So non whites cant drink milk...

So non whites cant drink milk, most whites cant eat chilli (without training) and no one can drink water from other regiobs

>tfw white and lactose intolerant
why live

I want this to be a real word.
Put forth a definition.

>tfw half hispanic half caucasian
>can not only drink milk but can also handle spicy af things
>have eaten carolina reapers before and drown shit in hot sauce
Wow try and keep up friendos

>mexican grandpa, other 3 grandparents are white
>not lactose intolerant
>can handle hot foods just fine
>nobody knows I'm Mexican until after their race rants
feels great

>tfw also look white besides the dark eyes
>everyone just presumes since pale af skin
thank god we're not indio scum kekekek

I'm pretty sure hispanics don't have natural resistance to chilli, they just eat so much of it from a young age that they become desensitised to spiciness.
Anyone can desensitise themselves easily, just start eating spicy stuff all the time and progressively increasing the spiciness

>tfw will never get to slather my tongue with hot sauce and lick your bare asshole while giving you a reach around
life isn't fair

idk, indonesia is bs with its spice and Malaysia is similar

>>tfw white
That's where you're wrong, Shitavious

>non whites cant drink milk
I don't get why white people made shit up like this.

Hispanics are white though

It's true the majority of people without some form of caucasian decent cannot process milk

>white people can't handle chili
>nonwhites can't drink milk
>one of the best antidotes for eating too spicy food is drinking milk
like pottery

isnt it because of tolerance, not genetics?

No it's genetics you either can or can't eat something it's like being allergic.

I guess evolution is real

Does spicy food taste nice after a while something? I don't mind a mild spice but anything else tastes like utter shit and i think a lot of people just pretend to like spicy food so they can feel different.

Spicy food can definitely taste good it depends what kind of spice you're adding and to what kind of dish like habenero sauce and burritos taste fucking amazing

>tfw not a weak-willed, spineless loser who lets my tastes get governed by retards spewing racist dogma

How pathetic you ought to be to not trust your own body.

>am white as fuck
>like milk and hot stuff


>tfw lactose intolerant but drink milk anyway

>Welcome to The Legion of Salty Doom Spittoon! How evil are you?

>I drink milk!


>Without any Hershey's syrup.

But, I'm able to drink milk. Am I an honorary /whitemale/ now?

I'm Hispanic and I can handle both just fine.


>lactose intolerant
>drink milk anyway

It's an actual evolutionary thing. By nature, people lose the ability to physically digest milk around the age of 2 or 3, to force them to stop drinking breast milk. In cultures that kept livestock that produced a significant amount of milk, people who were born with a mutation that allows them to drink milk had an easier time surviving.

It's not an exclusively white thing, since China can drink the stuff too.

you are racist abusive coward and white supremacists


Shit I should double check the charts I post. Apparently China can't drink it either. It is mostly a white thing.

>tfw Black but can drink milk and other dairy products with no problems
>meanwhile friends and family hate milk, or have some intolerance
But what does it mean

>most whites cant eat chilli
The hell kind of non-Southern hellhole do you redide in?

Habanero is an amazing tasting pepper.

indians drink tons of milk and wer are not white

somalians/ethopians count as cuacasian but are black

>Is Japanese
>Love eating cheese. Brie, stilton, gorgonzola, ect.
>Mfw the pain is worth it.