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>immanetizing the eschaton
Yeah how could that possibly go wrong...

communism is good. slavman is funny

God I wish /pol/ and Veeky Forums had merged. The Commies meeting the Nazis would've been hilarious.

By Veeky Forums friendly are you calling us stupid? Cause it sounds like you're intimating that we're a bunch of dumb fucks.

>a bunch of literally whos

There never was real communism, closest thing, that worked, was Yugoslavia, and nothing else.
Best thing is autocracy, ruled by an intelligent and capable leader.

Because once you get far enough into masturbatory groupthink you become detached from reality?

he is based as fuck

no, we're all /pol/-ites

>Veeky Forums is definitely far left leaning.
no its not Veeky Forums shits on facists and communists frequently
>There's a reason most smart people end up on the Socialist side of politics.
good one

>tfw lit is literally commie
well, reading too much fantasy must really make you delusional

>ancraps are allowed to say "BUT THAT WASN'T REAL CAPITALISM THAT WAS CORPORATISM with s slap on the wrist

>When commies do it everyone loses their minds

Why the double standard tho senpai

So like a nationalist socialism with some sort of leader?

Is it because they spend their entire lives in university and nose deep in books, grow up in better off neighborhoods, not work a physical job and never having to experience the world of the common man?

ancaps are retarded too (though not as retarded)
they just have funnier memes

Listen to his videos. He is smart and funny, even if you are not a gommunist. In fact the reason Chomsky doesn't like him is because he's funnier.

We didn't kill 100 million people in the name of our ideology in the past 100 years.

get out you trash, marksuccs are ancap shills

Yes. Patriotism is the best way to get the people all happy, and when you present a threat (example: Jewish people in Nazi Germany), it's even better, people work together.

>TFW commie scum agrees Hitler did nothing wrong

>he thinks capitalism hasn't killed millions


Both USA and USSR sucked Tito's balls, because he was in the middle, promising them a lot, and milking them in the process.

I used to think this
when bitcoin was only a dollar
the ancaps make everyone else look like babies now

I'm not a communist, and I agree that Hitler did nothing wrong.
By the way, Hitler wasn't really the brains of the operation, he was a piece of shit on Goebbels' shoe.

I like how they deleted Hugo Chávez from that picture.

>impling capitalism is a ideology and not people trading stuff
most of these deaths were caused by imperialism, colonialism and jews
fuck off

One more thing, Trump is a sort of a genius. He knows how to use propaganda, and he uses it well. And people who voted for Clinton were objectively idiots.

>every single war and disaster in non-communist countries (and also wars in communist countries where anti-communists are on one side) are the fault of capitalism

You're mistaking mooching off of people while you spend your life escaping in books for being smart. There is a reason people like you and marx, who have never worked, end up on the socialist side of politics.

>we have uncovered the iron laws of historical progress
>every single country we founded has failed for bullshit contingent reasons

Embarassing. At least liberal progressives have a reason to feel smug about being on the "right side of history". But Marxist theory has to change every 10 years to keep the appearance of being "scientific" after how much wrong they are every single time.

>I like how they deleted Hugo Chávez from that picture
haha, here in brazil the lefties used to suck hugo chavez and maduros dick

honestly it's still a pretty bad argument no matter who uses it and this is coming from a commie. What people mean when they say "look at this shitty socialist country" is "socialists took control and everything went to shit." The answer here is not to say that the country they bring up is not a true socialist country, the answer is to point to where you disagree with the actions of these so-called socialists in terms of their actions and program and explain how you think these actions you mentioned are responsible for shitting up this country.
>impling capitalism is a ideology and not people trading stuff
wait what's the argument here? I see none. also:
>capitalism has nothing to do with imperialism, colonialism, or jewish bankers

>we have uncovered the iron laws of historical progress
not too many lefties actually believe that tho
such people do exist tho and are indeed kek worthy

socialism is absurd because there is no centralized body capable to properly deciding what should be made and how it should be priced. The amount of information and computing required to make those decisions accurately can only be done through he combined power of all people selfishly competing. You need the processing power of all human brains since there isn't a computer or person that can replace this. that is what you spergs will never understand.

I'd argure it was Martin Bohrmann, and I certainly don't think its fair to say he was a POS as he was running the outfit but at least you're saying you're not a commie.
He really is, and the best part is he's convinced his enemies he's a moron. When he announced I knew his victory was pretty much a sure thing because he's been operating on a whole different level than almost all other politicians.
I said people killed for the sake of the ideology, and as communists aren't people that number gotta be pretty low, dunnit?

>At least liberal progressives have a reason to feel smug about being on the "right side of history".

They haven't felt smug for the last 20 years, It has literally become more electable to describe yourself as a theocrate than liberal or progressive in most of Europe.

Guys, play nice, this is /fitlit/ not /mlpol/

PSOL literally deleted the article they had on their website about them supporting Maduro in the last elections.

communism is literally jewish ideology, imperialism and colonialism is something intrinsic a bad part of humanity (capitalism was not even a thing when they started)
also, communism advocates for one international revolution(aka be like me or die), things like that i will never support

he's a commie but he is not delusional, he recognizes communism failed and the modern left is lost and failing

zizek disagrees with you

>he thinks capitalism is a comprehensive ideology
>he thinks millions are comparable to hundreds of millions
>he thinks capitalism existed before capitalism existed

Go back to /leftypol/.

Is that why liberal progressive parties won the elections in Holland, and now a major liberal and progressive will win in France?

I don't even like them, but I have to recognize they are winning, while their cousins, the commies, have to content themselves with the universities.

> there is no centralized body capable to properly deciding what should be made how it should be priced
wait so your idea of socialism is essentially just capitalism except a small group of gubberment fellas plan it all? I mean if that were socialism I guess I'd agree with you that it sucks, but why would anyone advocate for that? Do you honestly think that's what Marx envisioned? stop being a classcuck and read, boy.

april fools! :^)

id rather take my little poly than lefty pol desu

And yet in both of those countries the extreme far right is pulling record numbers of votes. Brexit won, Trump won, Abe won, Duterte won, and in every european nation the far right is growing by leaps and bounds. Feel free to be self congratulatory about leftists winning in countries where it is basically illegal to be too far right wing and no nationalist has won in decades. There's a storm coming and you can't stop it. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


that is the definition of socialism you pleb, put down the fantasy and learn about economics.

>Is that why liberal progressive parties won the elections in Holland

What timeline are you posting this from? there isn't even a liberal progressive party in the top 3, D66 are centralize fucks that haven't contributed politically since 94, Labour and Socialist vote collapsed.

Baudet actually has fucking seats in parliament, that should be really worrying.