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Witchwood Teasers and Schedule Edition


>Deck lists
hsreplay.net (Buy premium for us)
thelightforge.com/TierList (Arena)

>Open Tournaments


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Have you pre-ordered?


Of course

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>Gadgetzan, Karazhan, Old Gods rotating
>20 packs more than normal for same price
>already getting more free packs than any other expansion
if you have the money and think you will eventually buy packs, this is by far the best deal they've ever had.


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>seen like 10 cards

>3 wins = 50g
>6 wins = 75g
>7 wins = 180g
>11 wins = 200g

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I just started playing and am enjoying the game, but I am shit at strategies. I don't like the idea of building decks at the moment, the sheer number of cards available is overwhelming.
Is there some place that can give me cookie cutter builds that are just fun to use?

Yes, I wasn't at first but I guess It's a good bday gift for myself.

When you try to build a deck in the game it gives you deck recipes you can start with. I wouldn't necessarily craft anything for them but they could be a good jumping off point.

>tfw azari last boss of a dungeon run
>tfw by turn 10 I have more cards left in my deck than he does aswell as a permastealthed despicable dreadlord with poisonous.

what a fun brawl
>mind portals
>mind control
>mind control
>mind control

Play around it next time nerdo.

Threadly reminder that Rexxar still hasn't been fixed

he will be in the next patch

>120 dust for 3 packs
Thanks ben

> Got a good job recently
> Have WAY more disposable income
> Preorder gives 70 packs instead of 50

Having a real dilemma here. I have no problem with paying for the packs now but then they'll never change their business model because I'll be fueling the jew fires.

But its no like theres anything I can do about their bottom line anyways, is there? Blizzard is global as fuck and will make money whether I give it to them or not...

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Time Tinker Toki is my new Waifu

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sucks to suck


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th-thanks ben

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This is why we purchase with Amazon coins, user.

Should I skip this next set? The early cards have me really turned off. I can see myself opening my 40-50 free packs and getting a bunch of shit I could never hope to play.

if the paladin class card is even cost synergy, even cost paladin might end up being retarded.

Wait for more cards.

10 cards out of 135 have been released. How about you learn to have some patience

How about you stop shilling this garbo expansion

I can't bud.

Would if I could, eh.

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Holy fuck, how are there so many people getting legendaries from these free packs? I guess the probability of getting one is 14.26% but still. Maybe I'm just pissed that I got five packs in a row all being 40 dust.

If I had known how unlucky I would be in this game I would never have started.

do canadians fear the coming day of the rake?

for this guy, here's a very good malydruid decklist from one of the people that qualified for the international wild tourney- both Ixlid and Alex are unnecessary because you are never really lacking in damage except against another slow druid or control warrior, then Ixlid is good

If you can survive to drawing all of your pieces, you win the game and are heavily favored against any control deck

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I'm hoping they try to push odd cost paladin myself. Spamming the boards with silver hands and buffing them up with level up is fun.

CtA and tarim makes even paladin a no brainer and they wont go for it.

most viable strategies are forced archetypes in a set that happen to make best use of the new cards, so the majority of people "copy" or netdeck pro builds of certain archetypes, although once you get a feel for the game you can tech (play cards that counter the current meta) the deck how you like


are good places to start on information for what is currently good, the first two produce a regular explanation of what decks are good and why and the latter is pros tweeting high finishes + their deck and opinions on decks/cards

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I've actually played the combo druid vs control warrior matchup a couple times and STILL didn't need Ixlid to kill them, that's how irrelevant the card is. The warrior didn't get unlucky or anything, they had Justicar on turn 6 and drew all their armor cards, but the tempo gained from Druid's minions and UI were enough to apply constant chip damage on the warrior and keep their armour levels down. Anybody that says that Ixlid is necessary in any capacity is an extreme shieldbearer, like not rank 5 shieldbearer but the rank 20 kind.

please post this in every thread

remember when we thought KFT was going to be the weakest expansion ever because they just revealed the Princes?

it looks super cool though and can easily slot for Faceless without the utility of copying their minions, but that doesn't happen every game

I'm not sure if you are the user I replied to, but they asked if they should skip the next expansion based on less than 10% of the cards released. They mentioned getting 40-50 packs, so it would be in their best interest to get the preorder bundle for 70 packs if they intend on continuing to play Standard. 3 sets are rotating.

>it looks super cool though
Sure. If you want to look cool while playing combo druid you may as well play the Ragnaros OTK version. It's not that much worse really, a bit harder to play though.
>without the utility of copying their minions
It's not just that. Faceless is also better if they dirty ratted your Malygos (and didn't kill it obviously). Then you can go faceless+faceless for three Malygos then moonfire+moonfire to kill them.

>tfw just started Wyrm coin Wyrm --> Frostbolt ---> Kirin Tor Counterspell vs. a Murloc Pally

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the Rag and Cube Devilsaur versions are fun but my favorite will always be the C'Kun Combo

also I'm just justifying a bad card choice you're totally right

>when you opening hand double hungry crab vs a murloc paladin

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Holy fuck that's brilliant.
Sorry yeah I am a bit antsy when it comes to Ixlid. I'm not sure why, but I get really triggered when people say that it's a good card in combo druid. Maybe because I got legend with the deck, in the back of my mind I think that I'm an authority on the matter or something. I'll try to chill a bit more if it's brought up again.

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Thanks mate, seems like a good place to get started.

>implying this beats tidecaller > rockpool > tidecaller + rockpool

>play for an hour
>win 13 games
So this... is the power of Murlocs...

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it did+

>try to play a Paladin without resorting to dude/murloc by trying out a spiteful pally
>game punishes me for going off-meta

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the real nuts is Chum coin Vilefin Rockpool, the extra health is huge

How about you stop being underage? Do you even know what shilling is?

I don't know you, but I hate you and I want you to know that.

>five packs in a row all being 40 dust.
Woah you truly are the unluckiest

>cucking all of those Priests
good job user, doing god's work

Where the fuck are you playing that you managed to meet a warrior and a shaman

> Format: Standard

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Remember the fallen adventures!

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Ok /hsg/ be honest with me.
I'm getting a desire to play Hearthstone, I don't care about being #1, but realistically how long would I be playing with a subpar deck before I grind enough to make a meta one? That Jade Druid deck looks fun.

Should I go down this path?

I still occasionally see an evolve shaman. The warrior just conceded on turn 1.

I'm Rank 3 in Wild right now, I just wanted to grind some EZ fast braindead games because I'm sick.

jade cards are leaving the standard format


I'm in dumpster legend and I sometimes see token shaman, the meme build right now runs coldlights

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Jade is rotating out. Just play some warlock zoo or face hunter made from whatever garbage you have until the new expansion releases (in like a month or something) and the the older expansions rotate out of standard, then start making a better deck depending on what is good then.

>how long would I be playing with a subpar deck before I grind enough to make a meta one?
So you won't be spending any money? Well then I guess it depends on how lucky you are with packs and how good you are in arena.

What I mean with luck is that you are four times better off opening the legendaries you need rather than crafting them, so obviously it depends.

About 3 months before you get a good aggro deck, maybe less if you dust correctly and learn to arena.

Thijs is dare I say it
/our guy/

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Oh shit is Thijs becoming Dark Donald?

the last thing you see before you descend into clown hell

Just play Reno mage
bend your opponents over and fuck them in the ass


when will people understand that litterally every streamer ever bar maybe kripp just gives 15% of his youtube revenue to an indian company to make his awesome clickbait videos with an all caps title and that kind of thumbnail

Decklist? Just packed zola and would love to shove her cock up my opponent's asses

not that guy but am like 15-6 with this homebrew ranks 13-10

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dude wild lmao

I might play N'zoth instead of that, there seems to be enough deathrattles

>everybody but Kripp, the largest hearthstone streamer is a sellout shill!

I don't think that's what was being insinuated user.

In fact, I think it's so obvious that that's not what he was getting at that you might have a touch of the retard.

You mean DAILY HEARTHSTONE FUNNY MOMENTS - THE BEST OF ARFUS with somehow 2.7 million views? Who eats up that kind of shit? At least Thijs and the others like Trump have some dignity left.

I actually really like the pyroblast because it punishes rogues and warlocks so hard
they play their voidlords and you just kill them
but if you want the n'zoth then you probably want a shredder and a deathlord instead of the water elly and maybe the bloodmage
and maybe even a mistress instead of the the mana wyrm

>they play their voidlords
this literally doesnt happen

it literally does.

I'm gonna fucking do it /hsg/, I'm gonna make legend with Quest Rogue- already at rank 1 4 stars

fuck this is so painful but it's the most interesting deck by far. Kingsbane is cool but it's gameplan is relatively simple because you just prioritize Coldlight/draw memes and play your buffs when you get them, Quest Rogue has so many things to keep track of, and often has to make compromise plays you have to consider and it's so easy to throw

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whatever man, warlock players are greedy fucks and punishing them with pyroblast works out more often than you'd think
surprisingly enough it's also pretty good against aggro players since they often take a lot of face damage with weapons and you can push some minion damage as well allowing you to surprise kill them with the pyro
here's one example where that won me the game made some serious misplays that game but pls no bully

the joke is that they cheat out their voidlords by turn 5. if they are spending 9 mana and actually playing the card they probably deserved to lose

t. someone who doesn't play warlock

you draw your demons all the time, that's why skull is so retarded

trash in wild since voidcallers are just better but if you need the taunt right now they don't always work

I'd be excited for 34 if the game wasn't so unpopular.

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Is Countess Ashmore the pally or priest legendary? I can't really tell

Real talk, I don't have a bunch of the good commons and rares for it, and I'm waiting until witchwood hits to craft anything. I'm running Zola, Kazakus, Reno, Brann, Jaina, and Thaurissan as the legendaries, but IDK if you really NEED thaurissan or brann. Beyond those, just throw in any control tools you've got. Ice Block, the armor dude, doomsayer, tar creeper maybe, you name it. Baron Geddon is also good, but I don't have him. As long as you're not against a combo deck or a deck that can go infinite, you WILL out value your opponent, so just focus on tools to hold on.

ha, they removed the names from the page source

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>tfw friend got me Slay the Spire for helping him build a proper HS deck

This game is pretty fun if you like the HS dungeon mode. Still Early Access though.

Ok thanks, I'll try your version and see whether the aggressive nature of some of the cards pays off. As you say, you'd expect more defensive cards from a control deck, like mistress of mixtures, but I guess mana wyrm is pretty good vs stuff like warlock.

Yeah, I feel like the deck is very flexible in what you can run, and I'll start chucking stuff in like dirty rat if I start facing too many maly druids or polymorph:boar if I face too many big priests. I just get paranoid that I'm missing something when I'm building these decks, like I'm forgetting a good card like Frost Lich Jaina.

>vs warlock
I meant paladin god fucking dammit

not getting back to that until 3rd character

stupid rez 2 3/9s that summon 3 more 1/3s with taunt and a 6 point swing every other turn after
oh yeah and literally no downside to their heropower because lets give them 40 fucking healing
fuck i hate this god damn game so much

Why do they keep giving reveals to incredibly shitty streamers like Ekop and Pathra

Yeah that's pretty much why I mentioned it here, any idea when it's coming out?