a shoop

Falling with an extra 400+ pounds on a human frame would fuck anyone up due to the sheer force of it. That coupled with the compromised immune/circulatory system turns any fall into a car crash.

At what point does someone just say "look, I'm not buying you food anymore. Here's a glass of water with crushed up vitamins so you don't die of nutrient deficiencies. You'll get one every day." I mean if he gets his vitamins and such he won't die they Did an experiment on that. I mean what's he going to do? Drag his 600 pound ass off the bed and attack? Bitch can't even move

I was just about to say something

Thanks friendo

based OP, thank you!

net loss of ~20 lbs off to drug rehab for part 2

The dad is the one feeding him
It's his episode

Gamegrumps has really gone downhill

Whoa this one is setting a different tone right off the bat. Dat piano.

I'm 23 minutes in and I want this thing to die already jesus christ he just broke a bed and people are trying to fucking help him and he's being a LITTLE BIIIIIITCH

I've never said this before but;
what the FUCK is his problem?

there's no need to talk to people like that

Is it just me or does the audio and video not quite sync?

What's "kino"?

It's the new MKULTRA.

Have fun trying to destroy society as it drives you insane.

It means "cinema" in German but I have no idea what the context is here

It's a /tv/ meme, good movies are "kino".

the doctor

He was never super thin to start with, but he has made some decent gains so far with his new trainer.


If i was the dad of that fat fuck id get him addicted to meth or something

Honestly, at that point these people are so far gone that any attempt to coerce them will result in them harming themselves to get what they want.

Unless there is some internal desire to change, they won't.

Makes you take a look at one's own life desu


Not you, I had to shift audio by -1000 ms

I hope to god he dies

I know that's a horrible thing to say about someone, but there is nothing (NOTHING) redeemable about this pile of excrement.

At this point it's probably better to keep feeding him pizza and keep him fat. I don't think I want this asshole mobile.

Watched the whole hour and a half of James not realising this thread was on Steven

James's doctor was fucking based tho.

Fuck he genuinely deserves to just be shot

Did Steven end up losing weight I can't watch the episode it's too much

What must James' skeleton look like in comparison to the rest of him?

My goodness. It's as if this gelatinous blob doesn't even have one and is supported by a system of fluids like kif fucking kroker.

I mean, look at Mayra (gif related) and her sea-creature looking ass.

I think the worst part about this isn't that these people don't see how life threatening their size is, but that the people feeding them don't either.

One can only wonder why it doesn't click with these people that weighing nearly a half fucking ton is going to kill them.

How the fuck this guy don't kill himself? I can imagine living a week as a huge 800lb piece of lard, disabled in a fucking couch and smelling like shit. Death is much better than that life

it's medically fascinating for sure


To all the doctors and nurses who have to care for and wash these fat fucks, I commend you.

Even in a full hazmat suit, I could never go wrist deep into the fat folds and ass crack of these behemoths.

I want to watch a 400+ lb person hit terminal velocity and then hit the pavement

I'm curious to see what it would look like

What am i looking at here..i-is that a leg?

its a hyper-fupa

STEVEN eats PIZZA and has a HAREM of CLEANING LADIES while you SLAVE away in the GYM

Incredible. What a fantastic dedication to your bulk. Once he cuts he'll be Arnie junior.

Highest form of cinema according to /tv/

>from falling off his chair.
he got massive bruising from being so fucking fat he broke his office chair seat, bringing the full might off his blob body to bear on the supporting pole piercing through the broken remnants of the seat.

>try to lose weight
>become addicted to painkillers
He was never going to make it

I used to work with a smallfat that broke a bone in both his wrist and arm from merely tripping and falling (on flat ground). He was pretty pissed when I kept suggesting that there's no way you'd break a bone from that.

Feminism achieved

>the look he gives you two minutes into Netflix and chill when the pizza delivery arrives


none of these super fatties seem sincere
>I want to get better, I'll do everything you ask
clearly you don't, or you would have fixed it yourself
you're just pining your hopes on that the surgery will physically force you to stop gorging

being a doctor making these kinds of judgements is beyond me
put them all on the treadmill


He could kill him easily by not bringing any food

>being le epic memester instead of subtly trolling

kill you are self

Watching her lower back/ass skin stretch looks so incredibly painful. When they get those sores in the folds of their skin I imagine their giant fat tumors just ripping off whole.







why stop what made you so big?

who the fuck even fucks 600 pounds women? who can be that fucking desperate like holy shit

Oh my fucking god kill that hELLSPAWN RIGHT NOW


That's fake and you're dumb.

Hi I'm a faglord. Do I have to have the Mega extension to download these files? Any way to get them without installing software?
Th-thanks, Veeky Forums.

No, but mega limits you to 5gb if you don't

oh god I keep watching and every time I feel like the skin is just gonna rip right apart leaving that massive glob of fat "ass?" behind. Like when you pull a chicken thigh off a pan and it sticks a bit and the skin and some of the meat just slides right off the bone.

Don't these idiots it's capitalism that enabled their unbridled consumption which led to their obesity in the first place? No fatties in the gulags.

Any medfag care to elaborate what the fuck is that black spot on his "legs"?

Try and move me bro

>this fat shit standing up, is deadlifting more than i ever will


plz reveal how to do so, the only link i see to d/l harasses me that i need their extension to use it

In all seriousness, what someone with that kind of 'blood' actually looks like?

Meaning, how fat is he/she/mental illness?

oh god, I used to be class 3 obese
can hardly believe it

I'm a little bit ashamed that i thought it was real until i read the article.

this has gotta be fake right, no way blood can keep moving around in your body like that, right?

I like how they think that the manakin models are unnachievable. What they don't know, is a lot of them were created by vacuum forming around a cast of person. I only know this because my fiancé did it for a local molding business.


>what is blood plasma.jpg
>help i failed 5th grade biology.com

It's not her fault she had a shit upbringing.

Many parents these days fuck up their children's youth and then when they become bad adults they suddenly care.

I'm sure that bitch was fat for most of her life and her parents just let it slide because they were too lazy or weak to confront her about it. A 12 year old is not smart enough to control their own weight, specially if the parents are the sort of idiot who'll buy them food just to keep them quiet and happy.