What do you put on your pancakes?

What do you put on your pancakes?
Apart from the obvious butter and syrup, I really like chocolate chips or blueberries.

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butter and cinnamon sugar

Nothing on mine fat ass


If I get pancakes to go, then I put Greek Vanilla yogurt & bananas on them at home. Otherwise, just a little bit of syrup.

Ordinary pancakes: syrup
Chocolate chip/blueberry: none
Banana/apple butter: powdered sugar

My gf does this. First person I ever saw do this on the reg

sour cream and raspberry preserves

fight me


pancakes are like the worst food ever. it's rich cake fried in oil and slathered in sugar syrup and butter.

Do not eat pancakes. I eat a home made 'bread wedge' that I brush with peanut oil, and dust with salt, sugar and cinnamon. It's much better for you, and tastes fantastic.

Golden syrup/butter
sugar and lemon


I put grape jam on waffles, it might be okay on pancakes.

Lemon and honey.

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Nothing because I don't eat pancakes because I am an adult.

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I like Grade C pure maple syrup.

Its richness and intense maple flavor is exactly what I want with pancakes.

Unfortunately most people don't know how maple syrup grading works, so it's hard to find because most stores will only carry Grade A.

Peanut butter between the layers and some syrup on top. It's good shit f*m

Peanut butter and honey
Sometimes strawberry marmalade

banana and walnuts... sounds so good right bout meow

Excuse me, Flo? I'll take a short stack of flapjacks, extra butter on the side and the gentleman over here will have the funny face chocolate chip pancake, but could you make it a frowny face? Because I'm disappointed in him.

jalapeno tangerine jam

Strawberries my dude. Strawberries.


Ha ha, no. Keep that shit far away.


Where in the hell are you? In Mid-Atlantic and PNW, all I ever see for sale is grade B

Apple Butter is God Tier

When I was in California, the only place I could get B was Trader Joe's. They used to have C, bit I think I was the only one who bought it.

I'm in WNY now, but I haven't been looking for syrup lately.

Vanilla ice cream.



Butter and Vegemite

If out of syrup i put strawberry jam on em. Whipped cream if I have chocolate chips.

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french toast is better

I always wondered, at what time do american start their work/school days because cooking that stuff would force the whole familly to be up at 5am there.


Are you Russian?


If you mean thin pancakes like crepes, and you put something else too, like syrup or something, then great taste. If not, kys

8am is when school starts. Also making pancakes ain't that hard.

Who said hard? It's time consuming.
Or do you people don't wash in the morning?

I do hope you mean maple syrup.