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2 days
Dark vs Maru

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Havent played in a couple years, I came back a couple days ago and I'm at abour 148apm. Thing is how the fuck do I into TvT? When I win it's just Marine/Marauder/Tank/Medi.

shouldn't play terran if you're mentally and/or physically challenged

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>When I win it's just Marine/Marauder/Tank/Medi.
what's wrong with that?

I'm neither.
I got steamrolled by this weird Marine/Medivac/Cyclone attack and it mase me question everything I was doing. Lol. But I've been ironing out my play a lot. I'm seriously playing better than I EVER have

you're a phoneshit, my b

you guys were talking about starshit and the janny still del'd the thread lol

How's SC2 nowadays my dudes?

better than ever

nah i cluster-randalled literally everything including my posts after d*****y kids came to ruin the thread. same happens with 162 pajeets.
thread bombing is alive it's just needs to be called-in

if i say his name, will the thread die?

nearly had a heart attack...smelled smoke and it was coming from the dryer. im so scared that i almost burned the house down. im too scared to start it back up

based retard. check socket, then wires and obvious stuff like that.

gyuri was looking stellar last night during the intro phase

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she lost some weight :\

imagine licking her legs and getting away with it

nightly afair

me too :3

good unless you're kgf
#metoo btw

Yeah? I quit around HotS release. Good to see the general's going strong.

yeah been through some cycles but good games in bound

dragon not gay

hmm do i click or not

do you like hydralisks

no i like mutas

do you want ladder jams or no

i was having i dream that i was having a dream where i was tossing and turning in my sleep
guess what this resulted in irl...



i dont get it
never saw the movie

we saw that movie in the theater here

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saw it in my bedroom
it was shit

ahh pizza time

havent watched a movie in a few years

nice burka, toon

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im about to blast off

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don't cum
don't jack
don't ask just don't

stop me faggot


just get a gf

gfs ruin people. they're for people who hate themselves and can't imagine being alone

t. loser

fine. get a fwb

t. person that hates himself
if you spend time with others you do NOT love yourself enough
you consider yourself human garbage

go fuck your mother because some dead guy thought it was a root of all problems you fucking brainlet

i don't live with my parents like your self-hating ass
you hate yourself so fucking much it hurts

stay in his chat

>one imbecile pseudo-intellectual runs another thread
commencing carpet randalling

greener gets owned and demands the thread get deleted HAW HAW
this is staying in the archives forever, there's no escape

frigging randall why can't he just enjoy recess