>Dice the jalapenos very finely; you want a hint of heat and jalapeno flavor, but you don't want to cause any fires.

Fucking hell, I;m trying to find interesting takes on salsa and I come across this white bullshit.

How does Veeky Forums spice up their salsa?

You should be dicing all the ingredients very finely, pleb. Chunky salsa is for faggots.

stop whining and cash your welfare check, nacho

I'm also white but thanks for the tip.
I might as well throw everything in a blender and call it "restaurant style" at that point faggot.

Is it really rocket science to you that you should use a hotter pepper?

Damn that sure is an interesting take on salsa. A hotter pepper. So innovative. So different. Why that might just be the interesting flavor combination I've been looking for all these years.

You're a dismissive cunt, but I'll give you some advice. Fresh salsa is good, but cooked salsa is better. Roast your tomatoes and your peppers on a grill or in your oven. Leave the onion and garlic raw. Add Mexican oregano before grinding in your molcajete, but only chop/add cilantro right before serving. Make sure you use enough salt to bring out the flavors of the vegetables, but keep in mind that if you're using it for dipping tortilla chips into, you don't need as much. Some people like cumin in their salsa, but I don't. As for peppers, jalapeno is the classic, and serranos will give a better flavor, but also more heat. I'm quit fond of hot New Mexico green chilies, especially the Hatch variety. You can use poblanos if you're a faggot, which you probably are. You can also try experimenting with smoked peppers like chipotle, or salsas that only contain chilies. Or go fuck your mother. I don't care.

I dip my chips in queso and none other

Of course I'm going to be dismissive when all of the advice I've been given thus far has been fucking worthless. Yours included.

I'm not trying to make salsa batch #482912 here. I'm trying for something new. Something interesting. Not literally the most basic fucking takes on the food fucking possible.

Next you're going to tell me I can sprinkle so fucking lime juice in there.


holy fucking shit. end your life and the lives of your entire immediate family, preferably with a bomb or Chris Benoit style. it's fucking salsa, retard.

>Dicing chillis finely makes them less spicy

That's your response to not saying "Try mango salsa? Because that abomination of a food is still a more fitting suggestion to anything you've added to this thread.

Fucks sake I've had black cherry salsa before. Now that's interesting. Good? Debatable. Interesting, yes.

Bland fuckwits.

>I'm trying for something new
>mango salsa

Your advice to yourself is even more worthless than the other posts here. See:

Drain your jugular vein into a bowl of chopped tomatoes, see if that gives it a nice zing, dipshit.

word of advice nobody eats that shit except flamboyant city folk

Which is why it was used as the shitty typical example dipshit.
Oh wow, add salt, fucking helpful.
And you suck only the countriest of dicks, yeah I get that. Anything more to add?

>gets called a dipshit
>immediately calls someone else a dipshit
I hope your pets get cancer.

Yes if you can't figure out recipes for a simple dish like salsa you're most likely sub human. Who the fuck eats black cherry salsa literally the gayest thing I've read on this board next to mango salsa my vegan girlfriend loved that shit and loved fitting my cock in her mouth. Being the OP though it's not unusual that you both have so much in common.

Why because you already have it?

No, because that's why you and this thread are.

Christ I thought I couldn't type for shit. You copying that too now?

Made my salsa already so you fucks are useless now by the by. Oh wait, you always were.

Did you make it as flamboyant as you or did you decide to add a little spice OP? Asking for a friend.

show us a picture. show us your fucking innovative as fuck salsa.

Tomato, scallion, jalapeno, pinch of salt and msg, bit of lime juice, bit of apple cider vinegar, some roasted garlic, 3 ice cubes, and a cap of rootbeer extract.

Holy shit this was an entertaining thread.

>eating spic food
Delet this

that sounds fucking terrible

>3 ice cubes
I doubted you OP you did well


his idea of innovating was throwing some root beer extract in regular motherfucking boring as fuck salsa. genius dude. fucking brilliant.

Best salsa is
Tomato, onion, cilantro, pinch of salt, tuber, half an shallot, panfry polenta, lime juice, peanut butter, buck shot, some clam oil, 5 green uno card, and Knuckles


Substitute tomatoes with sweet chilli dipping sauce.


U forgot the
>wa la

Just like you.
It's almost like nobody recommended shit.
Fuck, I knew I forgot something.


Sauté tomatillos until they're breaking apart, deglaze the pan with a little vinegar (I like mirin) and lime juice. Add avocados, cilantro, Serranos and blend with a stick blender while adding milk slowly. Salt to taste.

>says I'm terrible
>says nobody recommended shit
>forgot cilantro
I told you to use cilantro, mongo. You're the waterhead who can't follow simple advice.


jack is that you sempai?

A lot of people add weird things to their salsa, stuff like bacon or bits of fruit like mango or cherry. For me personally though its the mcchicken

I'd eat the fuck out of some McChicken salsa

You suggested fuck all, I just forgot a standard ingredient. Which I have remedied, along with several nubs of minced ginger. I was dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddeating added some raspberries, but opted not to.


Chile de arbol, dried
Sesame seeds
Neutral oil

Fry chilies and garlic in oil, medium high heat. Toast sesame seeds separately on low medium heat. Once the garlic is fragrant, remove from heat, and blend with everything combined. You're aiming for a coarser texture, and add oil slowly until it's a 1:1 ratio with all the other ingredients.

I'd love a dedicated Veeky Forums bot that mashes together users posts and creates crazy suggestions.

How the fuck is that salsa? That's clearly some kind of asian chili sauce.

It already exists. Its called Tasty

Salsa is just sauce. Technically guacamole is salsa.

Mommy's Sweet Salsa

Ice cream sandwiches
Nonfat diet soymilk

Mix in cup with spoon and add baby carrots to garnish. Season to taste.


Sauté guava, deglaze with lime. Fry garlic, peanuts and onion in a separate pan. Blend guava and habanero, then use molcajete to break up the other ingredients, starting with the peanuts (add coarse salt and allspice into the molcajete before to help grind everything up). Add everything together.

Now that the ice cubes have fully melted, I can honestly say that the ginger really brought a lot to this disk.

By that logic, ketchup is salsa.

my salsa recipe

half of a tomato beaten violently with the claw end of a hammer, flax seeds, strawberry milk, garlic, cilantro, about 8 1/8's of a teaspoon of ketchup, one corndog, diced jalapeno, 2 toasted blueberry poptarts

Salsa is a qt bara alligator vorefig on furaffinity too

Good thing too because it isn't re-writable.

>Comes to 4flan to get the next big salsa recipe to blow the minds of the world

Neck yourself faggot

Real Italian Pasta Salsa

2 cups stewed tomatoea
Can delmonte pasta sauce
Fried basil
Oven roasted garlic
Onion finely chopped and refrigerated
Olice oil
Curry spice
Lenny Kravitz dvd

Mix ingredient in bowl on medium high heat for 5 minutes in microvape and transfer to grill safe pan. Serve over rice for best results you can substitiute for low fat cheese and get Ooey Gooey

Oh Yes!

Wow 89 really people moneys. At least you're offering something ya dense piece of shit.
Lenny Kravitz dvd, where the fuck do you even buy one of those?

Red onion

Pretty simple, but can go a few different ways. For cochinita pibil, simply slice the onion and habanero, and add lime juice at a ratio of 1:3. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can conversely switch the onions over to vidalias, sweat them, blend the habaneros with lime and add it all together.

Salsas go beyond red, green, guacamole, and pico de gallo. Many regional salsas include sweeter fruits, nuts, and such. I hope you one day try some of mine out, many of these were passed down to me.

What is the most vaporware salsa?

Looks like someone didn't read the thread.

Saturday Night Fiesta

1 can finely diced domato
Olive oil
Mccormic MEXICAN spice
Ortega taco shells

Add dryningredient to wet and serve over steamed tortilla
Best paired with koshier biscuit and a fine aged red white whine

Three cups of cheddar cheese and a braised pork shoulder over a low heat boiling. Then we add the lime juice and it just gets in there and oooh gets to smelling god and it has a little fiesta in the pan marinating and marrying that infusion we want. Meanwhile while thats cooking lets check in ln outlr poblanos and see how theyre doing in our saltwater bath

Black currint salsa with a balsamic vinegrette drizzle served on blue corn tortillas paired with a sweetened condensed milk and cheddar dipping sauce.

Did i do good pappy? It hurts like a sickness. It feels... so... g...o...o...d....

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