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Cheating manlet vegans stealing your girls.


Old thread

First for there are no stupid questions, only really fucking stupid people.

y delete the other one, didn't like the pic? also first, if applicable

It didn't have the /fraud/ title

Got sick for 1.5 weeks, lost fucking 8kgs. Thinking of just hopping on gear to recover. rip

ah, didn't even notice. i like that pic better anyway, heh

fucking idiot source confirmed my order monday morning and hasn't shipped it out yet

I have a wild sex night planned for monday and I need that fuckin cialis man FUCK

Been eating chicken wings every night to fit protein and fat macros and keep carbs low. Any other foods you guys eat like that? Otherwise I'd have to eat almonds and protein powder all day

I like to keep dyels out of fraud so I chose a more intimidating, extreme, and possibly unhealthy pic of Munzer for this OP.

Put a finger up your butt to stimulate your prostate. Will get you a huge hard on the first couple times.

How long into a cycle should I start balding if I was predetermined to go bald from aas?

mostly oily fish, (non canned) tuna, salmon, unsalted anchovies, such things. pretty comfy if you have the money and surprisingly not as gross as it sounds.

>monstrous Munzer to keep out scum
YES. go on, you're doing the lord's work

Was someone ever as shredded as this guy?

Reminder that low body fat looks like shit and THIS is full alpha mode

You don't lift for chicks, do you?

will test give me a beard

I just want fucking beard gains REEEEEEEEEEE


minoxidil nigger


Buy on ebay with next day delivery

he's not thicc in this role, he's just strongfat. I agree though, haven't been under 14% in a year and I live a comfy life.

Does this really work I'm about to order some rn

I plan to be unemployed for 4 months and want to test my beard potential

What do you guys consider to be the optimal macros for looking THICC as fuck while on blast with tons of tren, high carb?

tfw gf wont breastfeed you

High carb year roung, even shredding my carbs are above my protein 250p 300c 80 f
So does TUDCA work?
What dose for 4 weeks of drol 10/20/20/20

500mg-1g ED

Should I take NAC too?

>buy cialis on ebay

1.7g tren/500mast/250test/100mg mDHT/100mg proviron plus caber and whatnot. RIP in peace work QTs vagina. I should probably book her a spa day or something the day after.

Any of those sketchy Chinese dick pills that they sell at gas stations/sex shops will have Viagra in them.

Not necessary but if you have it I guess go for it.

> Was someone ever as shredded as this guy?
I think not. Somebody on reddit mentioned an Indian (dot) fellow who was also quite built and low bodyfat, I think he might have died also.

yeah sometimes I get these Gordon's Fishermen Salmon fillets theyre fucking JUIICCZY

> 1.7g tren/500mast/250test/100mg mDHT/100mg proviron plus caber and whatnot.

Is this your stack? Are you Bostin Loyd? If so, you look like shit. If you aren't Bostin Loyd, faurk I'm probably mirin, but Idk what u look liek senpai.

>Gordon's Fishermen Salmon
>Not fresh PNW wild caught salmon overnighted to your house

>Bostin Loyd
No I'd kill myself if I looked like him. Apparently I look like a damn good football player because an exD1 coach that goes to my gym keeps asking me when I'm going to start playing. Doesn't help that there are 3 of the top football programs in the country within 30miles or so of here either.

Which oral for the best strength gains and the least blood pressure gains?


Breh thats a lot of tren, r8 my stack and help my fix this gap

1-4 20mg

LGD 10 mg
12 weeks

weeks 1-6
Test e 750
weeks 7-22

weeks 1-18
eq 1000

week 9-24
gw 20 mg weeks

weeks 9-24
tren e 500

weeks 13-24
mast e 820

Week 19-24
Winnie 50 ed

CJC no Dac 3x100
Ghrp2 5x100


The Nandrolone was a mistake I couldn't undo that why its not there

It takes quite some time to set in. 4 month in you're probably not gonna have a real beard yet, but a lot of vellus. It takes time to go terminal.

>poo in loo

Maybe var or epi for the gap but you don't really need anything there. I'd drop the winny since I hate it and pick another dry oral.

What's another dry oral then?
Var doesn't get me as lean and hard as winnie and I don't like PHs much, also I dont want another liver killer like sdrol, 1 is enough

Tbol but it can be underwhelming. Maybe do drol for the beginning oral and sdrol for the last. Obviously run tudca for the duration of both.

Im doing test+tren right now 75mg prop 50mg trenace
My sexdrive went down, what should I do? Should I increase test to 2x tren amount?

4 months just for vellus

Fucking GAY

So TUDCA and NAC are enough?
I've seen Milk thisle doesn't do much but also hinders gains, will they be enough?

How long should I wait between drol and sdrol?

Or would epi be safer than both to run after sdrol, I wanna stay lean

fucked your e2 up m8

why lift if I'll never have a beard like this

forever a boy

looks like an old scottish dyke

Or should I drop tren to 450 and run it 18 weeks?


Explain why you didn't feel it necessary to shave your facial hair before coming to this interview.

Oh but drol isn't dry if that really matters to you for the beginning.

How often are you pinning? Tren is usually suggested to be higher than test so I'd keep it that way. Drop the test down some and up the tren 100mg Ed of ace and 50mg Ed of test

Blame your momma for not giving you enough dht in the womb.

Tudca/nac/tons of water is the best way to avoid liver problems. Epi is pretty safe so I'd go for that if you don't want to do drol. Leave the gap there if you don't want to overly stress your liver, there's always more opportunities for gains but not if you shit your liver out.

It is suggested that because of lower sides, not optimal sexdrive? Am I right? I dont care about sides more than having good sexdrive

Im pinning ED, I took a few drops of arimidex to see if its my estrogen that is too high. Ìn the beginning of the cycle I crashed my estrogen so havent used adex since then.

Would it be reasonable to aim for a 15lb increase on bench over 4 weeks adding 50mg var Ed to a blast?

>overate 5000+ cals
>immediately take a 250mg dnp cap and an extra 50mg winny and 20mg superdrol

Its all cool now nigga

I ate an entire box of cookies again

why do people lose their shit over stuff like that?

pic related, i eat candy and pizza every single day

Should I ever sign for a gear shipment? If they don't know the contents, they wouldn't have me sign for it right? Surely the source would know better than to send through a channel like USPS Priority that requires signature?

On an unrelated note, I always kek when I get (you)d from seperate posts

you look like shit though?

why the fuck would you roid for this?

Veeky Forums is 18+, fatty

idk are you a bitch nigga or something? decide for yourself.

*tips fedora*

my source sends packages that require signing every time

it's whatever m8

though you should be able to see if it's usps priority with your tracking number on that website

is that what gave you gyno

Sorry i meant 500

What if you get CD'd? You don't worry? What is the reasoning behind deliveries and signatures? Shouldn't it be up to the merchant? Is it based on weight of the package?

A few days ago an amazon guy delivered a package and I thought he was an undercover cop until I realized the package was for my brother, and amazon wouldn't CD.

Lets say someone starts his first cycle of 500mg testE and has the following stats:

Bench: 100kg x 8
Squat: 140kg x 8
OHP: 70kg x 8

He blasts for 16 weeks while not eating like a fat fuck since he wants to stay lean.

What will his lifts be if he keeps his routine/diet the same as before?

I love how he is asking that to a woman in the pic. Shave your moustache, fucking dyke.

So you're pinning 525mg/wk of test prop and not using an AI? You have high e2. It is usually suggested for lower sides, yes.

Priority doesn't require signature unless they specifically request it. Or it's an international priority package which will require a signature.

So you're paranoid already, good start. Quit worrying unless you're ordering 5kg+ of raws in a single order. Signing doesn't mean shit really it's just an inconvenience.

thanks for adding virtually nothing of value to an already slow thread

lol you are paranoid as fuck

nobody ever ever gets fucked for buying roids, unless you're in like Sweden or some shit.

aight. I heard that too about international/raws. apparently even if they know you're buying they wont always bust if its just enough for yourself.

I'd say definitly 40% increase on every lift while doing the same ammount of reps.

>THIS is full alpha mode


Wait, what did you mean by this?

t. swede

pic related is fake news but not too far from reality now is it

Well it's not worth getting an investigation going, finding a judge to sign the warrant not to mention finding a DA who is willing to prosecute people low on the totem pole. The only reason they even arrest drug users usually is to flip them and catch people higher up but if you literally have no idea who they are you're not much value to an investigation.

What should someone after a 16 week TestE cycle of 500mg/week take for PCT?

Nolvadex 40/40/20/20


Toremifine 90/60/60/30

100x needles of whatever size you'd want = 10$ if you order online

if you go to the fucking same brand pharmacy in person, 100 needles cost 60$???????

what's the meaning of this

not that ordering online is a problem, i actually prefer that, but what is up with the fucking price difference

>what's the meaning of this
Ever notice how many pharmacists are literally jewish, manlets, and 50 year old low test men?

like 90% of our pharmacists are either middle aged women or young qties

t. norwegian

my nigga


16 weeks of tren e at 500 or 18 at 450 boys?

16 if you want health
18 if you want 2 weeks extra gains

I wanna be healthy as possible on a 24 week blast lmao
But SRS I'll stay at 16 for tren then, blood test evey 4 weeks.
Should I keep test at 300 or equal to tren

moosey looks pretty decent for first blast


What's the difference between tren and test?

keep it at 500 with tren to counteract natural suppression

I keep getting cramps in quads when I try to tighten up for my bench. I thought this could of been caused by adrol but I've been off of it for 2 weeks and I'm still having this issue, any ideas?


I'll have to import my American qt but still.

You still look better than 98% of guys. Keep it up duder.

get a tan, fix your chest and hips

This is a real woman ass, no fucking ass for 2 inch dickss


FUCKINNG COCKHOLD, you are the cancer we need to rid of

FUcking NU MALES CULTURES with plucked eye browss andd muhh zyzz, because muhh zyzz

Test will suppress natural test too, I think it's vest to run low test with tren

haha small benis! :D

where's your body hair cuck

Even random tinder hos want to lactate for me. How are you approaching it? She

Yeah. They are called 'weekend sex pills' or similar

That's the reason i still have full head hair AND YES MEME HAIR CYCLE


what will you pick, what if i were dyel, what if i were ugly.. so many questionss

How's the paranoia going bro, you find anything that works for you yet? Looked into phenibut?

I took her virginity, she's a prude

Everything non-vanilla has to be introduced slowly

She's good mother material but not so fun sexually

Might dump

So i noticed that the paranoia went worse on ai dose days.... I tried to lower the dose and it was way less worse.

Now i took the normal dose again and... the whole day paranoia. THIS MAKES ME LOVE MY GF TOO MUCH, normally i don't give a fuck, FUCKING WOMAN, I DONT WANNA THINK ABOUT THEM, normally i only care about myself. please Allah realse me from this, what did i do


> Not wanting to be a white supremacist
But I am, masT

Show current body fgt

After looong time thinking I've finally decided to hop on the bike as a 19 (soon to be 20) year old natty.

15-week cycle, with
Test-E 300mg/ml - E3D from week 1-15
Superdrol 20mg - ED week 1-2
Superdrol 10mg - ED week 3-4
Arimidex 0.5 - E3D from week 1-15, might change the dosage if I'm not comfortable with it

Rest: Week 16-17 nothing

Nolva 40mg - ED week 18-19
Nolva 20mg - ED week 20-21

Dosage of test is 1ml E3D