How do you feel about men shaving their arms/legs?

How do you feel about men shaving their arms/legs?

A man ought to have some body hair.

Fuck that. I just shave my junk back and chest.

>shave my junk, back and chest

Doesn't that look strange though? Shaven crotch, hairy legs, (potentially) hairy abdomen, shaven chest?

fag tier unless you are a competitive swimmer

Necessary if you're slavic and want to see some detail from your cut.

Forgot to mention my abs. I shave that too. Naw. Dont shave your legs and arms. Just trim that shit with body clippers and a guard.

gay desu

why would you do that there is no social pressure to shave at all other than face and maybe pubes and shaving takes time

>decide I want silky smooth legs
>shave with and against the grain
>feels good
>go out for a jog
>tracksuit bottoms chafe legs but w/e, I power through the pain
>next day
>fuck everything
>indescribable rash
>indescribable pain
>live this personal hell for 2 weeks and then some
Where did I go wrong.

>Where did I go wrong
>decide I want silky smooth legs

Right there.

But I want silky smooth legs. They look so much better than the mammoth haired legs I have now.

trim dont shave completely.

Cheapest trimmer with the best build quality?

Shave in the tub, under the water.
And, be sure to use moisturizing lotion afterward.
You should also rinse off your legs with cold water so the pores close and rashes and infections don't settle in.

>I read it on here.

>wants silky smooth legs
> Doesn't use astringent to minimize skin irritation from dirt
Well.. I can point to that as a good starting point. Seriously Astringent everywhere you shave and it'll reduce irritation/razor bumps dramatically.

Product of choice? Any will do?

If you're very lean and muscular with a thin waist, shave. It makes you look super aesthetic.

i barely even shave my face

Shaving gel.

And shave in long strokes from your ankle upwards, not the other way around. And avoid going over areas you just shaved.

Sea breeze or Dickinson's any product from those brands as I find they work the best and don't dry out your skin as much.

I trim my legs, chest, and back. Also my crotch. I'm hairy as fuck though.

same here, I'm not a hairy person to begin with. I can't even grow side burns which is sad because I really want a set of mutton chops.

I can however grow one hell of a neck beard though

>get neckbeard as fuck if I don't shave my face
>can never get further than that
>legs and ass are a fucking forest
>and yet chest hair never gets past the "gross and too straight" stage

Fuck these mexican genetics, I'm half german goddammit

I'm strong aryan.. pale as fuck.

I cant be in the sun for more than an hour or 2 or else I am sunburned

I have to burn and peel 2-3 times before I will actually hold a tan