MICROSOFT and WINGS! What an announcement!

Damn boyyys, look at the announcement on Twitter! Microsoft gets us to the moon!

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WOOOOHH the hype is real! Damn people, get in here or you ll lose out on another moon mission!



post link


no link means op is a faggot

Not hard to google


sell dgb and put into this?

Damn. Look at how fast those sell walls are coming down and its not even prepumped. I'm in.

The announcement was 2 days ago. This isn't fresh news.

>22 May

already pumped, nothing to see here

DGB is a dead horse, and dead horses wont fly as far as WINGS!

DGB might bounce back in a week or so but unsure.

I took out half my DGB for this.

Already sold all my dgb, WINGS is starting like a rocket!!!

Great call, OP!

newfag here what platform should i use to buy with my dirty FIAT money

The go to option for most people is Coinbase but you won't be able to get more than $150 instantly.

If you want more than that you have to wire the money through coinbase and you won't get yer coins for a week.

Up 1k sats in just a few minutes, are we flying to the moon on WINGS?


If you have not sold the DGB crash yet and put your money on WAVES then you are missing out on a real investment

waves or wings my nigga


I can honestly see Waves being as big as ETH in a year or two. I was sceptical of it until I decided to look into it further. These Russian programmers don't fuck about!

>selling low

This is how you're not rich

is it weird I think this is a whale trap to get people to sell DGB, destroy the price to inflate some meme coin only to dump wings and rebuy dbg?

just sold all my DGB to put into WINGS!!!! Take me to the moon!!!!

DGB is the future of gaming.

This is nothing but Microsoft hosting some shit for free. Nothing to see here boys

no, its exactly what I'm thinking. Just wondering if I should gamble into it or just put the little I have on dgb into moon instead.

So what?

Based on order book we are looking at at least a 25% ROI by tomorrow. Might as well enjoy free money.

dgb is a meme and you know it. bit crystal, game token, mobile go just ended its ICO. Dgb is not the future quit trying to get other people to hold your bags

Link or never happend

If you consider a shillcoin with a non-existant mod in a video game better than a coin with funds from Microsoft then kys

>Microsoft Azure

Oh yeah well done for getting on the same thing every company in the world can get on, especially startups that get free hosting for a while to keep them on there

This si from may 22

Ok I'm in for .5BTC, this announcement was on Monday but it only jumped 12% or so from that, it's not a "Microsoft partnership" per se but Bizspark+ is an invite-only Microsoft accelerator

Their Twitter has 12k followers which is pretty decent, Waves has half that at 10x the price (I love Waves)

Ok guys, ill try and help you put 2 and 2 together.

Look down a page or to at the daodact.
Think voting platform.
Think who votes, think the limitations of voting ... fraud etc.

Think how much public sector is in bed with microsoft.

Its building a POC that we wont need the polling stations anymore. Thats the end game.

It wont be wings intention, but it will be M$'s

actually cant believe i got cucked by this shitscam. bought at 134k sats and its now down to 130k. zzzz

Weak hands are for cucks

To simplify it, they are trying to as easily and cheaply get on the upcoming e-voting industry.

Yeah, but dip pickups is for GODS

memecoin or real?

Courts, Poll booths, Town Halls, Surveys... any public sector silo that requires a democratic process to bring about actions/motions

That's precisely what this thread is.

Make up your own mind, I'm going with real because this is the most valid proof i've seen out of all the shitcoins posted here lately

It has serious potential. It's doing what the DAO tried to do last year, but this will likely succeed.

We are just starting our engines! Keep the hype train rollin'!

Microsoft will be accepting Mooncoins soon

such confidence

This is real. Buy in.

Just bought 230 shares. Will give it a week before I decide whether to buy/sell/hold.

All I know is that Veeky Forums has the power to propel a shit coin and giving in to the shills will usually net you some bucks if you time it right.

If we can shill the shit out of this coin to the normies, we can make disgusting amounts of money user's. If we can get the volume to pump up in ANY way so that it hits the front page of Bittrex SOMEWHERE, we can fastforward the price discovery on this gem.

I recommend buying anytime a whale takes a dump and price drops drastically. The reason it's easy to drop price is because the market doesn't have many to pass around. SCARCITY IS HIGH. so the prices are very spread out. We need to pump VOLUME Veeky Forums Get the normies in!!!

stop shilling on mooncoins and buy some dopecoins on bittrex... real news -> canada legalized pot and backs dopecoin

>A country backs a shitcoin because of marijuana
O I am laffin

Are any of you guys looking at the candlesticks for this bitch?? We could moon.




I love you.


Trading isn't for you if you can't hold for more than an hour

price has almost gone up 16% in the last couple hours. If volume can get to even 300 or 400 BTC, We're gonna be rich. Pray for volume!!

scraping weak hands again