swap 2 and 6 and it's perfect, good taste

If you have no standards for your aesthetics than your ethics are meaningless

it's more Veeky Forums than DFW faggot.


Awaken my masters

>smart literature
>Jojo's bizzarre adventure
Somehow I don't think you are from Veeky Forums.

I would if it was coloured. First result was B&W and Im too much of a lazy cunt to bother.

Bato.to has complete color versions of most parts I believe, and incomplete versions of 5, 7 and 8 IIRC.

every part is in full color on bato.to, excpet for the majority of Part 5 and 8.

I think they finished 7 a while ago, and are working on retranslating 5 in B&W, but have been quiet on the last few chapters for a couple months.

Thanks for the spoonfeed lads.