Can't stand onions

>can't stand onions
>every even vaguely interesting recipe I think to try making has onions as a main ingredient
what hope is there for me

None, suicide is your only option user.

Unless it's onion soup the onion is there for taste. If you don't like onions just leave them out. What recipies did you want to try where they were essential to the recipe?

Maybe stop getting your recipes from the cookbook titled "1001 Ways to Use Onions".

You can kinda emulate the taste onion gives you with a vinegar cinnamon mixture

Do you like burgers, OP?

Because I guarantee every good burger you've had had onion powder in it.

You're probably right, I don't know shit about cooking but I've always thought about learning. It just always discouraged me a bit because the onion was usually the first thing mentioned in the recipe and at that point removing it just felt a bit like cheating, because I hold myself to really dumb and autistic standards. This was usually or stuff like pasta or burgers (the kind where the recipe calls for actually working the onions into the beef before making the patties.)

Alright OP, you have two options here
1) Start enjoying onions
2) Immediately kill yourself

I know that feel op. Fortunately for me I have a fetishization for all things spicy, so I get by.

Is it anything with onion? I'm kind of weird about them and dislike raw onions thinking the flavor is so strong it overpowers everything else, but cooked onions that are soft or crispy have a more mellow, sweet flavor to them that's pleasant and adds depth to recipes.

If it calls for raw onion, I just remove it from the recipe maybe adding a bit of onion powder instead.

Swap out the onions, you dingleberry. Garlic, shallots, asafoetida, copious amounts of salt... there are always ways around foods you don't like.

cook with onions and force yourself to eat them until you stop disliking them you millennial manchild

So what do you not like about onions
The taste? The smell? The texture?

You may think you don't like onions, but unless you have the taste perception of a dog, you're full of shit. That's because everything worth eating has onions in it. Don't believe me? Here's a list of foods that onion-haters like, despite the fact that they contain onions:

Pizza. Think your rancorous hatred of onions is sated by not ordering them on your pizza? What do you think gives the sauce its flavor, dipshit?

Burgers. Patties are seasoned with onion powder. Pull your head out of your ass.

Stuffing. Onions make those giant clots of bread worth shoving into your ugly, hateful mouth.

Onion rings. Inexplicably, some onion haters will order onion rings, despite the fact that onion rings are made with onions. "Well I don't mind onion rings." So fried onions get to keep their seat in the front of the bus in your world? You know what, don't eat onions; we don't need your charity.

Ramen. Wow, more onions. It's almost like onions are in everything. Hmm, where have I heard that? Oh yeah, right at the start of this fucking list.

Fried chicken. Keep shoving that breading into your tooth-hole, lardass! The onion-powder in the batter gives your taste buds purpose.

Gravy, BBQ, coleslaw, ranch dressing, etc, etc. Onions, onions, onions. Onions make you feel unstoppable.

Just develop a taste for onions. I don't understand you people sometimes

>can't stand onions

Not OP but for me personally it's the texture.

Yeah, I agree. Anyone that says they don't like onions is a retard. The only conceivable way they could have concluded that is if they have some irrational hatred for the texture or consistency - but someone that suffers from this just brings us back to step 1 - them being retards

onions are fine. you're a pussy

I can see people hating raw onions, as they are very strong, but how do you people hate delicious browned pan sauteed onions? Or Carmelized onions? Or onions in a chili cooked down? Or hell, even onion rings.

It's fine as an ingredient, you influence flavor that way.

Not so much as a topping, although that's strictly a matter of opinion.

Sup Maddox

>Pizza. Think your rancorous hatred of onions is sated by not ordering them on your pizza? What do you think gives the sauce its flavor, dipshit?

Some pizza sauces are barely more than paste, water and maybe salt. Even if a pizza sauce does have onion in it, it's either onion powder or shit's been blended or strained.

>browned pan sauteed onions? Or Carmelized onions? Or onions in a chili cooked down? Or hell, even onion rings.

You ain't kidding.

>onion powder
>blended onion
>strained onion

look at that ingredient that's still there! do you see it? it's fucking onion!

Yeah but your pizza sauce flavor wouldn't be good or the same without the onion.

My parents are these retards. Long story short, "we hate onion texture, we like onion flavor", "minced onion rings aren't bad, real onion rings are", "that's too 'earthy'", "well when they're this small they're not noticeable".

They like onions but some kind of stupid asshole pride is preventing them from admitting they were wrong all this time. who the fuck wouldn't like them unless they have some actual allergy to them?

Don't like black coffee? Fine, not everyone does.

Don't like bitter IPAs? Totally ok, the taste doesn't appeal to lots of people

Don't like onions, one of he sweetest and most flavorful staple vegetables that makes a shit ton of foods delicious and can be sauteed into no texture at all?

Time to grow up and eat a fucking vegetable once in a while

lmao what kind of white trash shithole do you live in that onion powder is a common burger seasoning? all you need is salt and pepper if the meat is good.

If you hate onions but you're okay with shallots, you're a fucking moron

learn yourself to like onions ya fig

This, take a stand OP