Talking about Salo is 100 times more woke then naming the Jew. They are the root of all this cancer.

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I don't know much about Salo but they seem a little better than TRS, mostly because they're doing it for lulz on Twitter while TRS are actually forming collectives of homosexuals IRL to support Donald "Capitalism" Trump.

create a new account so I can follow you again

future scholars will remember the 1999 founding of SomethingAwful.com as the beginning of the end for Western Civilisation

>tfw coworker is a goon and reads SA threads out loud to you at work

Why do you think frogtwitter is ironic? (This is a sincere question)

How could it possibly be serious?

people can have radical or dramatic beliefs without being ironic

You're right--but how could Frogtwitter in particular not be at least partially ironic?

>mfw reading Irony Poisoned poasters

Frog Twitter hasn't overcome irony any more than DFW did.


neo-sincerity is expressing genuine belief in the guise of the insincere

Are you kidding me?

DFW couldn't make it past the prelims of Catholic conversion.

He stole that tweet from this old meme

Where is that from?

>tfw DFW is in Hell now

the tweet came first and was the inspiration for the meme



>Have them follow @woke8yearold
I wouldn't do that even to an enemy. He's a transhumanist fool.

Kantbot > all


>Have them follow @woke8yearold
jesus christ i laughed
im embarrassed that i follow him

I want him to publish his book and do more long-form writing in general. Tren Warriors was great.

No fuck off it's ironic. It's bad enough you fuckers shitpost behind muhh layered ironyyy xD but then when you guys get called out your like- NO I'M NOT IRONIC!1 Sad.

He could use an editor. A lot of minor grammatical errors in Tren Warriors got on my nerves.

hi there @woke8yearold, you are not fooling anyone

I heard he posted a picture of himself with cum in his mouth in a dm

This guy is great too

I love kantbot.


What's so bad about Transhumanism pleb?
Nah I'm OP. I'm just an outsider trying to understand the appeal of the autism that is frog twitter.

What ISN'T so bad about transhumanism?

woke8yearold is a meme-stealing sperg who doesn't know any actual science beyond what he reads on Wikipedia.

>What's so bad about Transhumanism pleb?
do you want Mark Zuckerberg to become an eternal emperor with absolute power over all of humanity?

>When this video starts making sense

He's really unfunny when he doesn't plan his shit out. His "esoteric" playthrough of Donkey Kong is painfully dull. Uhhh these uhhh crystals they are magickal!