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first for anime makes you objective worse at dota

>Russians at tournament
>act like niggers instead of taking it seriously
is this why they lose so much?

Which heroes are unplayable garbage right now?

75% of them

Our boy just started streaming, get in here lads.

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based mr. Cat

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i play techies

is singsing dare i say it... /ourguy/?

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Post heroes that require high IQ to play.

outworld devourer


Techies but unironically
Nature's prophet
Most offlaners in fact

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the absolute state of the dota 2 community




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when do the GOOD russians play?

>pick all the meme patch heroes
>still lose

Gotta love a seeded double elim tourny with no group stage, only takes 4 games for the shit teams to get punted to the losers bracket so the real tournament can begin

What's the UI function to suggest specific items for my teammates to build?

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Based Owen on his alternate twitch account venting his frustrations at how his GF now looks like more of a man than he does

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but 3 major winner OG...

answer honestly do you like her because of the dyke hair or because of the flat chest? maybe its the large hands and deep voice that do it for you?

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Damn, these "talks" are some cringy shit lemme tell ya. At least the bass player owns.

Is sheever cured or is she still sick?


she stopped chemo and her hair is growing back so shes healthy now

>18min games
>20minute pauses

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so the facebook shellout for ESL is just a desperate attention at changing the subject with an old demographic?
makes sense I guess to bad they cant fucking fix their own platform and videoplayer lmao

good 2 hear


top kek

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>mid phoenix

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Thanks, I didn't expect it to be something so convoluted.

anybody got the pepe-dusa REEEEEEEEEE ??

well, you're not officially "cured" until you are 3(?) years cancer-free. But it should mean the tumor is gone and now she is just checked every few months

her tumor was so small and she is young enough that she will be declared in remission soon enough

I love you sheever

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I thought it was 7 years.

I like that twirl WK does whenever he crits

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there is no universal length of time


just walk away


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dont bully Sheever's hair, she literally had to shave herself and its still growing back

Why didn't they invite you to cast Maut?

Sheever can dress any damn way she wants

also if you notice one of her boobs are smaller now after the surgery

im joining a team

They listened to Reddit.

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I want to pull her long socks off

it's what they said to my mom, but you're probably right.

>not even OTK

you're welcome here Maut, we like you here.
right guys?

That's a good gif, dotard

I want to make love to kumiko while she is face down

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Invoker script-free

How do you lose to a mid Phoenix?

-Base damage increased by 4
-Waveform damage from 75/150/225/300 to 100/175/250/325
-Replicate reverted back to normal with some changes.

New replicate :

Morphling creates illusion of an ally that he can teleport on.
The illusion turns into "water-illusion" state after taking certain number of attacks.
This water illusion is slower and delays morph's teleport time.
Hex or any illusion 1-shotting abilities is only counted as 1 instance of damage.

Water illusion teleport delay : 3
Damage stances needed to trigger water illusion : 3/5/7
Water illusion slow rate : 40%
Replicate damage taken : 80%/75%/70%
Replicate damage dealt : 50%
Duration : 25

Cooldown : 50

New Replicate is saved for another hero named Ariasse, The Feignmakerâ„¢

me poo

>all these dogshit tier teams finally getting a wake up call after 3 years of being carried by a broken patch

Based Icefrog

any solo sofflane in a unfavourable 1on2/1on3

I caught my son masturbating to crystal maiden
What do

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Sunday 1pm pacific scheduling a DotA 2 in-house and need more fleshbags to participate, mmr varies, will be captain draft and best of 3.

Join discord:


And look at eventbook

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you can't play the new morphling, doesn't mean the patch will adapt to you lol

pull his pants down and spank him while he looks at CM porn. This way he'll learn to associate it with pain so he won't do it again.

>actually losing to a meme draft
oh dear russia
oh dear

explain to him the dangers of 2D

Why is Phoenix so adorable?

>tfw getting carried by s4


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Is phoenix a boy or a girl?

oh I get it, it's like a late night show

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>lost another 25 mmr to another smurf

when is this going to be reportable shit

lesh in this patch wtf?

almost as if the meta is more fluid than memers pedal


you think I give a fuck about that shit nigga?

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sorry carl

maybe all blitz needs is a gf to groom him properly

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Sure if you outclass the other team, but if the other guys are just as good or better than you you have to win on razor thin margins, and suboptimal hero picks will get you dumpstered

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s4 acutally spamming lesh and going beyond godlike almost every game

s4 isnt even the highest ranked player in that game

I played with you yesterday night, so I had indirect match making with s4

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saksa back in eu eh? what happened to echo int

Fnatic raped his Lesh


what heroes should I try to git gud at as a beginner?
I played like 3 games with shadow shaman, and about 20 in turbo where I just randomed and fucked around

How to achieve high mmr
pls no meme

arc warden

Maybe our boy Matu will get some farm today

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It's a lan apparently

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spam gyro sf tb

also, rank 500 is not considered "high"

where is artifact open beta




How many Pro Circuit Points is TI worth?

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