Top tier jawline thread

Alright boys time for another facial ASTHETIC thread, Greek god edition. Only post if you have top 1% 10/10 slayer face and jawline. Chinlets can sit this one out. Let's see how many 10s are on fit!

What problem do you have with this kid in real life that you felt the need to try to embarass him on here?

shit jaw and extremely feminine face

My jaw doesn't look great in this pic, plus I was bulking here so it was less defined, here's another better pic of me. I look a little ungroomed in this one but you can really make out how nice of a jawline I have

Idk man, I think it's pretty funny to rip on your friends by posting their shit on Cambodian Knitting boards.

Can't sleep, may as well see how well you guys can roast me. Youre some funny fuckers sometimes.

did you get your bulking advice from a chipmunk


Injun blood does weird shit when it mixes with white m8.

your jaw looks like crap from the front

post profile view

This isn't bait idiot, look at the second pic I posted, my jawline is nicer than 99% of other guys, sure I don't look like a male model in these pics because I'm not some try hard faggot who is gonna spend hours taking a good picture of myself to impress you guys. The sole goal of my picture was to show my crazy good jawline. Why don't you post yours and we'll see how much Better mine is

Solid. Now pin Dbol and throw some peroxide in your hair and you can be Dolph Lungren: Part two

Holy shit is this what an American white man is called? Wtf is this mixed mutt, negroid skull looking motherfucker. Your head looks like an aborted potato.

No way this is you. Time stamp or gtfo


OP is a qt mut

you look sad and confused
just like me...

you look british

that is not a good thing

you look munted

It's called a Mestizo idiot.

Fuck off faggot, I bet I've fucked 4 times more girls than your retarded chinlet ass
>inb4 4 times 0 is still zero dur hur

Eu fag

This place saddens me ceaselessly, and yet I always find myself returning. Veeky Forums is such a fucking train wreck

Well I'm sorry for not being so exposed to throwing good genetics in the trash. It looks like one of your ancestors had pretty godly facial structure, but that got ruined by fucking a Mexican monkey.

Wanna know what those lines are on your cheeks are?
It's caused by a wide mandible that has grown very far forward. The skin is pushed forward and collapses in where your mandible begins to extrude.

Post a picture from far away, these two pictures have a lot of lens distornsion.
Sean O'Pry has the same thing but they're obviously a lot more visible than yours

Nah more like some drunk injuns, coal miners, and cowboys couldnt keep their pants on.

On the upside, my natural test is actually 2300+ nd/dL

that guys eyes look retarded

still wish i looked half as good

they're the most aesthetic eyes a man could ask for you fucking faggot

What so you can fap to it faggot


I see a weak jaw and long chin...

lmfao what chin

Rate 2bh

To you to me to you to me.

That has to be one of the most retarded haircuts i've ever seen, combined with that effeminate facial expression your jaw means nothing you're still a baby-man

are you a ftm?

solid jawline

Such strange jaw-specific narcissism. Honestly can't tell if OP is trolling or is this retarded

this is what your jawline looks like

No, this is an attractive jawline with a proportionate chin. OP's look like a small shovel glued to a big transsexual shovel

You looks like Connor's gay retarded brother.


What Jawline lmao

Farthest to the left. Hows my Jawline Veeky Forums?

nice fish

Sand nigger reporting in. How am i doing bros?

I know Mediterraneans who are darker than you boyo.

cut and you'll be chad

Haha really? I'm an ethnic Egyptian though. What did you think I was?

You look good

Looking good, except for that haircut. Yikes!

shittiest jaw i have ever seen in my life. join the army and die, user, don't you dare spread those genes.

looking good, nigga. now lift some shit and get into ottermode.

Tensing for a shot doesn't show off your gains, only your insecurities.

If I have a receding chin should I just kill myself?

How did I do

I'm trying to lose the last 5kg and then bulk. I was around 106kg (235 pounds) 6 months ago and now I'm 80kg (178 pounds).

you look like a fucking cartoon character dude

I hope this is satire because you have no jaw at all. You have a chin, those are two different things.

Pic is me

Lookin noice breh

Not gonna lie dawg you look like fucking trash


I think im pretty good looking...rate me pls, pic is me


Thoughts on these facial aesthetics for a fatmode?

you look like you have a 9"

ayy, only 9 inch measurement is his nose width

good for a fat for sure, but should cut down

I've always fealt like my jawline wasn't extremely distinguished


Your eyes are soulless

lookin fresh


fucking jawlets in this thread GET THE FUCK OUT

those are some big ass eyes

You look like the older Kiltschko brother.


you look like you just smelled a nasty fart

Good chin, worst jaw I've ever seen. You look like an alien.

here we go

Plz stop
Not to shabby mate
Well it's not, but ur Hot

Any good?

How'd I do?

U look cute, not "sexy"- nice dimples.
Probably the best face so far, I'd say 7/10 is generous.

Lol I was talking about my jaw like but thanks I guess? I have no idea how to take that


22 BMI and still got it

fuck im ugly


pls no bully

imagine how you'd look with a thicker neck

How am I lookin Veeky Forums?

Man u guys play way dangerously putting ur gfs pics on this vietnamese boatmaking board

Repped brah

Tell your gf I said her shoes are retarded

Twink pls sit on my d


>decent jaw
>no chin


This is b8 and its not you faggot

Your midface is too long