There are people on this board who actually believe a decentralized blockchain can be regulated or banned

>there are people on this board who actually believe a decentralized blockchain can be regulated or banned

nobody believes that. they believe that fiat-crypto services can be easily regulated or banned. If you can't exchange fiat for crypto it would hurt crypto to the point that it might be killed.

>there are people on this board that don't think the US government could ban US exchanges and put all kinds of other regulations on our meme money to make it worthless

Exactly, if regular people can't adopt it, it will stagnate and die

they can easily pretty much kill it by forcing ISPs to ban ip addresses of the exchanges and ban bank transfers to and from exchanges

there will be something left but it won't be worth shit

>what are decentralized exchanges
>what is localbitcoins
>what are bitcoin atm's

Things that can be easily outlawed for $300

>there are people on this board right now who think you can't buy goods or services using crypto without converting to fiat

>how can they stop the drug trade when I can just smuggle them in my butt

what what?

>there are people on this board right now who thing that the value of their digital currencies wont have an effect of the amount of goods or services they will be able buy to buy with it

well, in my country weapons are regulated, but everyday there are shootings and people dying by gunfire

would you believe criminals don't have any regard towards laws? unbelievable.

You know you have to exchange fiat for cryptos right? Guess who controls fiat?

you don't understand. the regulations would impact merchants ability to accept crypto.

>There are actually people here who think blockchain technology is useful for anything other than a crypto currency


Wake up NEETs, dump your BAT, BCN, ETH and invest in something that isn't completely overhyped useless garbage

Satanic quads of Truth.

>i don't know shit about internet anonymity

If you don't think an unhackable computer is useful, you must have no clue what you are talking about. Self sovereign identity. Multi-sigs with withdraw limits. Monthly payments. Record keeping.

And guess what... one day all voting will be done on the blockchain. Ellections can be rigged, electronic voting can ESPECIALLY be hacked, altered, rigged from the very beginning, this video explains the problem more:

However... government voting on the blockchain solves all of these problems. Voting for the president on a block chain literally cannot be rigged or hacked, and everyone can publically verify the result. It is more secure and more fair than the current system we have. Simple game theory shows that eventually we will do all our voting on the blockchain.

And that is just one example... I can think of thousands of more uses decentralization has for our society.

you are completely correct but this has nothing to do with actual value of ethereum, which after $60 billion has implemented TWO low-level technologies:

1. Multisig: something that even bitcoin has had for years

2. ERC20: the fuel for the bubble

yeah but you can just vote on paper like a non retarded country

I'm surprised nobody is asking how you can have anonymous voting on a public blockchain. Also surprised no body is asking if the voting is truly anonymous, how do make sure each person only votes once and is an actual citizen. And also you have to allow for some citizens deciding not to vote.

This is a problem I am working on. I talked to the people over at "follow my vote" and they actually have not solved this problem. Their model is centralized.

There is a way to do it completely decentralized and public using different cryptographic tricks. When I iron out the details I'll publish the result in Journal of Veeky Forums

It's market cap is lower than bitcoin, and it objectively can do more than bitcoin, it's actually very undervalued.

Just imagine the price after self-sovereign identity replaces RSA as the most used computer program in the world.

the fact that you are comparing eth to btc shows how little you understand its current state

Bitcoin's value rests on the fact that it doesn't TRY to do everything

>decentralized exchanges
You mean like WAVES... oh wait


Well guys how has the war on drugs gone so far? Hahahahahahahahah

>Bitcoin's value rests on the fact that it doesn't TRY to do everything
Wow... by that logic, something that tries to do even less than bitcoin should be worth even more, right?

Bitcoin's value rests on its use (utility) and its name recognition.

Wether or not it's actually ether, something will come to overtake bitcoin.

Etherdelta and many more

Ethereum has a turing complete layer that interacts with it

This HAS ALREADY and WILL AGAIN put the network at immense risk that will only be solved through centralization

This is the reason that the only two technologies running on Ethereum right now are multisig and ERC20, because anything beyond that is too complex to make secure.


And your point is?

Something like ripple provides a use beyond bitcoin, and it doesn't have a Turing complete layer.

I have no problems with Ripple. I have a problem with Ethereum's current strategy in light of their actual technological standing at the moment

>In the future... voting will be done
Look out, we got an idealist here.