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Why are they drooling like retards?

They got fucked silly

i'm just thinking here, never actually played one, but if the protagonist of an otome game is a chick you consider super hot, wouldn't that be the gold mine? or does it just do the reverse of usual eroge and only show the dudes in h-scenes

I love used goods
especially Zakuro!

Will Ti9 ever return?

For some reason I always find the love interests in otome games to be super irritating and can never stand the thought of giving my cute protag waifu to any of them after a while.

Is there any translated interviews with VN writers out there? Particularly plotges.
I've been reading these interviews with Nasu which made me really interested in seeing what made them write such a story.

What the fuck am i looking at

Are there any VNs with squatter protagonist?

They usually show both the protagonist and the hero's body in H-scenes. Even women like to look at the beauty of the female form.

There's some. Didn't the SubaHibi and Dies guys do short interviews around when their localizations were coming out. Sca-di did a AMA on reddit too I think? (Or maybe was just the translators forwarding sometimes questions to him not sure)

Family Project.

Wait, you can actually do a twosome with them? Holy shit, that's hot for a moege.


>anal grapeshot

Excuse me?

Pretty sure it isn't even optional, it's built into one of the twin's routes.

Also I'm not sure Konosora would be classified as a moege, that's not really the atmosphere its aiming for.


gonna go look some up now

Just going from the tag menu is a bit limiting.
Here is a list of VNs that has both male and female love interests (spoilers enabled) without female protag and originating from Japan.

I found the SubaHibi one, but the only thing I found for Dies is an interview with the producer, which wasn't what I was hoping for. Both of them are so short and not really informative too. It makes me sad that we'll probably never get anything more than this.

But thanks anyway.

>Toki o Kakeru Shojo
>The Virgin Who Leapt Through Time
This is the best eroge title I've seen since Violent Semen Inferno.


Wasn't this like 30 seconds before she got gangbanged by homeless?

The menstruation scene was disgusting, though not at the level of the one in Euphoria.

Translate this next: vndb.org/v2833

Did you mistake my post for a picture of your mother 9 months before your birth?

Is Euphoria a good game? Or do people just play it for shock value?

She deserved better

people play it for shock value, then find themselves more and more drawn in until they come one step closer to becoming a true degenerate


I thought Euphoria's story was genuinely great even leaving aside the porn

You play for the shock value, you stay for the most heartwarming true route in nukige history.

>no option for "no, but I respect pedophiles"
Neck yourself

euphoria unironically has a pretty interesting plot for a nukige


Does it ever upset you when you look up who voiced a character you like and it's some old hag in her 50s? Do you like the character less when you discover that?

Why, are you a girl? Or bisexual?

I love pure maidens especially Zakuro!

I'm not interested in 3D at all so no, I don't care.

Yeah but doesn't it influence your opinion of the character when you can't help but imagine some old lady speaking her lines?

I turn off voices, so no, I don't care.

Why would I? Voices rarely match the person making them. If you're tempted to fuck someone just because of their voice then you have issues.


all I need to do is find one game where the girl is waifu tier and I can get a couple dozen scenes where she gets dicked in many different situations, without it being a straight up nukige. that's a value you just can't find normally, and i'm willing to be a little gay if that's the price I need to pay

Hmm, I can see the appeal. Let us know if you find one.

If you wouldn't fuck Satomi Arai just because of her voice then I don't think I can trust you.



>only past six
Weak. It's 10 am in europe and I'm still up.

>doesn't sleep naked or mostly naked

Shit girl

Being naked basically ever is disgusting

>she sleeps
Shit girl desu


Was anyone else disappointed that Hana didn't wind up being actually a telepath like that girl from Chaos;Head? I was sure she would turn out to be one.

Is that meant to represent how everyone took her for a ride?

Lucia is a miracle of the universe.

Did you play Lucia Script? I thought it was pretty good

They give me the stiffest boners no matter the time and place, which sometimes makes browsing these threads at work quite uncomfortable.

Gas this terrorist

What do you think about Sekai Project?

Stop posting this image, it's too lewd

First time I heard of it, but I'm naturally curious now. What's this and where do I get it?

Do you think that I'm expecting children and midteens to moan like that?

Worst girl worst route.

Any VNs like this?

School Days.

second one looked for a moment like the water hit her so hard it pierced straight through her body and went out the other side

Monobeno is the best Age Progression VN out there


I dunno about this VN anymore lads

Also is this guys name actually fucking You?

>playing the meme version

You is actually a nip name, it's not a self insert name.

Are there any VNs that don't suck total fucking donkey cock?

This girl singlehandedly made me drop Hoshi-meme before making it to any route.

Well, the other version is apparently worse

>You is actually a nip name
I figured, but it's still weird. Couldn't they have just translated it as Yu or something?

What is this and is it translated

>the other version is apparently worse
That's a SP meme
actually the old version is full of chavspeak

The Romanji are "You", Yu is a different name. It's pronounced Yo so just get used to it and stop associating in with English names.

nah the fantl is way worse

Used goods

Straight shota is fucking disgusting, kys.

>riding around nip land in the faglordiest scooter imaginable, complete with a fucking windshield and a graphics job of used goods form nearly a decade ago.

I bet the manhole cover leads to a secret base as well.

What is it with Nips and some variation of Yuu/You being used as the protagonists name. Are they really that fucking easy to influence? If Hitler was named Yuu-kun would all Nips be Jew-slayers?



Generic, forgetable, easily self insertable names. Would your average nip self inserter enjoy playing a VN with ChuuniChad McThundercockenberg as the MC?

What a lewd imouto.



I definitely would.


Name a more relatable vn protagonist


Literally me.

Why is Takumi licking mute loli? She is not for licking.

Yumiko has the lewdest body in Grisaia.

Literally me.

I like lolis

I like milfs