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Duel Links General #266

The long wait is over edition


Latest News
>'Serious Chazz' is now roaming Duel World (GX)
>The 1st stage of the KC cup has begun
>Espa Roba and Dr.Crowler are coming back mid February and Bonz and Mokuba are being added to the gate
>A new event - 'Duel Island' - is planned for late February
>A new Legendary Duelist will appear early March (likely Syrus)

Useful (Duel) Links
>Sites with good info on LDs, skills, deck lists, beginner guides, etc. (Partially outdated but it's the best we've got.)

Future content (No release date but it's in the files)
youtube.com/watch?v=eMctSaKkS7E [Open]

Android emulators (or just use the Steam version)

A few tips for new players
>You can change the resolution of the Steam version with DuelLinksConfiguration.exe in the game folder
>Create and link a Konami ID to play on multiple devices and save your progress in case of a crash
>Turn your battery/power usage bar up to max in the settings menu for a smoother experience
>When sending Vagabonds, always choose the 1 card challenge because it gives the most XP.
>Decide on what deck you want to build before spending gems.
>Level up Mai, Keith, Alexis and Odion first to unlock Windstorm of Etaqua, Metalmorph, Spell Shield Type 8 and Curse of Anubis respectively

rebecca when?

Respect and appreciate your NPCs.

I just caught this thread being made, what were those meta ritual monsters that came out around the start of Zexal? I legit can't remember.

Arc-V, and they are named Nekroz, forget about getting them

Thank you, and I was having a discussion with some friends, that's all.

Not our Kaibas.

I was about to ask why Mokuba looked like a girl, then I saw those tits pasted on Kaiba.

learn how to download from Pixiv

This is my first KC cup. What do anons?

Mokuba always looks like a girl in all fairness, as does Rally. I didn't know Rally was a boy for most the series.

So what KC cup ticket cards are the rarest? I'm leaning towards this.

What are you playing at the stage 1, guys?

I'm using a 30 cards GB deck full of random shit just for shits and giggles until shit start to get serious (around DL 15 i guess)

Resolution issue?

play the hottest meme deck until you qualify for stage 2

t-then what?

>literally just kaiba with tits
Not as sexy as the other Setokos posted here.


> Not being KOG and already being in stage 2

Post your Plat deck

post some zombie decks, I only have a single gozuki and two rezd's

Even if you're in Stage 2, there's still 1450 gems up for grabs for ranking up 1-20, plus 50 gems/day for playing 3 matches

I want more Joey

Not fuckable.

what do i spend all my gems on, bros?

There is literally nothing wrong with being gay, but please do not talk about my wife that way.

Dudes get in here, all the people here are playing bronze-tier shit rn, come in so you can duel all the shit people and secure a place in KC Cup stage 2 before the good people wake up. My elemental hero meme deck has been stomping these dudes left and right

you can tuner monster but you cant tuna fish

It's gay.

land of the titans

>female kaiba

I got to Legend 2 on the last season and gave up the hassle of getting KoG.

I have most of the meta built, but none of them is actually complete except for Temple Burn i guess.

whats the name of the wolf trap anyway? I've seen and heard about the dude for a while but I've never learned his name or what anime he's from

Felix from Re:Zero, it's shit

Felix Argyle



Got a bye with pic related. Hoping to make top 600, but will probably not get very far at all in Stage 2.

Whatcha on about user

>Kaiba Cup duels also increase ranked duels wins

>My E-Hero deck cucks a Phoenix crowler

Jesus you're right it's basically free wins right now, I only lost once in 10 so far due to a hard brick.

C'mon Chadzz gimme one Lvl 7 and 1 ligthwum

Felix the cat.
He's shit since he's straight.

I was told its only shitters on KC cup right now
turns out I'm the shitter
I just wanted to play unga bunga samurais and I get phoenix game 1

>Lose signal as I'm about to win 2 games in a row.
This shit is gay as fuck.

get better internet


>keep winning on my "for fun" deck than my try hard deck
is the game trying to tell me something?
>win vs birb
which one of you faggots is this

>first loss in KC cup is fucking Ojamas
thanks, ojamas

>tfw giving people free wins while collecting my free gemmies just for participating
have fun anons :3

you're doing the egyptian god's work

oh god yes xing zhen hu cucking glad beasts feels AMAZING

>1st duel
>some jap using beatdown hazy who gets every card choice "correct"


>Vs Alexis gladfag player
>Summons andal and colosseum field spell
>Topdecks Skyscraper
>Summon Heat
>cuck her
>summons murmillo
>super rushes it
>get another heat
There is no greater feeling

>beating SaffiraCA players with Dark Magician FUN
This is better than regular ranked.

me on the left

>tfw fucking around with Buster Blader RESD deck

>Using AG Crowler
>2 turn a fusion glad beast
>E-con it
>Attack it with AGKnight

>KC brand milk
Does Kaiba own his own dairy farm as well?

I hate glad beasts with a molten fury unlike anything I've ever experienced. Ten years from now I will still be mad. When the next century comes, I will still be mad. When the Earth is fucking obliterated by a meteor crashing head-on into us and we're all sent into the dark cold void of space I will STILL BE MAD.

Holy shit, I think this is the most lifepoints anyone has ever had in a single online match. Poor guy bricked hard with Kaibamans and kidmodos until he drew Blue eyes and Red Eyes.

Feels so good putting a Blue Eyes shitter in his place.

>he feels good winning against shit tier decks

>blue eyes
>shit tier

>get a load of this bronzefag

Yes, not even him but Blue Eyes is inherently shit tier.

>those prismatic gifts from before included every ace card except arkana's dm
>prismatic kc cup pool has him now but only at high placements
fuck you konami

>when an opponent sets 3 and doesnt realize i using phoenix

tell me how pls sir

blue eyes hasn't been good since like almost a year ago

Good bait.

>I'm getting stalled
I ain't budging Yugi

>My deck usually only does well in plat and above
Time to start burning people in lower KC cup

>two temple decks in a row

eyyy what rank you at Jaden bro, just go to rank 10 and it's open season I swear

Run Storm Neos, it hardcounters Temple Burn. Literally just beat them up with your Neo Spacians then drop Storm on them once they've got a boardstate up.

When one card in your deck immediately wins you the duel.

Yeah storm neos counters burn but the other meta decks would just beat it or at least majority of the time. Unless he knows ahead of time he's facing burn, I wouldn't recommend desu.

>Endless Trap Hell stall vs. noobs in Lv. 1
>On the turn before they deck out, just timer stall until they close the app

So I'm new here, which pack should I buy with all these fucking gems they gave me, and can I beat Strings with the default deck? I imagine not.

land of the titans

Won my last to games (both against GBs) thanks to econ

>Just reached the point where Glad decks with 3 Floodgates are appearing in KC Cup

>play six sam
>simply outgrind them
>proceed to lose to every other top tier deck

Should I buy a structure deck?

Servants of Kings, Galactic Origins, Blade of Spirits or Generation Next. Look up the best spell/traps and general monster archetypes and judge what you want based off that. Ignore Only one of real worth is the Joey one for beginners and it having Jar of Avarice and D.D. Warrior. Others have select good cards but are otherwise shit.

last two*

>Phoenix player can't even beat my V-Z meme deck

I haven't even opened that box yet.

>9992 gems

>game bugs as i attempt to draw a card

This Fire Fist/Hazy deck is such horseshit.

It's 4pm in japan right now. I'm waiting a few hours until they're all asleep, I'm not fucking dealing with their 30 card burn bullshit

So guys, i was playing slow burn against some faggot over PVP and the moment massivemorph activated it won't letme choose the card i want to apply it to.

Did the other guy d/c or is it a glitch? Do i wait it out?


Wait it out. Either some sort of connection error (or they're cheating), or they can activate something during that and are stalling.

Nice floodgate dweeb

When are they just going to neuter the dumb burn decks?
They're the most annoying and boring decks to play against. It's not fun winning against them either

When will they ever learn? Good job neosbro

Post deck pls.

thanks, just now won by surrender
Hope whatever is after legend isn't like this


>tfw no third miracle contact