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Thats what you get for bringing 4 armies you cunt!

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try this mod

and this goes with it if you want to be a fun haver with shit units

achievements are bugged
it's probably an ME thing


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Did they ever make fanatics more powerful/fun? I always felt as thought they were really underwhelming compared to their tabletop version.

I guess you could probably say that about most greenskin things, though.

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this is the superior Empire Roll Chart

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A patch or two ago. But no one wants to use them still. They are super fucking strong.

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skarsnik gobbo armies are OP
never bothered with goblins on other leaders

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>Destroy 3 doomstacks
>2 more coming from edge of map


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Just keep KILLING friend. Problem solved.

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They're feel better but not as bonkers as the tabletop still. They're worth the buy now though, never bothered with them originally.

>delayed to May

Do I win this?
If I lose I think I'm bredy fucked
I think these excessive archers gives me a chance

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You see this, boys? This is real power

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This is what we need now in Trump's America

I mean, you should be able too. Spear wall is really strong because the AI is dumb. If you got fire arrows too, it'll be all good friend.

>amazons still not announced

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>We already have a third game confirmed.
>You guys get Chinks and recycled Attila assests

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>her dog accurately displaying how all amazon fans feel


hmm oh shit

you ever just order your artillery pieces to shoot a tower but they roll the guns up to the its base and just stand there while your siege towers get blown apart


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>mfw watching an anime where one of the characters starts talking shit about shields and how a TRUE AND HONOBRU WARRIOR doesn’t need a shield because it just slows down your ninja skills
I think the japs might be overcompensating a little bit

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All the fucking time

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yeah fuck this, just tried it again. I'm auto-resolving every single walled siege battle from here on out in Warhammer. I'm sure other ppl have taken this redpill a long time ago; these are fucking terrible.

invisible walls that prevent line of fire on most settlements
I get them every other siege and I fucking hate it how it isn't fixed 2 years after release

i wish there was a mod to be able to at least place canons on the walls , to do like the fort in vermintide 2

I just bring enough arty to dismantle the wall entirely.

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>that one enemy agent that never fucking stops following your army
>also he seems to be invincible and never fails in assaulting your army
Jesus fuck the AI agents.

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>access to cannons
>still using lobbers

>that ui mod
what the fuck are you doing

>Bring a decent amount of arty
>Map is full of trees and hills
>Not even a good hill to deploy them correctly so I have to run them to one so they get to shoot less

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What's your excuse of not playing The Laboratory, /twg/?

like a goddamn fool i just tried to do another one and this time, the troops in siege towers just decided to stop and get out of the siege towers halfway to the walls

WHO in god's fucking name made these sieges, and how badly did they fuck them up to the point where they can't even be modded to be good.

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I don't want to melt my cpu, intel shill

about to start a new warhams campaign, what faction should I play?
I'm using the minor faction unlocker

Because fuck you thats why

warhams 2, forgot to add

new world colonies

followers & banners that says "hero's army", can they be used by, say, Karl Franz? Who is a legendary lord? Or is said follower/banner only useful for heroe's embedded into a lords army, its benefits lending itself only to that army under those conditions?

banners are for lords (generals) of an army, not embedded heroes

aren't they just reskinned empire tho?

Do you think any of the minor factions are anything other than a reskin?


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Magnus Hasselhoff sounds like a fucking stud desu

what mods would you guys recommend for wh2?

skip intro logos

how do you confederate with Boris successfully?

there's a mod for that?

You show him you are a fucking man and he gives you his respect.

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fuck me, daddy


get the southern realms that goes with it and it actually makes New World Colonies different
you keep rerolling your game until he doesnt spawn with Distrusts Empire

? I've done like 5 empire campaigns and Todbringer has behaved like a normal imperial faction in every one. Once, he was even willing to confederate before the scripted story battle with 'todbringer's forces' in the bloodpine woods. It just depends on if Middenheim rolls the right traits that make it amenable to confederation (these are randomly generated when you start a new campaign). Boris is currently my reiksmarshal.


>not making him your spymaster for the lulz
He's a punk bitch who can't defeat a filthy beastman, anyway.

>distrusts empire
i swear to christ that the removal of this stupid trait (for elector counts) would make the empire campaign way more enjoyable

I always make him my spymaster but here I needed all the great swords I can get so he went from spymaster to reiksmaeshal until I can rez Kurt. Boris is a cool dude though.


>want mod because it's main feature is X
>modder rolls it with "balance adjustments" to completely unrelated things
why do some modders just think they're a god among men and insist on pushing their personal vision

>180 degree firing arc
>custom damsels
>advanced AI
>alternate lighting
>Kral Faanz Black Armor
>Better Camera Mod
>Blue Helves recolour
>Building Porgresion Icons
>Lucrative trade
>Cultural settlement reskins
>Dryrains reskins
>Immersive Banners/Reskin
>Improved arrowtrails
>Loading screen qoutes
>Mixu's Gods/Agents/Lord
>Old world rites
>Cinematic Batle Effects
>Ui unit markers
>Varied Dinos/Hydras

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GCCM isn't even recommended, it should be mandatory

you make mods for yourself first


turn 180 and still not a sign of a single chaos wave. i'm pretty sure i've busted the scripting somehow or maybe it's sfo

thanks I'll look in to these

>He doesn't dare to play multiplayer because it's u-u-u-balanced!

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GCCM adds in custom maps for locations
because Warhammer has some of the worst maps of any Total War, being absolutely tiny and few in number most times

multiplayer is piss easy desu, dont get why people sperg out so much over it

that sounds pretty good, I do get sick of seeing the same 5 maps again and again


It's out lads

That took way longer than I anticipated, TW is a clusterfuck to mod

But now you can start as Eltharion in the badlands if you wanna

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all MP games are:
>2 WHs
>outriders and flagellants
you cant lose unless the opponent is doing the same thing but better

I still dunno if GCCM is actually worth it
>Siege Marienburg, has a fuckhuge wall, 3 control points and a maze of cities to navigate
>AI just deploys its garrison along the wall and gates
Sure the variety is good but I can't really enjoy a lot of these maps unless it's with an actual human opponent

I fucking hate DEI. Its just Rome and Carthage wank to the extreme. Carthage and Rome are fucking military allies as well in my Syracuse game.

>on the cusp of taking back my home province after many clutch victories over superior numbers
>chosokabe nigger fleet goes through open sea to slip past my cordon and land an invasion force, after I've destroyed 3 or 4 of their embarked armies on the sea, killing the entire chosokabe family
im mad

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I know better than to trust a file put together by the hacker known as Veeky Forums

i can't stand the slow combat


those unit cards hurt my eyes

Is shogun 2 fun?