Fw there will never be a new 80's mecha anime

>fw there will never be a new 80's mecha anime.

I just rewatched Bubblegum crisis for the first time in 10 years. Fuck I miss this art style.

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There will never be a new 80's mecha because the 80's were 40 years ago.
Also, plenty of artists who made their name in the 80's still work in the industry.

oily horse cocks and moe blob robot girls.

instead of brutal police women and cyborgs.

Sounds like you need to read more manga.

bubblegum crisis was shit except for the last episode. Obari's episodes were the worst

amirite gais???

I read this a lot here. last episode did have the best directing, least dead air, etc

but ffs. how can someone not find the early episodes charming? in a guilty pleasure 80s ephemera sort of way

not really

There's Redline.

/m/ likes all of Bubblegum Crisis don't listen to some faggot that reposts the same opinion in every thread. It's kinda a problem around here, in case you haven't noticed

>How can someone not share the same emotional reaction to something I know is inferior but has elements that appeal to my taste?
>/M/ has to have an unified opinion on this topic and on a decade of products.

/m/ isnt just one person don't listen to some faggot that reposts their own opinion as fact every thread. It's kinda a problem around here, in case you haven't noticed

>lowercase posting
Unsurprising that an underaged faggot would have such a lack of taste. I bet you prefer digital over cel.

Well they should be now.

fucking kill yourself

Obari's episodes were the only redeeming aspect of this shitheap. It's just another mediocre 80s action OVA that feminists and retarded ape niggers like yourself hype up because muh strong female protagonists and muh floof.


>30 OVA
>muh femminist agenda

Have you considered people might like it because it's a fun watch with a catchy soundtrack. Not everything is about your retarded identity politics.

I'm not sure if I'm sad or not that the live action movie fizzled out. If it was bad, we're all just ignore it like the we do with Crash.

It might have been cooled but it would have lived and died on how good the CG was and it probably would not have been that great.

Also posting floof in a floof thread.

Floof for the floof God!

The only remotely passable adaption was Speed Racer. I'm glad it never came to fruition.


>ywn go to a Priss and the Repricants live concert
Why bother living?

You tell me, user. you tell me if that's the case.

You will just have to live with what we do have youtu.be/v6DNqjCyA20

The internet even has to drag feminism into violent tit-filled 80s robot cartoons

such is the power of the /vr9kpoltv/ conglomerate

fuck em man. I'm going to enjoy my floof regardless.

Floof is good.
The world is going to shit precisely because we stopped venerating the floof.


But what of us? The last apostles of the floof?

Yeah, but we can hope for the style to come back.

It always runs in cycles. Though I think it will be some time before they manage to fuck things up enough to go back to hand drawn cells.

They're never going back to cels.
And most anime is still hand animated, with pencils and paper. Its just digitally coloured.

You misunderstand. What I mean to say is that we will get cels back after the technological apocalypse wipes out all computers.

I remember the last time the cycle wiped out all computers and we started over again.

Good times.


You're forgetting something much more topical.

Shit, I haven't seen Gal Force since it was randomly on Sci-Fi's super late night movie run like 20 years ago. Actually if it hadn't been for randomly catching Iria on a late showing on Sci Fi I probably wouldn't have even gotten into anime.

Well I know what I'm watching after work.

Glad I could help. That genki Sandy is so cute.

she is





>Never get to see bare Linna butt
Its not fair


My nigga. I saw that on tv one morning in 1997 when I was 11 years old. Still my favorite anime.

I know, user. We all know.

To be honest I never though Links had much personality beyond being "the normal one" I kind of like her better in 2040

Who ever is posting these high quality BGC images, please continue.
Or even better, can I get a source?

I posted best girl for encouragement!

You can find Sonoda's artbook here:

Thank you man! =D

I was going to mega it when I got home from work but you beat me to the punch

Gundam Unicorn is probably the closest we'll get to a modern anime with a late 80's asthetic.

for every oldfag who wants the traditional animation look to come back, there's 1000 MAL children who will go "ew, this looks old" :(

Such is life.

Anime? Heh more like anilame!

Posting mecha in an /m/ thread.



















Where are all these sketches from?


Look through here:
and remember that "settei" is Japanese for "model sheet".



for every nostalgia fag who wants their childhood to come back there's a thousand adults who realize stagnation in art is dull and look forward to the future.

Unused concept?

I think the RPG sourcebooks said this artwork came from the BGC computer game.

It's from the spinoff game called Crime Wave.

>he capitalized the m.
How new are you?

Second time I've seen their gallery posted recently. Does anyone know if they're willing to deal in BGC cels? They say they're open to offers but I doubt it, given they specialize in Sonoda and BGC cels like I do.

It's hard to find reference material for young Priss from the "Asu e Touchdown" video. Her hair looks better like this to be honest.

It's still floofy, but not to a TRULY OUTRAGEOUS extent.

She went through an emo period.

Looks like a TNG era Engineering uniform with some changes.

I think both hairstyles look great on her. Then again, I guess I'm just a fanboy. Her knife was interesting too.


Never say GIVE UP! Never again
arashi wo tsukinukete
Never say GIVE UP! Never again
hashiridase ashita e

Mai waifu.