>Danish Gambit
Not against muh Sicilian dragondorf

The problem with 1. e4 is the game is white has already lost with ....c5.

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play me fgts

I'm playing 20 min rapid. I think my problem is I'm always looking for edgy plays instead of the most logical, expected one and end up making mistakes

...Kf5 Ng5#
...Bf5 Qb6#
...Nf6 Re5#

True, but it's a very fun game when it starts with Danish and Sicilian.

TIL black people play chess

Nice, Bf6 and black is in zugzwang actually.

Probably plays better than you.

>black people
>one black person who is gay who grew up shunned by his black community so he sought solace with some smart gay white chess instructor who also touched him

White to play and mate in 4.


Black actually began at the bottom of the board, so the black pawns are actually facing up. Most of black's pieces are trapped. 1. Nc6 ...Nf3 2. Nb4 ... Ne5 3. Qxe5 ... anything 4. nd3 mate

Not enough love for 960, it really is a wonderful new way to play chess. King of the hill is also fun, but I can't even comprehend the bughouse or other methods where you can exchange pieces and put them back on the board.

Do other people in other countries play bughouse like we do in Sweden, where we play "first to win n games" and the time is for all the games of the match instead of being reset after each one?

sorry for the first 'other'

>want to play chess
>read some articles, watch some theory videos
>get completely destroyed by 8 year old Indian kids online
>no longer want to play chess


>chess.com actually
>littered with ads
>can do 5 tactics a day

fuk, what's your rating guy i just played against?

nice to get some redemption for

1980 or something irl 2052 at blitz on lichess

>ctrl + f "Luzhin Defense"
>0 results

lichess.org/qhDY7nfu Play me at crazyhouse

fuk I'm 1950 irl but I'm really bad at blitz and u fucked me up

Play me g90+30 faggot and we'll see what happens.

Lichess has zero tactics a day.
Learn how to remove ads, it's extremely simple.
The thing with chess.com is that it has a ladder that lets you play with people of your level, when when you play with lichess, there's basically no guarantee you'll play with someone of your level, I once played with fucking Kasparov on lichess, and on the next game it was a stupid newbie who started with h2.

The book is just called The Defense you lit shit.

>Lichess has zero tactics a day.

Lichess has unlimited. You don't even need an account.

I still prefer lichess because of the ladder.

>Lichess has zero tactics a day
it has a training option with unlimited puzzles
>Learn how to remove ads, it's extremely simple
cant do that on mobile devices easily
>The thing with chess.com is that it has a ladder that lets you play with people of your level
compared to making an account on lichess and having a rating?

lichess is free and open source
chess.com wants you to subscribe

what ladder are you talking about

I mean chess.com
chess.com has a ladder, it's a point system.
When you press the "play" button, you're matched with someone of your level.
You win, you go up. You lose, you go down.

So "The Press" of chess moves

still don't get it

is the bishop on g3 black or white?
Possible to prove via deduction

he's bi-racial

isn't it a pawn?

pawn* not bishop. Fuck me

I understood that that was the puzzle but I give up