Well shit, it's good enough for me then.

Injectable estro, its better than oestro pills
An anti androgen like spiractolone, not to be confused with stanozolol
Then prolactin for nice titties

Then grow out your hair with emu oil
And get hip widening and breast implants
Viola! Youre cute!
Just like our fox friend!

how much tren do i need to get a gf????? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Beautiful, I've been cutting down to the lowest body fat I can so I can control every aspect, my doc is on the level too.

I had no idea about the emu oil, fuck I hate this pixie cut bullshit. Pretty white princess hair fucking when.

Working on new OC, I hope you all like it.

Just buy a daki
Superior lifestyle
Like the roid upgrade

>Mate bought creatine
>Thinks it's fine because it's not steroids
It's still cheating, right Veeky Forums?

>it's a waste of money

Armodafinil is an anti-narcoleptic, if you use it for it's intended purpose, it's a fucking brilliant drug. Need to stay awake and focused for a couple of days working at the maximum capacity you can? No problem, munch 150mgs. Once you reach three days and you've gone through a sheet the hallucinations get pretty wild, the feeling of being unable to sleep despite being so physically and mentally drained is also very unpleasant.

To say it's a waste of money means you are definitely using it for the wrong reason. We did a four day stint to get a massive job done, it's entirely thanks to that fucking drug that we made it.

Honestly ts with low bf look gross cause you can see the man bf%

So id stay like 15% plus
I believe on you user
Become the pretty girl I could never be

Over 250 will probably do that
See if the wu employee is a bro and will split an order, say your friend you are srnding to doesnt have an id
If that fails split your order across multiple stores

Its cheating
Your body produces it like test


So I don't have to show ID for both WU and Moneygram if it's below 250? I don't mind splitting at a physical it's just this bullshit about asking for ID.

Its around 250
Some stores change it abit

Send me pics of that cute femine pemis thiugh

I thought you were done with trannies?

Fucking hell you think 150 would be safe ? I've been able to send up to like 300$ before without ID it's just lately my usual spot started asking

Why is this thread so dead? Reddit's steroid board is far superior.

I wish i was
I have so much trouble not googling tranny hookers
But I am over it

250 has always been fine for me splitting
But if you go too higj expect the manager to chew you out for being illegal

I ain't fucking illegal my name was just blacklisted through wu so I just use fake info now . To get off being blacklisted they want name,address,phone, sender name, reason you sent money, why you sent money, how much you sent it's just bullshti

Oh, ive never dealt with that bs, but the my friend doesnt have id line is gold
The source take greendot?