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Previous:>Valentine 2017 re-run gacha
MHXA on rate-up.

>Valentines 2018

Semiramis is always in the rate-up
Pick up gacha 1
8 Orion
9 Artoria Lancer
10 Nightingale
11 Jeanne Ruler
12-15 Semiramis

Pick up gacha 2
8 Jack
9 Osakabehime
10 Sanzo
11 Schez
12 Tamamo

>Fate/Extra: Last Encore
28/1 to 11/2
Drake is always on rateup
Nero: 11
Gawain: 11
Rhyme: 8, 11
Shuwen: 9, 10, 11

February 2018 Monthly Mats
>Eternal Gear
>Magic Cerebrospinal Fluid
>Chain of Fools

>Part 2 prologue


>Farming Guide


>Mega Pastebin

>TLs Pastebin

>Friendlist Spreadsheet (last reset: November 29)
View list docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FSN1kmzso2itgjWzaGfysZ5WhEjiL5EcyjGr4k6DffA

>Materials, experience and event AP simulators

>NP Comparison

>Servant/CE list and datamine

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wtf bros you told me reddit loved loli???


d-don't let lolichads see this

>be CHAD on high school
>on my way to the classroom
>I see a bunch of Stacys laughing their asses off
>I go take a look to see what's so funny
>see the emo bitch of the class about to take advantage of the ugly blind cunt of the class
>of course only an ugly disabled cunt would ever want to be with him, but even he should have standards
>I think to myself "there's no way even he would fall that low"
>tell Stacy to lay off him, because not even he could be that desperate
>emo bitch proceeds to agree, saying he would never like an ugly blind cunt like her
>blind cunt runs crying, forgetting her backpack
>also forgetting that she is fucking blind so she shouldn't be running like that
>she crashes against a desk on her way out
>I can't contain my laughter anymore after such a scene, laugh for about five minutes with Stacy and then we all forget about it an hour later

>only have 2 quartz now

5 quartz here

You better farm the hell of today node because i feel we're gonna have a Rider one tomorrow

The strongest Savanto. Probably tops over Zombees and Ghostos too.

>tfw 1 quartz

That's one way to force people to use Semi I guess.

>you're gonna use seminaris and you're gonna love it
Fuck I can already see it.

>tfw 873 quartz

Thread theme

Who are you saving for?

>can just use a support Semiramis and Berserkers to clear it
Yes please

Happy Valentine's Day ~!

Bros should I post the blind pasta on other boards to see what they think?


Why use Semi when I have Shuten and Jack?

Kiara she's my favorite


Rasputin mostly.

0 quartz here.

Holy fuck semiramis is actually irredeemable trash

>have all the ST assassins minus Chiyo
>my only AoE is Kotaro
I mean he's cute and a good kid but he hits like a noodle

>>my only AoE is Kotaro


>anti-loli shitters are literally r*ddit
Who could've guessed.

delet that

>kiarafags still exist after their complete annihilation
Looks like someone doesn't know what we do to Kiarafags around here. I suggest you save for someone else.

I usually forget about her but she's not any better.

Is Nobu standing on a chair?

>lolifags now unironically going on reddit to post "proof" that lolis aren't reddit
>any look at any Abby thread on reddit gives dozens of replies proving this wrong
Two can play this game.

But I've been doing that since day 1 to farm faster.

How many chocos are you at now?

>user bitches about AoE not making damage
>what about CHRISTINE?

I'm already using Shuten and Ibaraki to clear the Berserker node.

80k, can this event just fucking end. Please?

More copies of Lostman.
If we're talking about new servants then Anastasia and Muramasa for now. the Lostbelt servants looks interesting.

She still hit harder because of better stats and Quick up. Better than nothing.

He also bitched about not having AoE Assassin.
Maybe at NP5 Christine can do some decent damage.

>antiloli fag using flavor of the month character to justify he's not reddit
I've seen tryhards fail but this is too much.

Guys the 2nd half on the last thread was nice so let's not.

More guro please

>complains about him going to reddit
>goes to reddit

>only 16.500k Choco
This is going to take a while.

Why is Phantom's NP Arts again?

That's not even close to guro fucking retard.

I'm starting to feel the % increase but no way i'm gonna make it.

And people think fujoshits aren't clinical insane

I finally got my last choco grail so I'm just doing triple Kaleido runs.

Amputee fetish is not exclusive to fujos though, hell you don't even see that much amputee gay shit compared to the usual stuff.

This event is fucking boring. Even Setsubun was better.


>every Archer run drops at least one Gear for me
Time to ascend all those Casters (and evil jet saber) I guess

More tin cans when?

Avenger Sarah the Blind when?

I didn't say he would do higher damage than kotaro.
Well at least he can clear Rider hands.

>evil jet saber
Pic related.

"Artoria is already famous since she's our mascot, so we'll focus on improving lesser servants, she doesn't need it to bring us money"
That's fucking DelightWorks for you, everyone


What do you all think Zelot's moveset is going to look like? Will she be a composite characters of the Hassans like Jannu Lily is of Jeanne, Amastuka, and Bryn or will each of her moves just be another Hassans signature attack.

Wtf bros they didn't like the story there should I try on Veeky Forums to see what the Chads think?

Setsubun was just as tedious. It's just that this event is lasting a week longer than it should.

>F/SF servants getting it
I'm more interested in her NP gameplaywise

I think you should just kill yourself

Jeanne Alter: ......

Jeanne Alter: ......

Guda: It's been for a while now... / You've been silent for almost an hour...

Jeanne Alter: Okay, I've decided. I've finally decided. It's not a big deal, it's just sweets after all.

Jeanne Alter: Yeah, once you've decided it's really not a big deal.

Jeanne Alter: With that said, here.

[choco get]

Guda: Alright! / It's chocolate!

Jeanne Alter: Heh. It's just chocolate so why are you jumping for joy, so stupid.

Jeanne Alter: Go ahead, open it and see! And then tremble at this harassment!

[Jeanne Alter face choco]

Guda: Uhm... / A cute choco?

Jeanne Alter: Wait. I told you to tremble from this harassment.

Jeanne Alter: Look, look at this. This is my face. My face.

Jeanne Alter: It's somewhat simplified, but it looks splendid doesn't it?

Jeanne Alter: Yes. And then.

Jeanne Alter: It's natural that you don't want to eat a choco shaped like me right?

Jeanne Alter: Chocolate is delicious, but now it's ruined because of my face!

Jeanne Alter: Isn't that so?

Guda: Itadakimasu

Jeanne Alter: GYAA!!

Jeanne Alter: You, you're, you're eating it? You're really eating it?

Jeanne Alter: No way, I can't believe it. You, are you really human!?

Jeanne Alter: Delicious? You say that I'm delicious?

Jeanne Alter: Kh, I'll make you pay for this later!

Jeanne Alter: Also, don't blame me if you get cursed from eating the choco of a dragon witch.

Jeanne Alter: Hmmph!
Self-Destruct Big Bang Choco

Jeanne D'Arc Alter's chocolate.

Her luck ran out the moment she was tempted with “Wouldn't it be the worst harassment to make a chocolate with your face in it!”

Even more when she was told “It will be more frustrating for Master the more delicious it is!” so she gave it her all and made it into a very delicious chocolate.

By the way, the one who instigated it, Shakespeare, is now on the run. Time before he is captured and burned at the stakes: 5 minutes.

It should end this friday another week is too much and we'll probably have a 2 weeks rerun of Saber wars

I never thought I'd need to go find a mobage to kill time until I could play another mobage. This games pacing is a wreck.

This is the ideal make servant. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Oh no that stone man is trying to kill a cripple someone stop him

>emocuck SEETHING
This is the least you deserve faggot. Everyone should fucking know your story you piece of shit.

>Even more when she was told “It will be more frustrating for Master the more delicious it is!” so she gave it her all and made it into a very delicious chocolate.
Is this slut dumb? Cute anyway.

Fuck off shitposter.

More ROMA when?

I actually post it because of how cringeworthy it is. Everyone acts like a retard, and it looks like something out of a lame western fanfic.

Yeah I'm sure the losers at /r9k/ will get him real good.

the cutest

Are you implying there is something wrong about this statement?

Stop deluding yourselves, Paedofags

>even replying to him
This is why we have so much shitposting

She's a 19 year old village girl from the countryside. She's too naive not trust Shake's bad advice.

It's just your usual dumb tsunere acting, it's cliche and common as hell.

>Is this slut dumb
She's Jeanne. Just instead of having only low int she has low int and wisdom.

>Who has the worst St. Valentine's scene ever? Not necessarily short, rather badly written.

>he thinks I'll stop at /r9k/
That was just a test. Nobody will get him real good anyways since he is anonymous, but he will feel even worse knowing a bunch of people know his story and wishes him death.

Now go find a reddit post that says "I wanna fuck abby" or some shit about wanting to sexualize her.

If you don't give one until the next hour then you're full of shit.

>is this slut dumb?
She doesn't even know basic math.

Mata Hari. It’s literally 2 sentences. That’s it.

Put yourselves on her shows for a moment people back then were too busy not dying to the weekly disease


Didn't Alter get really good at calligraphy or something. She's not dumb just too busy saving the earth/shitting around with us to learn other shit.

I love Schez so much

They should redo all the year one valentines for next year.

Convince me to not fall for the bait.

Nips woke up

d'Eon panties

I definitely am. I just have to wait till the funds clear from selling something on eBay. I'll be using that money on her.

Nips really love MXHA don't they?


>Semi gacha was doing so bad DW had to release a Misora gacha
Can't make this up.

tfw too intelligent to roll for Reddit Alter (Glasses)

Remus fucking when?

Romulus can't exist without her broter Remus like Karna with Arjuna