What's Veeky Forums opinion on bread?

What's Veeky Forums opinion on bread?

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Oh fuck. This could be the make or break question of whether we can stay together.

Answer wisely, Veeky Forums.

oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck

Why the fuck wouldn't you like bread?

Bread is good but it makes you fat.

Almost as bad as circuses


gaius julius caesar

(this is poetry btw)

Sounds more like a Haiku desu

Somebody post that one read, expected, got image

You know the one

Ultimate gains goblins. They don't even fill you up, that's the worst part.

I see what you did there, Roman.

I thought only white bread is bad. Give me a quick rundown Veeky Forums

Bread is the basis of a white diet. If you do not eat bread you are not white, period. Bread is a staple of all Western European cuisines.


Just eat less bread, think about how much bread is in everything you eat.

It causes inflammation of the brain. Which is responsible for all sorts of nasty long term shit.
Not too helpful in the short term, either. The brain is designed to, mostly, run on fat so...

Why does he wear the fedora?

siton kakon, kakous politas

I'm spaniard, so I eat bread with almost every meal. I haven't died or gotten fat (yet).


Maybe you should read some science rather than fiction

Wheat - ok but still shite if you eat too much of it

White - Literally the devil in bread form

Ezekiel - God tier, absolutely halal

Oh, brother. 'A glass of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou..' 'The staff of life..' There is no MORE Veeky Forums comestible; if youre on Veeky Forums you eat bread-- gluten-free pseud-science bullshit be damned! The Catholics who are under the impression that the board belongs to them (six or seven obsessees) even WORSHIP the Bread God Jesus Christ (when theyre not petitioning his mother) and.. and.. and! If youre on Veeky Forums you eat bread. Gobs of it. Really, there's no going back..


more like make or bake.

Why does it makes you fat tho?
>inb4 muh dead calories

Great video, thanks for posting. I've always wondered about this

>be me
>a [insert old philosopher type man] joke i understood

I eat eggs for probably half of my meals, bread isn't very important

because people eat too fucking much of it, that's why

post the image cmon

My diet isn't really effected by anything so I just eat everything. I like sourdough and cinnamin rasiin personally. Pumpernickel, rye, italian/french, they're all pretty good. I'm not the best, but I haven't even gotten started on the different kinds of rolls.