What to buy?

Hi Veeky Forums, I'm 19 and can only aford to put $150 into cryptocurrency. I'm know i'm not going to get rich but what coin should i buy right now?

Just noticed i have a couple typos plz no roast

At the bare minimum buy bitcoin, ez gains, looks like its done going down for the week

Find something new and forget about it for a year.

>you cant forget, it will constantly haunt you, you will check its value 7 times a day until it drives you insane.

Only 7 times?



litecoin and ethereum

>7 times a day
Those are rookie numbers m8. I've been bagholding Bitcoin for years and checking the price like 10 times a day with no immediate intention to sell

I think rdd or sc or maybe even xvg could get you some quick gains but its a really tough time yo accurately predict anything right now so just buy litecoin

if you don't mind if that $150 disappears for a chance at a huge pay off, find some scamcoin and put all 150 in it. Just look at potcoin one year ago vs today.

Probably your best bet is to get into something in small in terms of sats and pray for big gains

Verge or RDD maybe

buy UFO on coinexchange.io. It's cheap which means even though you only put in $150 now, in a few weeks that will become $750-$1500.

Get exposure to bitcoin through your brokerage account w GBTC etf. You are trading shares with all of the advantages of having the markets be open 24/7

Made 20% returns today


XtraBytes...can net you probably a 10x return in 3 months

>19 with 75k in crypto
feels good


Is this a good time to buy in BTC or ETH?

Buy 3 Litecoins by Sunday night, on Monday, Litecoin will go up to $40, maybe $50.

It will reach $100 by August, maybe sooner, and then we can see triple digits by end of year.

Study up a shitton on stock charts and patterns, read tutorials on technical analysis, I recommend babypips, it's made for forex trading but they're similar markets (except crypto is fucking nuts).
Then got on bitmex and trade altcoin futures with 20x margin. That means for every dollar you put in, you're buying $20 worth of coin. Downside is that if it goes down 5%, you lose all of your investment.
If you think something's gonna go up, you can put $20 in it, and if it doubles in price you will have made $400.

thanks for all your input guys. I really appreciate it

Or just put it all in BAT.

oh one other thing. what wallet do y'all recommend?

OP don't listen to any poor retards in this thread.

If you only have 150, you need a 10-20x gain. Find a low volume coin that's good and gamble on it.

Boom, you have $2k. Do it again. 20k. Do it one more time and you'll have 200k.

Not impossible, ignore those who tell you it is.

I hit XRP and DGB and then I put half my massive earnings into Bancor and BAT. See you on the moon you teenage faggot.

how do you know? Considering doing this.

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which do you recommend? For poorfags like OP and i. Considering litecoin

i've got a 7 incher thank you very much

>7 times a day
>not 7 consecutive hours
You don't know shit

buy any

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Did you seriously say litecoin for a 10-20x gain? One litecoin is $30, you could afford 5 with $150. Litecoin would have to go from $30 to $4000 which is more than BTCs ATH. Learn basic math you fucking idiot.

very new hah. Where should I look for 10-20x gains then? Just opened a coinexchange account, do you think XSA would be a good choice?

>7 times a day
Started yesterday and i have looked at bittrex and coinbase every minute i've been awake im pretty sure.



Low market cap, low coin supply, and its Volume just increased x10 in the past hr. Its gonna pump huge.



Don't buy memecoins. Buy BAT. Thank me in 2 years. in 1 month your $150 will be worth $500.

all in ltc now before u miss it.. gogogo

Buy Stratis. You'll thank me in a month

Read the roadmap and current news about the exchange add, lightning, august 1st etc.

lmao 2 years

If you bought DGB your 150 would be worth 30k. If you buy now in 6 months your 150 will be worth 1500

>Don't buy memecoins
>Buy BAT


Op, just do some research on byteball. Long term it's your best choice.