so if someone asks me, how i spent my weekends, i should say i browsed a Japanese anime image board?

and if someone asks me what i like to do with my friends, i should say, i have no friends?

/fitlit/, please respond

And to bring this almost kind of back to a Veeky Forums concept, you don't start your first day at the gym benching 300lbs. It's fine to admit to a stranger that you know fucking nothing about a subject you're talking about, as long as you express an interest in changing that.

Get in the habit of, when you find something you do/don't like, trying to figure out why. Watch some other shows that are like Modern Family (in your example), and use that to form your hypothesis. Maybe you hate how it portrays gay people. Maybe Ed O'Neill being married to Sofia Vergara and raising a kid who's as much of a faggot as Manny strains believability. Maybe you just really fucking hate sitcoms. People like a guy who's articulate.

thanks, i think that's pretty helpful advice

Because it means that you're self-centered. The worst person in the world is a very special person. But you're not the worst person in the world and probably not special.