Its a Food episode

>Its a Food episode

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>It's a Food show

The best kind of episode.

>All characters are Food

Best /cock/ character

>it's a "let's feature vore and give all the kids watching a fetish" episode

>it's an eating food episode

>>It's a characters are stuck on a deserted island and start to view each other as chicken legs episode

Why does food in cartoons look so good?

reminder that the cheese is the best character on the show

that episode made me feel pretty hungry

I fucking lost it when this mother fucker started serving French Fries

Lilo and Stitch and Fairly Odd Parents had the same Food theme episode of "Desert/Food every Day, oh shit we are bloated" and i get hungry every goddamn time

>tfw you will never live in a world where you can eat like that without consequence

That's because you're an underaged ban.

>It's a "Ugly piece of shit actually tastes good episode" Episode

>its an inflation episode

>it's a weight gain episode that's actually an inflation episode because low budget/lazy animators/etc.

Was there a TV trope Kirby Right Back at Ya didn't do?

>Snow looks like wet cream.

Came to post Chowder

Flapjack was the superior cartoon though

>it's a food fet episode

>it only tastes good because it's laced with LSD

>it's a guy turns into a pizza monsters and tries to mind control and capture everyone to be made into

>it's a literal food porn episode

I just noticed they called this fucker "French Fry"

>It's a /d/ episode

>vorefags think normal people can even get their fetish

Timon and Pumba eat bugs like it's spagetti

Stuffing anybody?

What the hell is the context for this??