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as soon as I gazed upon your eyes I knew you were my nigger
Glad to see there's other anons who love Yuri for who she actually is


I cant get the theme out of my head, or the feels out of my chest. I like tge moon base alpha version tmbetter though youtu.be/C7M12GQ1_jE
On another note, why did this game give me the hurting chest feels? I didnt even really chose a wiafu and mainly played for the spooks
Also its been a few weeks how are you up to 115 threads


Tbh i feel like staying far away from vns now, they hurt me and i dont know why. People know when they feel sad, or happy, but what feeling does a pit feeling in the chest represent? I didn't even choose a wiafu so i dont think it could be tfw anime isnt real


Nice read fellow Monikafriend. Do one with Arma 3, Wargame: Red dragon, or Rising storm 2 for me will ya!


~Sayo Hana: But a Poem Is Never Actually Finished~
~Part 7~

It's nighttime.
Sayori comes back into my room.
"I finally finished them!"
She is holding a cupcake.
It has pink frosting, and the features of a cat, using pieces of chocolate for its features.
Just like the ones we made for the festival...
I hold back the urge to either get mad and/or cry.
Not wanting to hurt her feelings, I reluctantly grab and taste it.
Its good, just...
It feels like it's missing something.
'We didn't have much milk left.'
'Did you use ALL of it?'

"Mayyybe..." Sayori twiddles her thumbs.
'Whatever, I need to get out today anyways.'
I put on shoes, and open the door.
Sayori rushes out ahead of me, and i notice she's barefoot.
'Sayori! Get shoes on!'
An old lady looks at me like I'm crazy.
'Oh yeah.' I say under my breath.

As we walk to the store, we encounter Yuri.
She's wearing a long sleeve track suit and pants to counter the cool summer air.
"Yuri!!!" Sayori runs up to her.
'Sayo-' I cut myself off.
Yuri looks up.
`You're still going on about that?`
She chuckles.
`God, you need to let it go.`
`Ever since that festival, you've become a complete shut in. You've showing up to school less and less, and now...`

`And now you're calling out Sayori's name.`

Sayori chokes back a few tears.
`Look, I don't know what you're trying to pull with the silent calls and your recent obsession with Sayori, but you need to just let it go. You can't heal if you don't move on.`
She already has jogged off.

'Hey, Sayori, look. Let's just go grab milk and go home.'
I pat her on the shoulder.
' 'Kay?'
She silently nods.

After I restock the fridge with milk and other assorted instant foods Sayori egged me on to buy, I retreat to my room.
"I wanna go to bed too, you know!" Sayori calls out.
'Oh no. You're sleeping on the couch. I don't care if youre just a delusion, you sleep out there in the living room.'
"Okay... Fine." she huffs and walks off.


Here i'll copypaste another user's description. Spoilers for the plot of Sayo Hana, too, as it shares essential plot.

Little kids are friends and make a group.
Girl that was an integral part of that group dies.
Everyone grows up, drifts apart and are pretty much really fucked up emotionally because of their friend's death. Girl comes back as a ghost that only one of them can see. Series is spent gradually putting the pieces of everyone's lives back together as they try to find a way for the girl's spirit to rest.


Me too user!
The way she talks about losing yourself in fake worlds, becoming attached to fake people etc., it really speaks to me, I just care way more about characters of books and games and other media than nearly anyone irl
It sounds sad but makes perfect sense for a heavy introvert like Yuri who prefers to shut herself away from others, because fantasy is just better written than real life


Can you compete with Yuri's fictional husbando?


Well, she really needs someone else to share her experiences with. She tried not to show it, but she was really excited at the thought of discussing the book she gave to you. That's because introverts like Yuri usually don't like to be with other people, but do need/want one or two very close friends to be themselves with and share their bunched up feelings without the anxiety and fear
And Yuri doesn't have one of those yet it seems, so she gets super flustered when the MC seems to be able to fulfill that purpose
in short, yes
i only need yuri
yuri only needs me
everyone else may as well not exist


Monika? I thought you loved me...


S-Silly user, Monika can't post on here, she's simply not capable of it! N-No reason to suspect her.. Ehehe~


How suspicious...


Would there be a market for someone me writing a Misumi degradation/mindbreak/cockslave fic


YES but post it in the new thread veekyforums.com/thread/195618703/video-games

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