Who said this was good?

Who said this was good?

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People who never read it

I don't know what others think, but for me it was pretty fun and entertaining

People who can form their own opinions.

The original was quite good.
Skull Heart was a fun gag manga.
I enjoyed the story of Steel Seven as well, it reminded me of Yamato.
Ghost was (is?) dumb.
I feel Crossbone is vastly overrated by folks who haven't even read it, so natrually the hate for it is a bit over the top to compensate.


I like it. Read also Skull Heart and Steel 7. Reading Ghost and it ain't bad.

The irony, Jesus. On how many layers of irony are you right now?

To an extent he's right, there are tons of guys out there hyping it up who've not even read it - you see them everywhere in Youtube comments.

I did, it was all me. I just kept saying it until everyone believed it.

not reallly

>Cookie cutter villain
>Boring characters
>Previously good characters turned into boring characters
>Bad mecha designs

no one

I like it but, I'm gonna be honest I really don't want it animated honestly. Even if it could fix the issues it has (of which there are plenty)

That said when I say I like it I only really mean the original and steel seven should of honestly just been that and left at that honestly. It's a shame that Crossbone is the only attention late UC gets.

Victory Gundam is late UC.

>well, it reminded me of Yamato.
Well that explains SRWV, I figured it was just a Harlock reference, putting those two together

Wasn't it that at one point in the original Yamato they wanted to put in Harlock?

Yeah, Mamoru, Kodai's brother, was meant to reappear as Harlock later in the original Yamato, but they cut that plotline and just had him reappear to stay in Iskandar due to the show getting cancelled.


Well that's a big pity. Hell...it's actually sad.

Yeah, but then the show got cut short due to ratings. He briefly appears in the manga but you never see his face.

Darn. Wonder why they never did turn Mamoru into Harlock in the newer Yamato.

The Keroro anime's parody of Yamato actually referenced the Mamoru/Harlock stuff.

Probably because Yamato's rights were disputed for years, while Harlock ended up completely owned by Leiji Matsumoto. It was eventually ruled that Leiji owned no part of Yamato, so it's very unlikely they'll ever go there again.

Worst Cecily

At least there is one show that had a noteworthy male character become a Harlock.

Even people who like have been saying for over a decade now that if it was ever adapted into an anime there would need to be a lot of changes.

I don't really see much need to change the story for the first entry. It made for great game scenarios for SD G Gen games. Even the next two entries are okay to stay the same as well.

Crossbone is a solid story and, even if Hasegawa's style could not please many people, the action scenes were cool. Skull Heart was fun and Steel 7 a good "conclusion" to the saga.
I did not start Ghost because it is incomplete but I suspect there are not too many connections with the past (well except Tobia and the Crossbone), just my speculation.
Anyway, a really nice manga.
And X3 is fantastic!

Most people were introduced to Crossbone via the few games that excellently showed off its coolness in MS and pilots (most notably SD Gundam G Gen Spirits), so that's why it's very easy to get hooked by the manga, regardless of any visual complaints. As a reader of Ghost, I can tell you that it is a very derivative story to the original and really feels cheap in a generic shounen sense, but some of the mech and weapon concepts are interesting (ex: they finally combined the muramasa blaster with the peacock smasher) and there is old UC nostalgia to a late UC setting (ex: revisiting Jaburo), so it's entertaining to read, but awfully shitty to comprehend. I still like the franchise though.

To me everything before Ghost is interesting given they're fighting the Jovian forces proper and not some remnants.

Though it was nice to see these Girls in Ghost, though I hope they don't share the same fate as the Shrike squad from Victory that they're named after.

It's pretty mediocre. The mecha designs, however, are some of the best in the entire franchise.

In relation to Victory Gundam, did the Zanscare Empire get some of it's technology from the Jupiter Empire or Jovian forces?

The beam rotor thing found on the Jovian helicopter Mobile Armor is similar to that on the transformable Zanscare Mobile Suits.

My brother, I like the Rear Shrike girls too. I hear they survived at the end of Ghost, but I am hoping they won't appear in Dust just to be sure.

He still owns visual rights, afaik. Just not story rights. like G Yamato shows up in the new Harlock manga.

Can anyone explain how, despite the Jovian colonies having considerable wealth, they can't solve their resource deficiency?


What a pity.

Heh. Googled that and gonna watch it.

Crux's murder boner. At least until Bernadette took over and got shit together.

What do they pilot anyway?

One of the later Victory episodes had them pretty much confirm that Kagatie had extensive ties to Jupiter. That's where they built the Angel Halo too.

>Heh. Googled that and gonna watch it.
What show is that? It looks interesting.

Goldran is what popped up.

Ougon Yuusha Goldran.

>Ougon Yuusha Goldran.
Brave Saga's always a good bet.

Black Victory 1s

>What do they pilot anyway?

The mass produced Victory Gundam apparently:


I heard them, Jack and Tobia are still around at the end of Ghost.

The middle one is an oddity given I thought Jack Friday was working for the Jupiter faction.

Huh, so Hasegawa did make Tomino's wish of properly having multiple Victory Gundams at once come true after all.

They seem pretty shit at their job

>They seem pretty shit at their job

If you mean the mass produced Gundams, yeah they aren't exactly top notch.

I think all of the Federation's equipment at the time was less than stellar compared to what the Zanscare forces had access to given that the Federation was struggling financially or something.

Now if you mean the Girls piloting them, I assume they were either green or in training given they have the designation of "rear".

Though being poor at one's job is probably what saved them given what happened to the Shrike squad proper.

One of the girls had to pilot the Phantom Gundam while the MC was busy doing computer stuff to track something. They're pretty okay.

No shit?

I meant attention as in not can attention but kits and media, crossbone still has on going sequels. I victory hardly gets official attention in anyway aside from shoutouts in crossbone shit and the occasional Victory or V2 kit.

>victory hardly gets official attention

I've heard it said that Bandai doesn't think much of the late UC.

However, in relation to Victory, it seems Tomino himself looks down on it to a certain degree as he has been quoted in a booklet as saying it isn't his best work.

To me, the late UC era is a gold mine waiting to be tapped as there is still 800+ years of history to go in it before the UC era is through.

Yeah bandaid doesn't give a shit and even tomino wrote it off well at least victory.

Also I. With you it's a gold mine waiting g to be tapped but they'd just rather stay with early if as it's safer.

Is it me or is Zabine a tad out of character in the Manga?

I was rather hoping he would have left the Vanguard for good or try and founded his own Vanguard as becoming a pirate seems a little beneath his character.

The Crossbone Vangaurd aren't actually pirates.

there wasn't much of a character to his F91 appearance in the first place.

Still, it seems like he should have left the Vanguard when it became clear they were abandoning Cosmo Aristocracy.

Remind me what the main villain's motivation was again. I remember it was him being absolutely butthurt about something stupid, but I can't remember what.

Actually, weren't all the Crossbone villains pretty stupid overall?

Early days of the jupiter colonies sucked shit because of super limited air, water, and food resources and the EF basically abandoned them. Once Jupiter got its shit together and the colonies weren't total hellholes they started trading helium 3 which caused the EF to take interest again and they strong armed their leader into a political marriage with an Earthnoid. Basically he was pissed at Earth for abandoning them and then having the gall to come back and try to force a leash on the Jupiter colonies.

Berah and her cousin promised the return of Aristocracy to their followers at first, but Zabine and his cronies saw better chances of getting it though Dogatie.

Low Resources for his people and the Federation arranging a political marriage with him to maintain the peace( or something along that line.)
Thing is he got envious of earth and wanted them to live like jovians.

He felt insulted by the political marriage and doubt that his waifu bore his kid (age gap).

In the larger scheme of things, between F91, Crossbone and Victory, Jupiter just really wanted to fuck earth up.

>Jupiter just really wanted to fuck earth up.

Though his actions are reprehensible, I'm not sure I can fault him for wanting to bring War upon the Federation and supporting their enemies.

In truth, however, there were probably better ways he could have done so.

Though, truth be told, I'm wondering if he should have perhaps waited longer to build up his military machine given the Federation was weakening dramatically in the years following the Gryps conflict.

I enjoyed the first book.

The art style isn't the best, but it's a decent read.


> Berah and her cousin promised the return of

> at first

So Berah went back on her word?

There's a lot of seemingly silly aspects of Crossbone's design, but they explained most of it away. Including the cloak.

>political marriage

What fucking year is it? Does that even exist anymore?

And didn't he end up falling in love with her anyway?

> What fucking year is it? Does that even exist anymore?

It may be the future, but it's still politics you're dealing with.

Keep in mind this is the same Federation that was willing to give in to Haman Karn's demands and the same one that would be hamstrung in their response to the Zanscare Empire via red tape.

> And didn't he end up falling in love with her anyway?

It is implied he loved her to a certain extent, or as much as a man shaped by the weight of managing the Jovian struggle could be after so many decades.

Is the blonde in the bottom left wearing blackface?

Gundams are silly to begin with.

Could someone summarize Ghost for me? I've been curious about it since playing SRWV put me in a Crossbone mood.

"Fuck Uso and the League Militaire, Tobia and the Crossbone Vanguard were the true saviors in the Zanscare war"



Crossbone Vanguard did a lot of stuff behind the scenes that weakened Zanscare.

Most of the credit goes to Uso and League Militaire since they took on the full might of Zanscare.

Basically, their mission was to destroy the Angel's Call, an artifact that would be used to have Angel Halo operate at full capacity.

Supposedly something foul is going on between the Jovian Colonies and the Zanscare Empire.

An unknown bacterial life form with the power to break down organic matter was found on a derlect Crossbone Vanguard supply ship (by Tobia and Teteith while on an exploratory mission to find new resources for the Jovian Colonies) that was struck by a comet somewhere near Saturn. A sample was stolen by some joker named "Erin" for what I assume is sale to an agency that will deliver it into Zanscare hands.

Some Zanscare Vice Admiral (Kizo) is looking to acquire it for his own schemes in possible relation to the "Angel's Halo" weapon.

Information about this is somehow intercepted by an amateur hacker on Side 3, beginning the plot.

> the full might of Zanscare.

On the subject of that, is it explained how so many factions get away with building a warmachine behind the Federation's back?

The Principility of Zeon, Cosmo Babylonia , the Jupiter Empire and the Zanscare Empire seemed to have built their military presence without alerting the Federation to it's true scope what so ever.

I could maybe see Jupiter given how far away they are from the Federation, but the other three seem kind of odd when they're in orbit of Earth

Zeon is the Federation's bad, but everything after that is from them being lazy or falling apart in late UC. Zanscare itself was armed by a branch of the SNRI going full retard.

The Federation was messed up from years of fighting Zeon and its various incarnations so by the time Zanscare and Cosmo Babylonia became threats they were almost helpless. Also Jupiter might have been helping Zanscare and Cosmo Babylonia keep their militarization secret.


>was armed by a branch of the SNRI going full retard.

I read that the scientists involved in that particular think tank were coerced into doing the Zanscare Empire's bidding.

Probably threatened with the guillotine.

Or "exile into space", which is possibly worse given what I've seen.

How vital is the Jupiter Energy Fleet to Earth's needs anyway?

>The mecha designs, however, are some of the best in the entire franchise.

Some are a bit wonky though, even for Gundam.

Like this thing.

>Information about this is somehow intercepted by an amateur hacker on Side 3, beginning the plot
Oh for gods sake.

Hasegawa can come up with interesting ideas, but the way he puts them into narrative is so fucking bad. Are the villains in Ghost every bit as moustache twirling as his other ones too?

The villian in Ghost is particularly the worst one yet. Always shit-eating grins, carries his fancy sword in every scene, some fetish for using women and clowns to do his dirty work, and pilots a golden, weird-looking MS with shonen-tier hax powers of immobilizing enemy MS. Really just a mix of Gym and Scirocco. Absolutely bland and forgettable villian, which is mainly why I dislike Ghost.

Well, they are a tad predictable from what I've seen.

However, they old true to how they'd be respective to their factions.

Like Vice Admiral Kizo, who is ever bit as Zanscare as you could expect.

The Zanscare also aren't afraid to execute children.

He's also a bit of a bastard to his men, as I believe he allows the Jupiter representatives he's dealing with to give a demonstration of their abilities against his men.

>Jupiter just really wanted to fuck earth up.

Yeah, I'm kind of figuring that when I read that the Jovian Divinads were all armed with Nuclear weapons and were each powered by 12 unstable Fusion reactors, making them heavily armed, flying dirty bombs.

However, one might have to question, why didn't any of Crux's subordinates point out that Jovian leader would be a hypocrite to his own rhetoric by using such a super weapon to wreck the planet?

As far as the common soldier is concerned, isn't the whole point of the Jovian invasion to capture the Earth and it's resources for the Jupiter Empire?

No, it's just the way her mouth is drawn.

She is tan in complexion though.

It's not bad but the artwork is jarringly different and slap-dash from most Gundams.

It's also about as close to literally "What if Gundam was a pirate?" story you could ever do. Most stylized technology is lifted straight up from pirate folklore, almost as if it was meant to fit in with Harlock or something. When there IS a slight bit of justification for something (hurr, MS have four verniers that coincidentally look like crossbones because of Jupiter's gravity) fanboys parade it around like it's not just an excuse.


Is it me or does this guy from Ghost look like Solid Snake and Master Asia a bit?

There will be a lot of PUNISHED jokes if this part is ever gonna be translated, won't there?

And many jokes about how one can fly a machine with two people in the cockpit.


She's really feeling the force of that cockpit.

War has changed.

its an easy if though, just make the boots detachable boosters+weapon pods and it a pretty stylish suit

> She's really feeling the force of that cockpit.

It must be fairly substantial then.