Not entirely Veeky Forums but want a Veeky Forums boyfriend to discuss books with and push me to read more

>not entirely Veeky Forums but want a Veeky Forums boyfriend to discuss books with and push me to read more
>to cuddle and support each other
>just want a smart intellectual boyfriend who finds me endearing
>this only happens to trophy wives/gfs

the addition of being Veeky Forums and working out together would also be welcome

Have we merged with /r9k/ now too?
Fuck off.

r9k is everywhere
while the normies play the robots type away


Nah we've always been like this

t. Veeky Forums

grill or gayboi?

Grill - frustrated with the mundane conversations that come with dating apps and normiedom she returns to Veeky Forums.

Not your blog

Tits or gtfo

>randomly ask out a tall skinny qt as I'm walking around campus
>we have a nice date and then hook up for a few weeks
>she doesn't read outside of school

Do people actually hookup through Veeky Forums?

Welcome to my feminist blog "Tits or Get The Fuck Out!!"

Pls be in germany

>>randomly ask out a tall skinny qt as I'm walking around campus



Unless you are a trap no fucking intellectual actually wants you cause women are dumb as shit, and odds are you arent really smart enough for intellectual.

we're not much better

t. Veeky Forums

So you are saying that true intellectuals are gay, or deny their base desires.

Your post is irrelevant, I wrote that I wanted someone smarter than I am who likes to read. The stupider I am the easier that should be.

Are you the same grill whom I briefly e-dated in a thread several weeks back before an insensitive remark caused you to leave for another user? If so I'm sorry and I want you back plz forgive me. Also I work out.

No, thats not what I said. They go for intellectual women to have serious relationship, the few that exist. Alternatively they pay for prostitution or if they have enough Chadness in them they dump their cum in roasties like you.

>am that boyfriend
>feel like I'm leacturing my gf sometimes
She's trying to learn more about the stuff I'm interested in, but the fact of the matter is, it sucks wanting someone to talk about things with on an equal level, but all of them are significantly older than me, and typically at least somewhat more learned/wise than I am.

I accept that what I have now is for the best.

What do you offer in return? I ask the same question of men who want a mate with a particular aesthetic.

I was walking around campus and she was the only one on a path and I was walking quickly and when I passed her I said "excuse me" because it was a narrow path and then she said something in reply to me and then I slowed down and talked to her for a few minutes and then asked if she wanted to get coffee.

If you are a good judge of other people and make sure to only try this with girls that seem interested/flirty/talkative and who you think you have a good chance with it actually works quite often. Most girls that aren't seeing someone will say yes because going out to coffee doesn't mean they are obliged to hook up with you or whatever so there is not really a downside to them saying yes and if you are attractive it gives them a reason to do it so most often they will.

Women are the ultimate in mouldable clay. You get her young enough past her danger age you can make her into whatever you want.

I see you are a Veeky Forumsizen. Well, thank you for your time.

This is pure insanity to me, probably because I'm British

What? Why? That post just describes a normal, successful interaction.

Well, I am also British.

But no, what you're describing seems reliant on your inherent chiselled chaddishness.

you need someone else to make you read? you sound like a barrel of laughs, do you need someone to wipe your ass too?

Not to be too autist but it's actually mid-period Burroughs that's least comprehensible. I'm sure you didn't make the chart but I wanted to point that out.

Girls don't have penises. Sorry you are not a grill

Kind and loyal. May not be extremely intelligent or intellectual but I read more than most and have a good level of general knowledge. I'm always open to learning and debating topics. Normies call me smart but I know I'm not.

I would just like someone slightly more intelligent or knowledgeable than me, at least in some areas, because their conversation would make me fall in love with them.

Where I am in life, where I live right now I never have that opportunity. I try so hard to find people to have interesting conversations with. I feel no fulfilment from my conversations with most males currently other than knowing it's making them happy. It would be nice to find someone similar, who's a bit of a loser, but a decent enough person.

I'm considering going back to school so that I can find what I'm looking for, but I don't hold out much hope.

British people generally don't make eye contact in public, let alone talk to strangers unless they're exceptionally outgoing. Relationships are usually begun drunk

No wonder they're a dying breed.

100% this

>Where I am in life, where I live right now I never have that opportunity.
Where do you live and what do you do?

As an American who did a semester (term whatever you want to call it) in Britain, I can tell you that British girls do not seem to mind it as much as you think they do. In fact, they seemed rather charmed about the whole situation. Maybe you should try it sometime, pal

>chiselled chaddishness
I'd never describe myself this way, geez. Only moderately tall or handsome, broad shoulders as a lucky draw but hardly a magazine cover.

Realistically, I've found girls just want to feel safe, matched or beat in status, and interested. Being a very low baseline of clean, fit, well-dressed with an easy smile and a thought in your head is usually more than enough to get a girl to talk to you.

>Relationships are usually begun drunk
it's strange how many european countries have built an identity over this exact kind of social autism. Britain, Finland, to some extent Germany, Slavic countries in general, though that might just be because drinking is so commonplace there.

>Only moderately tall
Thank you for your time.
>Being a very low baseline
Okay there's no need to rub it in.

UK - small industrial town
Standard office job

I should have went to uni so that there was an opportunity for a different life, but I've always sort of thought it's bullshit and haven't known what's best for me to study.

I will either move to a European city or go to Uni come 2018, because there is nothing here for me other than my family, I'll be sad to leave them.


Define "loyalty", its a word many people use and few understand.
The loyalty you have to your job (weak loyalty) is far different from the type of loyalty your dog may have to you (very strong loyalty).

>I will either move to a European city
You're in one.

Which unis you thinking about going to?

Believe me, what I consider moderately tall (should have said moderate height I suppose) is spurned as "shortest of the short, self-decieving manlet" by some; it is common on Veeky Forums and elsewhere to make fun of guys who are 6'2", after all. When I look around on an average day, I see many more men who are more attractive than I am physically than I see men who are less so.

But I guess if even discussing it is an insult to you then I guess I'm out. Being adverse to comparison seems to be rather out of character for Veeky Forums or Veeky Forums though, whether it be physique or ideas.

>But I guess if even discussing it is an insult to you then I guess I'm out
Take that back. NOW

What the shit, seriously.
If you want to be smart, read STEM-textbooks. Reading complicated fiction does jack shit for that.
Personally I read either stuff like "The CRC handbook for nonneutral Plasmadynamics" or "Chad Thundercock on the moon of the green skinned spacebitches with their tits out"

you won't ever find this. ever. go away.

>If you want to be smart, read STEM-textbooks. Reading complicated fiction does jack shit for that.


>Kind and loyal.
How do you know? Have you been in a position to logically want to be cruel, or to cheat, and avoided / resisted it?

>well-read, generally knowledgeable, open to learning and debate
Solid attributes, but rather subjective don't you think?

The elephant in the room here is sex. When you get right down to it a real coupling can only potentially take place when sex is on the table. Have you ever actively signaled to anyone that you are sexually available (this includes flirting)? If not, do you maintain a level of sexuality that would convince a man you would actually want to pursue you despite a lack of sexual advertisement?

I have many times gone from sex to a fascination with her mind or at least an appreciation of her above average but still behind me mental development, but the fact is it's rare and difficult for a girl to grab your attention with her mind and go in the other direction.

If you are not desperately fending off the attentions of the sort of potential mate you want, you have to take seriously the notion that you may have to do some work in that vein yourself. You seem naive (not in a bad sense) enough that you may even change your mind about your preferences once you get out there and start developing some from experience.

Which of the good qualities you listed are discoverable BEFORE someone is in a relationship with you?

I'm still researching, I have to retake A levels or do a foundation year which I'll do here before moving away.

I'd like to go to Cardiff or possibly Reading.

Sorry, I mean mainland Europe. I have a couple of places I've been that make me feel at home.

With a romantic partner, I try and know them as well as I can so that I'm able to be considerate to their individuals needs and feelings. I don't repeat the things they say and do that could be classed as intimate, if I have an issue I would approach them with it as opposed to moaning to someone else, obviously I'd not cheat, betray them in any way or try and bond emotionally with someone I could potentially be attracted to. It's important to try and work through issues as well, rather than giving up on someone easily.

It's strange that I have to explain this. I know that this should be the baseline expectation in relationships.

I don't really get into a relationship either unless I can give it my all.

>or possibly Reading
Hey, that's near where I live. The place itself is...well, it's shit, but it's close enough to London.

How come you'd have to retake A-levels? I'm doing that myself, but that's because my grades were shit.

Also, so we get this cleared up, are you on the trappy end of the spectrum or on the burly side of things?

>Have you been in a position to logically want to be cruel, or to cheat, and avoided / resisted it?
Yes, I've had shitty relationships like everyone else and the temptation to act badly.

I tend to search for mutual interests and it's usually the basis of attraction and chemistry. I do have people show an interest in me, and have had. Similar world views, humour, an experience, literature or music. Anything really.

It's rare recently that I feel a spark myself, it only comes with shared passion about something. So I meet men from dating apps, or at work or on an outing occasionally and I just can't make things click. I don't get out a lot if I'm honest so I think that may be part of the problem, it's near impossible to find anyone interesting or discover they are interesting on dating apps and websites. I think with age as well I am less easily impressed.

The issue is all me, but I suppose because I'm spending my weekend on Veeky Forums instead of in the company of others it made me think that it would be nice to be with someone who does that too sometimes.

omg i want this too! so hard lol.

best combination would be a true fitlit bf who pushes me to lift hard and stay well-read.

i cook fyi...

>so commonplace
It's just the norm, how things work here
France btw

I've been told I'm very feminine.

So what you're saying is you're a girl.


I am admittedly starved of female contact but op sounds like an ideal gf candidate. I hope you find yourself a /fitlit/ guy.

We watched that film in French class in year 11.

That was an interesting experience.

it's my favorite french film xD

she's just so adorable lol

Hell no I thought it was cringy as hell, I was just referring to the tits and orgasms.

Sorry if I pegged you wrong if various ways, there isn't much to go on in the thread and some assumptions have to be made to give advice at all.

Seems like you might want to figure out what scenarios can even lead you to feeling that spark and arrange to float in that social space, so that this is where guys have to engage you to get to know you at all. Where might that sweet spot be? And what would it take to qualify as a spark, to get you to signal to the other that you are game for the relationship?

Or do you believe the UK dating scene some sort of very different beast where each party is supposed to pretend they care a little less than the next person until their relationship is too inextricable to write off? Seems like a bad strategy in any case.

I also roll my eyes at people with preconceived notions about Veeky Forums (or Reddit, what have you) or the people who frequent it.

Okay sociopath-kun, calm down.


this makes me sad :(

Good. It is right that you should feel sad.

Acknowledging that males are objectively worse at something because of various hangups makes user a psychopath? Neat.


i'm just a well-read fitness girl looking for love in all the wrong places :/

Nah, he's got him pegged about right. A lot of people here have a pretty warped view of women and social interaction in general.

I'm not so sure, I've tried to take young men under my wing and mould them, and it never works as well. Same personality types and social status. Maybe it's a gay thing, if not gender?


>I've had [...] relationships like everyone else

blog it



All right




I mean I'm not fit but I've spent a good day on this board now so I think I've got the hang of it.

its according to what most people think, most meaning the general population and not Veeky Forums

Thanks user
I don't care about fit anyway. But it's good to know you've got it down after a day.

>it was this easy

Nearest pigeon roost?

Need to know where to send my carrier pigeon ;)

I got a qt azn lolita gf off /soc/ once. Total nutjob. 10/10 would not recommend
I feel like a good portion of Veeky Forumsitzens would like a normie life. There's a whole heap of basic bitches out there, super normie tier. But they're shit af to date. You also can go down the other spectrum and dwell in the weirdness of Veeky Forums. But there is a happy medium between the two. I think a lot of guys here should go for that. Weird girls who are also normie ish


I live next to someone who literally keeps pigeons.

I'll shave him dispatch one immediately. The creature will know where to go if I show it this thread..

Not her, but I was in that thread I think. I was the guy who was into choking and biting.

except yes?




I want a manic pixie yandere

life is unfair
I hope you shave him soon. Things are getting pretty desperate.

The closest I've gotten to "dis one" is Veeky Forums and /x/ grills.


I want to find someone who embodies that happy medium. The outright weirdos might be too much to handle, but I'd hate to end up with some trendy meme-spouting normie.


The whole appeal of a trap is that you're not a girl. You dumb git.

>tfw no Veeky Forums bf

Much more interested in a Veeky Forums bf, honestly. Mainly he has to support us reliably.

>Mainly he has to support us reliably.



Kill the pigeon.