Overcooks meat

>overcooks meat
>covers in cheese


i fucking hate this shit. it debases cooking to it's lowest elements. Cooking food quickly does not mean it has to be total garbage.

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>inb4 some pleb says "wel... SOME of their recipes look good"

Literally mouth breathers


this is jack tier

So you're just eating a bowl of enchilada sauce with some shit thrown in and cheese on top? YUM WA LA


>barbeque sauce consists of bottled bbq sauce, combined with extra ingredients already present in bbq sauce

Fucking really

They only know how to """""cook""""" greasy bullshit, apparently.

absolutely disgusting but I must ask, is garlic powder a common ingredient?

they use onion and the pepper, it would be no work to mince a bit of garlic too, it's widely available and not expensive, what is the reasoning behind it?



i knew this one was coming.

the speed up is a nice touch.

> prepare cake mix according to inst on the box
> bake according to instructions
> layer with pre-made store-bought creme aka nutella/whipped canned cream
> decorate with store-bought icing


> jap westernbos


i use dry garlic powder in dry rubs, as well as when making breading for chicken etc

since wet garlic doesnt really work particularly well in that case.


What the fuck is this supposed to be? Some kind of chili?

how do i find more vids from this guy

on his channel?


yea what's the channel? all i know is his name is jack

Why the fuck does he always seem so terrified of gently lowering things into oil, especially when it's probably not even hot enough to do anything like with the steak



>garnish with exactly 3 strategically placed peas

fucking kek'd




I have a question. How exactly would you go about turning a big ass slab of salmon like that anyway? I mean, I just wouldn't cook an entire brick of salmon for this reason, but have any of you?


A fun game to play is to see how long it takes them to put cheese in the dish.


Okay if you want to throw together a bunch of shit, then fine. But some of this I really don't get

Why would I want a bunch of mushy chips instead of pasta or rice? Would be way better with some lasagna noodles, assuming you like the sauces and cheese

20 minutes in the goddamn microwave? Just use an oven at that point, you're not even saving any time.

Don't forget the part where they add a jar of mayo after every ingredient


This is one of the shittiest ones they have done, to be fair. Its too liquidy.

I want this meme to die and I want to punch anyone who unironically believes this is how it's said and spelled.

>Draining the beef juice just to use CHICKEN broth
>Using beans in Chili Mac
>That unnecessary garnish at the end

I realize this is Jack but a sane person would have just opened the packaging and peeled it off like a banana rather than try and cut through it.

Why doesn't he just buy spatula tongs? They're about 9 bucks and he'd have a free hand.

watch the first few minutes of the call ins to the jack show. oh god.

>That anxiety shade in his hands...

He knows he's fucked up but pretends it is okay and keeps on going.

this is like a kid with down syndrome making fun of another kid with down syndrome


I haven't cooked a slab of salmon like that in a pan before, but I assume using those tongs he has as intended may be the way to do it.

lmaoed at this one. what the fuck all that for a tiny cup of fucking trash.

It's .. it's just hamburger helper.


Two spatulas. If that doesn't work (perhaps it's still too big) I'd call for someone else with two spatulas. If it's still too big, I'd call for another person with two spatulas.

It's just two spatulas all the way down, user

salmonella seduction is the better filename.


never saw that one. this man is god sent.

Tongs and your hand.

what's worse is that he plops it down facing towards him so the oil always splashes right at him. The guy is so fucking stupid it's baffling

>call ins to the jack show


Youtube videos are bad enough but at least you can pause those or jump to the part you need - how the fuck am I supposed to know what to do from a silent gif that flashes the text for half a second and then makes you watch a disembodied arm stirring a generic pot for a while before letting you get another quick flash of the instructions?


Google gif pauser.

You're welcome