What is some essential /chad/ literature?

what is some essential /chad/ literature?


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Notes From the Underground

>Be AT LEAST 5 ft 10
>at least 200 lb with respectable abs
>thick neck (17 in+) with wide masculine jaw
>participate in full contact sport (rugby, wrestling, american football, boxing etc)
>at least 7x7 cock
>1500+ total
>bangs at the very least 4 DIFFERENT chicks/month and every single has to be 8/10+

>5 ft 10
ask me how I know which board you're from

you're in the LIBRARY reading PHILOSOPHY to build KNOWLEDGE ,while CHAD is fucking STACY while reciting POETRY because of his genetically predetermined base of KNOWLEDGE, HEIGHT, FRAME and WISDOM

I can build muscles. Chad can't build a brain. Checkmate world.

You can't build HEIGHT though.

>thin neck
>not at least 6 foot 1


>Chad can't build a brain

sudo intellectual spotted.

or FACE, or FRAME.

Das Kapital

In my experience: Palahniuk, Vonnegut, and Game of Thrones

6 ft and above is slayer mode.

Matter of fact you can even be a chad at 5 ft 9 if you're handsome, its just gonna be very very very very fucking hard to compete with other chads

Atlas Shrugged

my diary desu

The Iliad

>CHAD is fucking STACY while doing a live performance of Romeo and Juliet


Chads are evolving

Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Thucydides, Cicero, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Tocqueville, Stendhal


Jamal's Cheerleader

This actually, though in Part 2 chad might actually learn more than he bargained for.


Locke>Hobbes fgt

>5' 10''
>200 lb with respectable abs

Y'all are adorable


Hell, Taleb's entire Incerto.

Never read it
What's good about it user?

The biggest Chad I know is really into Lovecraft for some reason

He doesn't give a fuck, though
No Chad does

Maybe if you didn't either you would see some improvements yourself


You get to see an old and worn down Doctor Faustus lament over how he was an academician his entire life and never got Veeky Forums and strikes a deal with the devil's cohort Mephistopheles.

As you can imagine he uses it for some straight /devilish/ stuff like improving his looks and gains and literally impregnating women he would have never gotten before. Then you see his gradual descent into madness and evil as you've probably heard at least one variation or another of striking a deal with the devil. Part 2 though is an absolutely sublime study and commentary of German idealism and political climate of the 19th century as Faust starts using his powers to literally change the world around him and other alpha stuff. It's in verse too, and poetry ironically is a pretty chad activity

>eat PIZZA and fuck STACY

morning newspaper

Zac Chadfron is 5'8. I think the manlet meme came from tall virgins who try to make their height seem more important.

>No legs
>Weak forearms
>Weak shoulders
>Literally only built to look pretty to middle schoolers

I just want to grab him by the throat. Hold him up against a wall and get right in his face and say "you think you're tough, punk?". He'd probably shit his pants because he's never been talked too like that before.
Little pretty Disney boy. I know a hard boy when i see him, and this guy isn't hard.

And being a few inches taller makes you "hard"

No, but it is apparent that you are a try-hard

Implying your poor faggot ass would even be allowed into a venue he's socially attending.

The two dudes who I know who get laid the most aren't physical chads at all. 1 goes to this fat fucker, long girly hair, 6'1 ish. Spot 2 is this skeleton looking Ghanaian guy who's about 5'6 maybe, 5'7. He can't weigh more than 140lbs. And before you say BBC, with clothes on he looks like pajeet. Even his facial features and hair and stuff are Caucasian like and he's not really dark. So nobody expects him to be hung, they expect him to shit on the floor or something.

Anyway, common factor is that neither of them give any fucks at all, they just seem to have so much fun when they go out. Hard to explain but it's like girls (and guys) just flock to them when they're fucking about. I love going out with them though as I look at lot better than them so once a group of chicks are in our zone, there's plenty to go round and they've pretty much gamed them all and leave the 8/10 's for me. I ain't complaining, it's better than I do on my own

>Faked stories
This better be bait. He was destroyed on Opie & Anthony years ago. He didn't do shit while they were openly saying he's lying and playing sound clips of "Bullshit", etc. He also paid people to phone in to the show and say shit like "You're a god, did you tell them the x story yet?"
His only gift was marketing.

People who read this shit are the lowest tier betas in existence, by the way.

An 8 to you can mean something entirely different to someone else.
I hate when people exaggerate. A true 8 is a model tier woman. Stop talking shit

All I got from this is that you want to bang Zac Efron

>"Z-Zac! Over here!"
>Yeah, kid? Need an autograph?
>"You're so tough, huh punk?"
>Thanks, kid. I try to keep in shape for my roles. Anyway, here you go.
>"T-thanks, you too"