XRPfags continually BTFO

When will you learn? Ripple is over.

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Ripplefags are just retards who think its good cuz its cheap. Lol they will learn what cheap is

The only thing that is keeping them from being the absolute lowest tier shit posters on Veeky Forums are the digibros.

OP I don't think that is how you are supposed to use fidget spinners.



Ok so...Ripple is going to moon soon.

Got it.

You shills are pathetic.

I-it's just consolidating! To the m-moon any minute now, f-faggot!

Redd tards are below digibros.

I'll take my chances with these bags with pride


At least Redd has some sort of release soon. Can't say shit for DGB.

Jokes on you all the big crypto analysts are predicting an XRP breakout

I've never heard this one on XRP before. /s
(pro tip: it never fucking happens)

That's why they're FUDding. They want to buy more cheap.

This is always what happens.

Oh well man, at least we can go to bed at night knowing we have a solid investment.

No they don't

You mean all of their shitcoins without any real world utility and made up value is a better investment?

Sigh... It's so simple. Just look at buy/sell orders and volume.
Yes it's going for at least 12k sats.

I mean we have a good coin - Ripple, with some serious real world usage.

Ripple and XRP are two different things

>No they don't
This literally is the first negative graph I've seen lately and considering it's coming from an user and not a financial analyst, I'm going to move that in to the the part of my brain that will come out in form of a shit tomorrow morning.

>at least 12k sats

XRP bagholder?

Besides, the trend line is there.

it's going back below 10k again

You don't read much do you? Just look at meme board fud poster oneliners?

Ripple saves BANKS 25% on transaction settlement.
XRP ups that to 65%.

Would you pay 40% more in fees if there was a cheaper way available on the application you use?

Ripple is selling God damn banks. Banks are extremely apprehensive to new tech, especially anything dealing with crypto. So, Ripple is selling them an enterprise level software up front. Not going to lie there. But, I think they are back dooring XRP after they get them running on the interledgers.

Every bank using the Ripple IL will have to have a ledger per bank that they have a relationship with. That could add up to a shit ton of ledgers. XRP solves the multiple ledger issue. It will happen user. Stop fuding and look past the nigger coin moon tomorrow mission and see the end game. If you can't look past tomorrow, then I can't help you and good luck trading niggers.

nah its a bear trap

trading niggers? or trading, niggers? because i do both.

This has to be the world record for biggest bear trap then.

your mother has the world record for biggest hoe

Imo you don't need to accumulate or exchange XRP tokens to issue gateways. Ripple the company does not promote xrp as a speculative investment.

All I'm saying is there is only one with the possibility of getting banks on board as they already have global banks on board. There is so much shilling and fuding lately that everyone wants 40% gains a day. Is that sustainable? How many cryptos do you see impacting every person one the planets life whether they know it or not? That's the future and long term vision which makes my bags not feel like bags.

I didn't say that. But you obviously don't read either. Ripple can't promote XRP as they are a US company (backed by Google) that is navigating a very slippery slope of crypto, banks, and US/global regulations. That would literally be illegal if they said that. See BAT disclosure I hope where they did not say shit about exchanges or investments? It is a FACT XRP makes the Ripple IL enterprise software more effeceint.

my chart on it looks fine, bottom support has held since april

it tried to breakout yesterday but bitcoin decided to crash because of jihan being a faggot so it failed

waiting to see if it bounces off to the bottom support line

However there looks to be another support line near the triple horizontal candles that I didn't draw in, so it should be trying for a break out again tomorrow or later today

>with jews, we win.
you are an easily bamboozled little lady.

XRP 2$ to 70$+ 2020. XRP main dev says prolly 20$

xrp will go back to trading at ~9k sats tomorrow since it wont keep up with xbt uptrend pace

Why is Veeky Forums so impatient? Once you grow up you'll understand what an investment is. Sounds like you are more on pump and dumps and not long term, change your family's and your life type stuff. It's OK user, go buy some ARK/DGB/VRG/NGR and hope someone buys it for more than you paid before they find out it literally is nothing and has 0 value long term. My bags aren't bags because the $ in is house money and it isn't needed for a few years u til I retire at 40. I've cashed my initial fiat out user a long time ago.

link to this lie please, if you will, pajeet.

what kind of delusional hayseed sells his house to buy xrp?

But that's wrong, you faggot

The 60% number is an ass-pull based on such absurdities as zero hedging to-and-from XRP and banks holding quadrillions of dollars worth of XRP

the reality is a transaction in XRP will always be more expensive regardless of how large XRP grows or how stable it is (any transaction NOW or in the foreseeable future would be astronomically expensive to conduct in XRP given its volatility) as you've doubled your currency conversions from A--->B to A--->XRP--->B

How much?

all in faggot


page 3 you lazy fucks

32k into IOTA? sounds reasonable to me. i'm glad you've moved on from the jewish cripple ruse. you're a smarter lady that i previously assumed.

all in on leverage

the reality is that banks are ALREADY testing the technology you fucking moron

you are absolutely retarded if you think your shitty flowchart makes sense. The cost of A->B is HIGHER than when you go through XRP, and SLOWER.

If it fucking wasn't, why are banks on board?

>Why is Veeky Forums so impatient?
Because most of them are NEETs who are trying to avoid the reality of having to get a job. They're trying to move out and buy lambos by trading their birthday money before they kicked out of the house.

So what about the price projection? This so called pajeet posted his source. Now it's your turn to FUD and deny reality. See ya in 2020.

Holy fuck. $70? I'd be a millionaire.

>on board
whose board. not my board. jews don't care about my xrp investment, but there xrp investors they do care about. they'll be taken care of, i'll be left to drown.

What makes you think banks will use xrp? They can just use their own meme coin with ripple system.

They would have to have a "meme coin" per relationship.

So, Bank of America would need
"coin (ledger)" for bank of England
"coin (ledger)" for bank of Brazil
"coin (ledger)" for bank China

Then the other banks would need the same thing. It would become a cluster fuck like SWIFT, except faster and cheaper still.

Pretty sure thats what they are going with right now.

Did you just read the document you lazy fuck?
At page 15 and after

ANNZ, ATB, Bank of America Merill Lynch, Bank of Yokohama, Bank of England, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CBW Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Cross River Bank, DBS Bank, Fidor Bank, Mizuho Financial Group, National Bank of Austriala, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Rabobank, Reisebank, Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank of Scotlan, Salco.mx, Santander Bank, SBI (Big Japanese one), Shanhai Huarui, Satndard Chartered Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, TD Bank Canada, UniCredit, Western Union, Westpac and many more on the list already are in TRIAL AND USECASE MODE of Ripple. Are you not seeing how this will be implemented in the upcoming years as a standard protocol? How do you want to get rich or millionair if a random user has to bring every fact under your fat lazy nose? You won't make it my dear.

Yea and it also says at p6 they are only intersted in their protocol that works with whatever number of """ledgers""". They are just demoing it with xrp right now.

See you future rich fags in Lambo land. Beers on me in 2020.

>he says this as xrp falls below 10k once again